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 Chapter 486: The Second Young Master of the House of Xing in Ventia City (Second)

Like the other two women, Bai Yunfei had noticed he wasn't the only party still left here. He could tell their strength was pretty strong for their age, but he wasn't very interested in striking up a conversation with them. He just wanted to eat his fill and then go out to buy stuff before retiring for the night.

"Where's the owner?! Come on out at once! We're here to book this place, bring out your best dishes at once!"

A pompous voice boomed from the floor beneath before the sounds of footsteps hurried up to the second floor.

Bai Yunfei narrowed his eyes.

A distressed expression emerged onto the proprietor's face. Forcing himself to smile, he whirled around to go and greet the newcoming group.

"Haha, we are honored by your presence, young master Xing. Had the young master warned us earlier, this humble one would've prepared something already...."

He spoke, appealing to the group as best as he could.

"Do I need to tell you when I'm coming over? I've booked this place today, so kick out everyone else! And bring out the good wine and food for my good friends and I!" Xing Luo didn't bother to even look at the proprietor, "Big brother Xu Shen," he spoke to the older man next to him, "this is the best restaurant our Ventia City has to offer! Let us live it up here with good wine and fine food, and then I'll take you to the enjoy the Aroma Flowerbeds, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!"

The other man nodded, "Thank you for your troubles, young master Xing."

"It's no trouble at all! Brother Xu Shen, you are a guest of our Xing, of course we'll treat you well." Xing Luo smiled 'generously'. When the proprietor didn't move from his spot, Xing Luo gave him a glare, "Why are you still standing there?! Hurry up and move!"

"That...." Clearly on the verge of tears, the proprietor choked over his words, sneaking a glance over to where Bai Yunfei was.


It was then Xing Luo noticed the strange atmosphere on the second floor of the restaurant. Seeing barely anyone here, Xing Luo looked to Bai Yunfei, and then to the two young women not too far away.

"Haha!! So there were two beautiful young women dining here! We've it lucky today." Swaggering towards the two young woman as if he owned the place, Xing Luo spoke as courteously as he could to them, "My dear ladies, please stay a while and keep us company!"

"As for you...." His eyes darted over to Bai Yunfei, "you can get lost!"

Neither of the two women had been paying attention to Xing Luo until he came up to them. An angry tick appeared on Nangong Yuexia's face, but Yu Li completely ignored Xing Luo to feed a piece of food to Nangong Yuexia.

Like Yu Li, Bai Yunfei continued eating his meal without looking like he even heard him. Xiao Lan did however, give Xing Luo a strange look of disdain before tossing a chicken drumstick into its mouth.


Their lackluster responses bewildered Xing Luo. His family had been the strongest one in the Northern Ridge Province, and Ventia City had virtually been his own personal playground for twenty years. Not ever had he been stonewalled like this before.

The relative desolation of Ventia City meant that very few soul cultivators would venture here. Soul Exalts were very rare beings, so even a third-rate family like the Xing was able to enjoy a brief moment of time of being called the 'strongest'.

"What a rude man you are. Where do you get off, interrupting the meal of another? Hurry up and leave already, I can't even eat with you standing here...." Nangong Yuexia glared balefully at Xing Luo, whose face went pale at the response.

The proprietor blanked in the face as well. He was concerned that these two unknowing women would know be in for it, but he himself was too afraid to say anything. All he could do was stare pointedly at Yu Li and hope that she would annoy Xing Luo no further.

But Yu Li didn't do anything. She looked from the proprietor to the men standing behind Xing Luo. Her cherry red lips pursed together, "My junior and I will not trouble you with our company, we shall take our leave after our meal."

"Ah? Hehe...." Xing Luo gave an ominous sneer at the 'naive' woman in front of him. Disregarding Bai Yunfei for the meanwhile, he sneered at Yu Li, "Hehe....how daring of you to refuse our company. You must not be from this city? As long as I give the word, you two should give up trying to leave here. If you don't attend to us, then don't even bother leaving this city!"

The auras of the two women were unviewable due to his being only an early-stage Soul Ancestor, so he mistook them for being only ordinary women.

"Young master Xing...." Noticing something was off, Xu Shen started to speak, albeit hesitantly.

"Don't you worry, brother Xu Shen! These two beautiful ladies will be ours today!" Xing Luo misunderstood his warning, "In Ventia City, the house of Liu's word is law! No one would dare speak out against us on behalf of a mere two women!"

Xing Luo was drunk with power, and even Xu Shen was finding the sight to be something to frown upon, or even scorn. "What kind of family would have such a brainless 'young master' like this? He takes himself to be the emperor of the world! Who knows just how many deaths he'd die of if placed in the outside world, let alone a small isolated place of nowhere like this city."

If not for the fact that he was being chased by other people, Xu Shen would never have come over to this place and rely on such a puny household like this....

Since these two women were being 'insensitive', then Xing Luo wouldn't beat around the bush either. Lasciviously, his eyes hovered over the bosom of Nangong Yuexia, a smirk still present on his face. "Here in Ventia City, there is no women I cannot get!"

A hand rose up to come stroke her face as he spoke, "Hehe...." the smirk on his face grew even more obscene, "Are you a virgin, my lady? Follow me, and I will teach you the pleasures of a wo-"


"Young master, watch out!"

"Young master!"

There was the sound of wood hitting flesh before Xu Shen and the other servants cried out in a late warning.

It was a furious Yu Li that moved into action first. Before Xing Luo could finish his sentence, the chopsticks in her hand flew forward to slap against Xing Luo's head. With him being only an early-stage Soul Ancestor, he hadn't the reaction time to defend himself.

There was the clattering sound of chinaware being broken as he stumbled away from the table, some blood dripping from his wound!

Another two bowls flew at him while he was dazed. Before they could hit Xing Luo, Xu Shen stepped forward, a golden energy blazing out from the late-stage Soul Ancestor to shatter the two bowls.

But before he could take another step, Xu Shen was surprised to see a red line of light streak underneath his arm and then wrap around Xing Luo's neck like a snake!

It was a strip of red silk!

And the other end of the silk was held in the hand of the woman named Nangong Yuexia!

She looked angry as she held onto the strip of silk, though a bit of excitement was also visible in her eyes.

Under the bewildered eyes of Xu Shen, Nangong Yuexia tightened the muscles in her arm, pulling Xing Luo towards him!

Pursing her red lips, Nangong Yuexia tightened her pinkish fist and slammed it unceremoniously onto Xing Luo's eye!