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 Chapter 488: Seeking Trouble (Fourth)

"The house of Xing from Ventia City....why does it sound familiar?"

It was a question that bothered Bai Yunfei as he left the restaurant, but he couldn't put his finger on it and decided to forget about it.

Five years ago when he had only just joined the Crafting School, he, Tang Xinyun, Huangfu Rui, and the others went to Redfire City to enjoy the lantern festival. There had been an altercation with someone from the house of Xing in Ventia City, and that person was Xing Luo!!

Something minor like this wasn't something Bai Yunfei wanted to dwell upon, so he forgot about it. Even if a soul cultivator's memory was longer than most people, it was hard to remember every little thing.

Xing Luo on the other hand, held grudges for a very long time. The humiliation he was dealt by the hands of Bai Yunfei back in the lantern festival earned Bai Yunfei a lifelong grudge. Though it had been the red magiboar that injured him, he placed the blame solely on Bai Yunfei since he was here. And now that they were both in Ventia City, Xing Luo was more than ready to take out his anger and grudges on him.

To Bai Yunfei, what happened in the restaurant was only just a small matter, and nothing he should care about. Now that he was back onto the streets, it was time for him to start shopping.

Ventia City wasn't huge, but it had everything. Every area had their own interesting wares, and Bai Yunfei found himself buying up things that he had either run out of in his space ring, or needed to get more of.

Time hit four o'clock before long, and Bai Yunfei found himself buying up several spices and seasonings from a spice shop. Walking out from the store, he caught something out from the corner of his eye, but he continued walking on the road.

Crossing another two roads, Bai Yunfei narrowed his eyes. Changing in direction, he walked down a road going perpendicular to before.

He didn't enter any stores. Instead, he walked down the road where less and less people traveled....

It wouldn't be for another twenty minutes when he finally came to a stop. Where he stood now was one of the more isolated corners in the western quadrant of Ventia City. Shabby huts and garbage dumps were everywhere here and had long since been abandoned by its inhabitants. Only the occasional stray dog, cat, or mouse would appear here. No other person would dare come to such a dump.

He came to a stop. Without turning back, Bai Yunfei spoke, "Alright, come on out. What business do you have with me?"

His voice carried far despite not talking so loudly. But it was loud enough for several dogs to hear and run off in fright.

"Hehe....you knew you were followed, and yet you still came to a place like this? You've balls. Do you have confidence in your strength? Do you think you can deal with whatever troubles? Know your place...."

An ominous voice spoke from behind Bai Yunfei. There was the sound of rustling, and then three figures came out from behind a hut.

Walking at the front of the three was Xing Luo. On his right was Xu Shen, and by his left was a bald-headed man with a dark expression on his face.

Pleased with himself, Xing Luo spoke to Bai Yunfei, "Hehe. Kid, never thought a day like this would come, have you? Now that you're in my territory, you should prepare yourself for my revenge. The humiliation I suffered all those years ago will be returned many times over to you!"

Bai Yunfei wasn't too surprised at their actions, though Xing Luo's words confused him to some degree. "Who are you? Do I know you? We don't have any grudges between us, so what are you doing seeking me out for? Is it because of what happened in the restaurant? You should be going after those two women then and not me...."


"Don't act stupid!" Xing Luo spat impatiently, "do you think you could bluff your way out of this?! I never forgot about what happened to me back in Redfire City!"

"Redfire City?" Bai Yunfei repeated. "Sorry, but I really don't remember."


What is the most depressing thing in the world?

Xing Luo had the answer:

Doing all this preparation in order to take it out on your most hated enemy so that they'd piss themselves in fear and such, only to have this said enemy not remember you.

What a mood killer.

"You...you...." Xing Luo's body shook angrily, "Back then in Redfire City! You were with that group! That idiot of a brat! And that damnable red magiboar! The one that made me unable to move for months! I've never forgotten your face before! I'm going to flay your skin to my hearts content today!"

Bai Yunfei tried his hardest to remember.

"Oh...I think I've got it," he suddenly spoke up, "I remember something like that. You must've been that reckless second generational.....right? It's been five years, how'd you become an early-stage Soul Ancestor?"


Bai Yunfei's casual demeanor towards him sent Xing Luo into a fury. "Wu Ming!" He spoke to the person to his left, "Capture him! Cripple him, but don't kill him! I want to be the one he begs to before he dies!!"

An angry light flashed across the eyes of the one named Wu Ming at this order. But when he thought about being rewarded by the useless young master, he laughed. Stepping towards Bai Yunfei, he prepared himself to cripple Bai Yunfei.

Wu Ming was once one of the Northern Ridge Province's most infamous evildoers who killed many people. He didn't go by his current name at first, but then when he decided to change his name to escape persecution, he thought having Wu Ming, or 'No life', would match what he did to others.

He was one of the strongest in the area as a mid-stage Soul Exalt-a rare being in this province.

He had to admit he was a little confused about the situation though. The person in front of him was merely an early-stage Soul Ancestor. Xu Shen would've have been enough to deal him, so why was he brought here?

Xing Luo had actually put a little thought into this. He knew Bai Yunfei was from the Crafting School, and crafters were always known to be hard to deal with. He was also afraid that Xu Shen wouldn't be enough to deal with the soulbeast next to him, so he called Wu Ming over. With Wu Ming, there'd be a great enough difference in power to deal with Bai Yunfei, no matter how many soul armaments he had.

Of course, he didn't tell anyone else that Bai Yunfei was a crafter. Bai Yunfei was by himself here. If he killed him and got rid of the evidence, no one would know, and no one would tell.

Wu Ming's eyes hovered over the blue-eyes wyrm next to Bai Yunfei. His eyes weren't as strong as Yu Li and was thus unable to tell exactly just how strong the wyrm was, even though he was a mid-stage Soul Exalt.


The blue-eyes wyrm let loose a low grumble as if it was yawning. It looked over to Bai Yunfei with an expression of boredom.

The people in front of it were nothing more than ants, and so the wyrm was confused why Bai Yunfei was wasting so much time chatting with them.

Bai Yunfei shrugged and pointed a finger to Xing Luo, "I don't want to cause any trouble, but since you're looking for it and even insulted my junior....prepare yourself to be bedridden for another half year."

His 'impudence' astounded Xing Luo even more. "Even in your f*cking death you're so arrogant! Did I stutter or something?! That sl*t was a fool! A sl*t! And your mom was a sl*t!"

The complete disregard Bai Yunfei was showing him had brought him to a cursing frenzy. Without a filter, Xing Luo cursed Bai Yunfei out one after another.


In the middle of one of his curses, a stream of fire shot forth from Bai Yunfei and surrounded a good hundred meters around them all.

There was a fire that burned just as hot in Bai Yunfei's eyes now. Staring at the frightened Xing Luo, Bai Yunfei's next words were spoken with a bone-chilling frost.

"Now you've done it!!"