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 Chapter 491: Yue Feng

Ten minutes later, Bai Yunfei walked out from the slums back onto the main streets with Xiao Qi and Xiao Lan.

Bai Yunfei knew better than to stick around in the same area after killing those three men. There'd definitely be people that knew where and why Xing Luo went, like those four servants back in the restaurant. The Xing had plenty of influence in Ventia City, and it wouldn't take long for them to notice Xing Luo's disappearance and come looking.

Bai Yunfei wasn't particularly afraid, but he didn't want to stick around for trouble either.

"Ugh! I just wanted to have a nice rest tonight, guess we're leaving this city now...."

He sighed as he made his way over to the southern gates out of Ventia City.


A group of people came out from their hidden corner when Bai Yunfei left for the gates. These people were soul cultivators.

There weren't many in the city, but Soul Exalts could still be found here.

They had caught onto the influx of soulforce from Bai Yunfei's fight earlier. It hadn't lasted long, but the fight still took long enough for the Soul Exalts come rushing over shortly after Bai Yunfei left.

Several of the soul cultivators weren't able to see any clues, but there were a few that watched the battle from afar.

These examples of said spectators could be seen a good two kilometer away, sipping tea from their balcony three stories high.

It was the same two beautiful woman from the restaurant earlier, Yu Li and Nangong Yuexia.

"He's dead....that annoyance is actually dead!!" Nangong Yuexia cried in surprise. "And a mid-stage Soul Exalt! Was it....was it that strange brother from earlier that killed the annoyance? Wasn't he an early-stage Soul Ancestor? How'd he get so strong so quickly?"

Like Nangong Yuexia, Yu Li was watching with amazement, though she smiled at her companion's words. "That person's strength wasn't an early-stage Soul Ancestor at all! I couldn't see his strength, but I could for his soulbeast, so they must be the same strength. I just never thought that even the little bird would be a class six soulbeast."

She was a little confused by that revelation. "How strange....you can only contract one soulbeast, so is the other one a pet soulbeast?! Even one of the Ten Schools and Five Nobles would find it hard to make a pet out of a class six soulbeast...."

"Hehe....I wonder what monster of a person took on such a genius like that? He's a brave one to kill the young master and guest of the Xing without hesitation."

A voice spoke out from the roof above the two women's heads before tumbling down and over it to stand on the balcony banister.

It was a twenty-seven or twenty-eight year old man. He wore green robes, had long hair that reached his shoulders, sharp eyes and tall nose that made him quite handsome.

The two women were surprised to see him, but Nangong Yuexia looked happy. "Brother Yue Feng! It's you!!"

"Haha, sister Yuexia," the man smiled, "you've gotten a lot prettier since I last saw you."

She ran up to the man, looking around expectantly, "Where's Xiao Xiong? Is Xiao Xiong with you?"

"Ah...." The smile on Yue Feng's face faltered as mention of his old soulbeast came to mind.....

Then, a small furry claw came up from behind his head to grab onto it.

A mini-sized bear came popping up from his back.

"Yah! Xiao Xiong is here!" Nangong Yuexia cried out excitedly, hugging the little bear to her chest to affectionately scratch its head. "Long time no see, Xiao Xiong! You're looking cuter than before!"


Watching as Nangong Yuexia played around with the little bear of his, Yue Feng smile twitched, "Ah, my poor friend, have fun playing with her...."

He walked up to Yu Li next, "Long time no see, Yu Li."

"Yue Feng, you've become a late-stage Soul Exalt, I see." She remarked, an odd expression on her face.

"Haha, it was because of that soul contract. You don't have a contracted soulbeast yet, Yu Li, but when you do, I'm sure you'll become a late-stage Soul Exalt too." He laughed, "Are you planning to enter the Soulbeast Forest this time?"

Yu Li nodded. "Indeed, Master said that I should try and find Yuexia a soulbeast a little sooner, so I decided to look for one myself."

"I see. Everyone finds their contracted soulbeast a little differently. Sister Yuexia is a talented one, the moment she finds a soulbeast to contract with, she'll become a Soul Exalt no problem. And with her talent after that, it won't take long for her to take the world by storm as an up-and-coming prodigy."

"Hm....that won't be for many years from now." Yu Li laughed, watching as Yuexia played with the little bear. "She's been training hard since she was young. I wanted her to come see the outside world for once.

"What brings you to the small city of Ventia?" She changed the subject.

"I...well." Yue Feng's eyes grew frosty, "I'm here to find someone."

Looking to where Yu Li had been looking at earlier, he said, "That reminds me, the person that died over there....was that the second son from the Xing, Xing Luo?"

"Hm?" Perking an eyebrow, Yu Li turned back to look at her friend. She hadn't mentioned any names earlier when she was talking with Yuexia, but it seemed that Yue Feng knew already.

So how was it that he knew who Xing Luo was? Had he been paying attention to him?

"It was." She replied, nonetheless. "Xing Luo angered someone he shouldn't have, and now him and two other guests were killed by the person he angered."

Yue Feng's eyes lit up. Turning to the south, he looked like he was thinking about something, something that excited him, but whatever it was, no one knew.

"Yu Li," he spoke, "I apologize, but I've something to take care of."

He turned to Nangong Yuexia next to take the little bear away from her, "Sister Yuexia, I have to go now, see you next time!"

He leapt away from the balcony into the skies. Stepping off again, he leapt to another rooftop. From there, he jumped again and again to travel away from the two women in a hurry.

"Aww.....why's he leaving so soon?" Yuexia grumbled discontentedly, "I didn't even get the chance to talk to him before he left, hmph...."

Yu Li was confused as well. Watching as Yue Feng traveled farther and farther away, she began to think.

"The direction he's traveling.....is his target him??"