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 Chapter 495: To Each, Their Battle!

The way Yue Feng spoke, it seemed that he had all the confidence that he could deal with Zi Mei, and that he had faith in Bai Yunfei being able to take down the peak late-stage Soul Exalt, Xing Qiuhong.

Bai Yunfei nodded. He had been able to kill peak late-stage Soul Exalts since he was an early-stage Soul Exalt, today would be no different. He was slightly happy that Yue Feng was here, fighting against two peak late-stage Soul Exalts would've been annoying enough to make his victory uncertain.

"I've heard the Xing has a Soul King ancestor. Do you know if it's true or not?" Bai Yunfei asked, deciding to kill some time before the two Soul Exalts arrived to confirm.

"A Soul King?" Yue Feng repeated with some disdain. "Hehe....that's what they tell the entire world at the very least. Having a Soul King in any family brings up their name a lot, but according to what I know, they used to have an early-stage Soul King before."

"Used to?" Bai Yunfei asked, curious on the usage of the past tense.

"Used to." Yue Feng laughed, "Outsiders might not know about it, but that Soul King died four years ago!

"Hehe, Soul Kings might be invincible in the eyes of ordinary soul cultivators, but to other Soul Kings, those at the early-stage have only managed to open the door. Four years ago, the Xing's Soul King fought another for a treasure and died as a result!"

Yue Feng was quite knowledgeable about the situation of the house of Xing. Since Zi Mei was hiding with them, Yue Feng found it prudent to do a cursory investigation of them. This piece of information came to him entirely by accident, but not many people knew of it. It was in the best interest of the Xing to not let anyone know, since it'd be unfavorable to them.

Bai Yunfei sighed in relief. If this was the case, he didn't have much to worry about now.

By now, the two Soul Exalts from the Xing were here, allowing Bai Yunfei to have a better look at them. Xing Qiuhong was flying on top of a green sword, and Zi Mei had a giant chained sword underneath his feet-they were both using flying soul armaments!

The two came to an eventual stop, the light from their soul armaments petering out.

Xing Qiuhong wore a golden robe. He looked to be in his fifties, and his face was contorted with fury.

Zi Mei looked younger and in his forties. He wore a dark purple robe, and just like his name, his eyebrows were equally purple. To look even more strange, his eyes were like those of a serpent, giving him the aura of a very sinister person.

Xing Qiuhong said nothing at first when they stopped. It was Zi Mei who stared at Yue Feng with wide-open eyes, "It's you!!"

His voice was hoarse-sounding and nearly threatened to give the chills to anyone that heard it.

Yue Feng sent him a death glare, "I've finally found you, Zi Mei. This time, don't think on trying to escape! The lives of the fifty-three people in Frond Village will be paid for with your life!"

This was the grudge Yue Feng had with Zi Mei!

Yue Feng traveled to many places in his training, a small mountain village being one of those places. The villagers there had been nice and welcoming. But upon the second visit, Yue Feng was greeted with the sight of the village ruins! Not a single living person was in sight, only the maimed remnants of its inhabitants from what appeared to be the result of a beast eating them!

His later investigations found that it was because of Zi Mei that these villagers died! They had died solely for the sake of 'feeding' his contracted soulbeast.

Ever since that day, Yue Feng spent every moment tracking down Yue Feng like a man possessed. On their first meeting, Yue Feng managed to kill his soulbeast, but Zi Mei had escaped and fled to the Xing for refuge.

Zi Mei had a dark look on his face as he stared hatefully at Yue Feng. "Lord Xing," he spoke to Xing Qiuhong, "I have some matters with this one. I will kill him myself. I hope that you will take care of the other one yourself."

And now the situation was put into stone. Two one on one battles, to each their own.

Without any words other than 'good luck' to Bai Yunfei, Yue Feng took off to the left to bring Zi Mei with him away so they could fight without worry of the other.

Neither Bai Yunfei nor Xing Qiuhong bothered for the Yue Feng or Zi Mei. "Are you the one who killed my family?!" Xing Qiuhong demanded.

Bai Yunfei chose to look away rather than to look at Xing Qiuhong's hateful eyes, "Don't try to play the victim here. Your son isn't innocent by any means, even in his death. And those people after him came of their own accord to kill me, not the other way around. If Your Xing wants to try and kill me, then they should in turn be prepared to be killed."

"Hah! Alright then!!" Xing Qiuhong exploded with anger, "You are but one man challenging the entirety of the house of Xing, brat! I will torture you before I kill you!!"

"The entirety of the Xing, you say? Is there even anyone left in it?" Bai Yunfei shot back, "And just so you know, when Xing Luo sought me out, he ended up dying to his own poisonous weapon."

"Yo-" Xing Qiuhong's body trembled at the mere mention of his son's death. "Die!!" He roared with as much hate as he could muster.

"Ah-that word. Your son said the same thing before he died...." Bai Yunfei snorted. Mustering soulforce to his feet, Bai Yunfei took the first move by flying towards Xing Qiuhong!

Instead of using his flying soul armament, Xing Qiuhong chose instead to fly at Bai Yunfei with a giant metallic axe in his right hand. His left hand thrusted forwards, shooting a jet of black light towards Bai Yunfei!

It followed Bai Yunfei as it moved, twisting and turning to follow Bai Yunfei's movements as it swelled in size and let loose an ear-splitting hiss!

This was no arrow, but a black python!! And from its aura....it was a peak late-stage class six soulbeast!

Xing Qiuhong had a such a powerful soulbeast as its partner!

"A darkgold boa!!" Bai Yunfei realized. This was a rare species of soulbeast that couldn't become a class seven, but it was endowed with the ability to have a dual affinity of darkness and metal. It was adept in hiding, as proved by how it had been hiding in Xing Qiuhong's sleeves without Bai Yunfei knowing about it.

Extending to several dozen meters longer than its previous size with its tail still wrapped around Xing Qiuhong, the darkgold boa moved to devour Bai Yunfei.

It came at him, eyes golden and incisors ready to clamp down on him. A putrid stench wafting from its maw.

Kicking against the elemental platform holding him up, Bai Yunfei leapt on top of the boa and then use its head to run towards Xing QIuhong.


The blue-eyes wyrm roared once, its body exploding with blue light as it prepared for an airborne battle. Its giant body leapt up into the air, and then....came falling back down onto the boa's head as if to ride it!

This 'intelligent' move had caught the boa off guard. With the sudden weight, the boa was forced to fall down towards the river with the wyrm!

Via communication with Bai Yunfei, Xiao Qi chirped and followed the wyrm down to attack the boa.

Bai Yunfei was already in his 'coil' form. The Cataclysmic Seal was protecting him, and his Fire-tipped Spear was out in his hands to attack the incoming blur of golden light.

At the same time several hundred meters away on the other mountain, three furious sources of soulforce were blazing wildly as they clashed with one another.

The battles had begun!