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 Chapter 496: The Conclusion of a Battle


There was an agonized hiss followed by a tremendous explosion on the riverbed below. Water surged into the skies due to displacement before falling back down to refill the new huge crater with water and rubble.

The hiss came from the darkgold boa, countless streams of golden light escaping from it along with a tinge of black to attack the two enemies above it.


The blue-eyes wyrm unleashed a roar of its own, turning the elemental water around it into a giant barrier of water. It protected the wyrm from any of the boa's attacks, but crumbled after the onslaught ended.

To the side, Xiao Qi didn't bother to use any elemental energy to protect itself. Glowing violet and azure, it disappeared into a blur and dodged each of the golden rays without damage.

The rays slammed against the cliff behind Xiao Qi, exploding and sending rubble flying everywhere.

In response to the attack, Xiao Qi summoned five hundred blades of wind and then another five hundred bolts of purple lightning.

Fearful at the attacks coming at it, the darkgold boa tried to swim away from the area, only to have the blue-eyes wyrm step into the waters and send three whips of water to coil around the serpent and hold it in place!

Hissing furiously, the boa extended its tail out from its confines and swung around the blue-eyes wyrm to whip the wyrm!

The wyrm roared in pain, stumbling backwards from the blow with a scary-looking wound on its waist. From its expression, the wound had been a decent one.

Its distraction allowed the boa to escape from its confines, but it was a little too late! All five hundred of the blades and lightning bolts was already raining down on it!

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!...."

Countless explosions rocked the river, along with a very furious hissing from the boa as water splashed everywhere. The destruction had been so heavy that even the blue-eyes wyrm chose to retreat a hundred meters back onto dry land.

The explosion came to an end a short two seconds later. Now that the winds and bolts were gone, the battlefield was silent aside from the one hiss of fear from the boa!


Several seconds later, Xiao Qi's chirping was heard as well!

Five black dots appeared in front of Xiao Qi when it spread its wings wide. Feeding more soulforce into these five dots, they grew in length before becoming five ten-meter long blades of emptiness!

The Spatial Edges!

Upon formation, the five Spatial Edges flew noiselessly down to the ground and into the water.

There wasn't even a splashing sound when it touched the water. The water that touched the Spatial Edge had disappeared along with the hissing of the snake!


The death of the darkgold boa wasn't lost to Xing Qiuhong. He paled when he felt its aura get snuffed out, and then he spat out a mouthful of blood!


Xing Qiuhong couldn't believe it. In just a short few minutes, his soulbeast partner had been killed by two soulbeasts even weaker it!

The short few moments he spent fighting Bai Yunfei was already enough to surprise him. Through some sort of secret technique, Bai Yunfei had brought himself to the same level of strength he was! And the soul armament he was using was even more surprising!

He was in bad shape now. With how a soul contract works, once the contracted soulbeast dies, the soul cultivator would be dealt a tremendous amount of damage, meaning he had lost his focus!

And what did it meant to lose one's focus in a battle between the mighty? A swift and merciless death, of course!

Xing Qiuhong's sudden decline in fighting prowess didn't escape Bai Yunfei's eyes. Capitalizing on it as fast as he could, Bai Yunfei stored away his Fire-tipped Spear so that his hands were free to go through several seals.

The Dual Dragon Burst!!

Two coils of fire spun around his arms, building up energy and fire as Bai Yunfei continued through the seals. A hint of purple lightning ran through the coils before the dragons burst forth from Bai Yunfei's arms!

Seemingly roaring as they exited, the dragons grew until they reached ten meters in width and immeasurable in strength!

With Bai Yunfei's strength, he was able to fire off the Dual Dragon Bursts before Xing Qiuhong could even recover, speeding towards the man faster than Xing Qiuhong could respond!

Paling again in the face at the sight of the two dragons, Xing Qiuhong knew he couldn't escape in time. He dropped his golden axe in front of him, trying to supplement his defense with his elemental metal.


The loudest explosion yet rocked the world as the two dragons engulfed the man and traveled into the other mountain!

The earth trembled as the dragons smashed into it. Collapsing, the right part of the mountain fractured in multiple places and eventually tumbled down to the base of the mountain! Even with so much destruction caused by it, the dragons were still trying to force their way through it!

Within the two dragons, the aura of Xing Qiuhong started to grow weaker as his defenses weakened as well....


Flying to Bai Yunfei's side, Xiao Qi glared at the two dragons and flapped its wings. Three separate Spatial Edges flew out from its wings and towards Xing Qiuhong!

Xing Qiuhong, at the moment, was trying his best to deal with the elemental fire all around him. Fear was setting into his eyes as the elemental fire started to overpower him. If he didn't know any better, he would've thought these two dragons were formed by the power of a Soul King, not a Soul Exalt!

It was to his great shock to see three blades of nothing sail into the dragons and towards him. As they approached, Xing Qiuhong began to feel the bells of danger start going off.

His eyes went bloodshot, he himself unwilling to die just like this.


He roared, desperation finally kicking in. The soulforce in his body began to spark wildly as the elemental metal around him slowly started to force back the elemental fire!

Xing Qiuhong was....sacrificing his essence metalseed for more power!

But it was already too late!!

The three Spatial Edges cut through the fire and into his body, leaving behind parts of his body before it hit the mountain and disappeared....

With three separate Spatial Edges hitting him, only ten percent of Xing Qiuhong's body was left, such as a part of his arm and his head. But even those two were quickly swallowed up by the now unchecked elemental fire.....


From the other side of the mountain, Bai Yunfei felt the aura of Zi Mei get extinguished as well!

Yue Feng had somehow killed his opponent just as quickly as Bai Yunfei!

The battle was over!