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 Chapter 493: Killing Those Who Came To Kill

In the one moment the elemental energy of the enemy descended into the area, the aura of three people suddenly vanished!

They had been killed!!

In the moment Xing Qiufeng connected the thoughts between the blue-eyes wyrm and Bai Yunfei, the fight had already its first casualties. Eyes narrowing together, Xing Qiufeng brought out his long green spear and pushed his soulforce into the spear to prepare himself for the enemy ahead. Underneath his feet, the tornado bird trilled angrily and shot a ten meter large tornado ahead.

But at the same time, a long crimson spear came forth from the area along with a person holding onto it!

It was Bai Yunfei!

He was as strong as Xing Qiufeng at this moment; a late-stage Soul Exalt!

'Coil' form, activated!

The tornado shot from the tornado bird was already upon him as he emerged from low-visibility area behind him. Without slowing down in speed, Bai Yunfei's entire body suddenly flashed orange in light-+12 additional effect of the Cataclysmic Seal, activated!


The tornado collided against Bai Yunfei's barrier mercilessly, but it had done nothing to Bai Yunfei at all!

Xing Qiufeng narrowed his eyes as he regarded Bai Yunfei's approach coldly. His spear shivered slightly before it shot forward, elemental wind aiding it in its speed and its sharpness. A near invisible tip made from elemental wind extended from the spear's tip to fly towards Bai Yunfei!

Though he didn't expect to be facing off against another spear user, Bai Yunfei didn't falter. Choosing not to dodge or block the spear strike, Bai Yunfei clenched his spear tightly and stabbed outwards with it!


The elemental energies of the two spears collided, each spear trying to fight against the other for dominance!

Then, under the terrified eyes of Xing Qiufeng, he watched as his high-earth tier spear start to crack and melt underneath the might of the other spear!

With the Fire-tipped Spear being a mid-heaven tier soul armament, there was no way the high-earth tier spear would be able to go against it!


Countless tendrils of elemental fire filled the air from where it exploded upon the contact of the two spears.

It was the +10 additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear, the explosion!

Xing Qiufeng hadn't expected for the explosion to happen, much less his spear breaking from the contact. As the spear crumbled in his hand, the power from the collision traveled from the spear remnants into his arm and fractured it in multiple places before being flung away!

If not for the tornado bird exhaling a wall of wind to stop Bai Yunfei from chasing after them, Xing Qiufeng would've most likely been yet another casualty in this battle!

"It's him! It's really him!!"

Xing Qiufeng was astounded. He couldn't even think properly with the realization he just felt. Never had he possibly imagined that the person in front of him today would be the very same person who terrified him so much before back in the Soulbeast Forest!

The tornado bird was only a late-stage class six soulbeast, its manipulation of elemental wind was perfect enough to stop Bai Yunfei from chasing after them. The wall of wind bounced Bai Yunfei away strong enough to buy them enough time, and to force Bai Yunfei from launching a secondary attack.


Just as Bai Yunfei stopped himself in the air, he heard a scream from behind, and then the disappearance of two more auras! It would appear that one of them had died before they could even scream.

But the person who screamed out prior to his death caused Xing Qiufeng to cry out loud in anger, "Third brother!"

From where the battle was taking place with Xiao Qi and Xiao Lan, the blue-eyes wyrm stepped away from the river back onto dry ground. It raised its giant head up with a sinister look in its eyes. In between its sharp teeth, there was the body of a person!

This person had been one of the mid-stage Soul Exalts that had attacked it back in the Soulbeast Forest. He was the attendant of the house of Xing and Xing Qiufeng's younger brother, Xing Qiugu!

As if sensing Xing Qiufeng's line of sight, the blue-eyes wyrm turned over to look back at him. In its eyes was a sense of vengeful joy, and a bit of disdain....

Naturally, the blue-eyes wyrm knew just who Xing Qiufeng and Xing Qiugu were. Back in the Soulbeast Forest, the blue-eyes wyrm had nearly lost its life, if not its freedom if not for Bai Yunfei to save him from their ambush. How could it not feel happy taking revenge on these people?

Opening its jaws wide, it spat Xing Qiugu's corpse as if spitting out a piece of inedible meat. Letting loose a mighty roar to the heavens, it thrashed its tail to the river so that it could use them to shoot down the rest of its enemies with the arrows formed from it.

To the side of the blue-eyes wyrm, there was a black crescent-shaped hole in the riverbank. It was near enough to the river to have water fill in the hole.

Two splashing sounds were heard as the corpse of a single person fell into the water-this was the man that hadn't had time to scream. Xiao Qi had bisected the man in half by using the Spatial Edge to kill him.

In the eyes of Xiao Qi and the blue-eyes wyrm, these people in front of them weren't even strong enough to withstand even a single blow!

There had been five early-stage Soul Exalts and two mid-stage Soul Exalts. But in less than two minutes, only two of the seven remained!


In the middle when Xing Qiufeng was taking in the horrifying sight, a mountainous sized object broke through the wind barrier of the tornado bird to come slamming into them with terrifying speed!

Since Xing Qiufeng was distracted by the death of Xing Qiugu, Bai Yunfei saw no reason to not attack him with the Cataclysmic Seal.

It broke through the wind barrier and flew overhead Xing Qiufeng as he tried to fly. Come to an abrupt stop, it dropped down immediately!

Right where the tornado bird was!

Squawking in fear, the tornado bird surrounded itself in green light before the Cataclysmic Seal smashed into it, bringing it down to the riverbank below before flying back out later.

He didn't attack the bird again. His real target was Xing Qiufeng!

The Cataclysmic Seal returned to Bai Yunfei, forming a small platform underneath his feet so he didn't have to use his elemental energy to remain in the skies. By kicking off against the Cataclysmic Seal, Bai Yunfei was able to increase his momentum to fly towards Xing Qiufeng!


Furious, Xing Qiufeng's body lit up with green light as he summoned as much elemental wind to him as he could. It manifested around him in the form of a giant tornado, protecting him from any potential external attack. Two giant blades of wind simultaneously flew out from the tornado before Xing Qiufeng had them fly towards Bai Yunfei to cut him down!

Bai Yunfei swapped the Fire-tipped Spear to his left hand to clench his right fist tightly. The Ardent Sun Glove shined brilliantly with red light before he punched outwards! A single fireball about twenty meters in circumference formed, slamming into the two blades of wind when they came.


A fiery explosion rocked the world around them with great enough energy to concuss the waters below. It kicked up into the skies in a decently large amount of water, falling back down to the ground thanks to gravity.

The two blades of wind and fireball had canceled each other out.

Another blade of fire had been formed shortly after the first explosion, cutting into the tornado protecting Xing Qiufeng!

For a moment, the tornado came to an abrupt stop as the blade of fire cut into it, and then a gap opened up right where the blade cut into it!

Bai Yunfei leapt through the opening in the tornado, much to Xing Qiufeng's shock and despair. One Bai Yunfei became three, and then each with the same exact expression of indifference, they stabbed at him with their Fire-tipped Spears!