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 Chapter 484: Mental Link and the Charm Bracelet

Upgrade Successful

Unique Equipment

Equipment Grade: High Earth

Elemental Affinity: Illusion, Fire

Upgrade Level: +10

+800 Spirit

Additional Attribute: +25 Charm

Soul Compatibility: 25%

Equipment Effect: Reduce damage taken by illusions by 40%.

+10 Additional Effect: Consume soulforce to establish a mental link with anyone within a kilometer.

Upgrade Requirement: 110 Soulpoints

At last, the +10 additional effect appeared for Bai Yunfei to see, but the effect was far more astonishing than he expected.

"Mental link?? What is that?!" He raised an eyebrow. He assumed that the additional effect would have to do with illusions to some degree, like being able to use an illusion to attack. But instead, this strange effect was in its place.

It was a short, but not simple effect. He didn't understand the wording at all. "Mental....link....does that mean I can link my mind with another....? Is that how it works?

"But if I do that, what's the point of it?"

No matter how much he thought about it, Bai Yunfei couldn't think of an answer. He'd have to experiment with it.

Taking off the spirit bracelet and replacing it with the new one, Bai Yunfei felt the effects of the equipment wash over him. Aside from the increase in soulforce, he didn't feel any different in terms of 'charm'. Narrowing his eyes, he looked to where Xiao Qi and Xiao Lan were.

Establishing a mental link probably meant being able to communicate with one another. He was already able to do that with Xiao Qi, so Xiao Lan would be the experimentee here.

Focusing on the blue-eyes wyrm, Bai Yunfei thought of something. The bracelet on his left arm flashed brightly with light as the familiar feeling of an effect being activated was felt.

After that, Bai Yunfei began to sense something more was added to his mind....

At the same time, Xiao Lan suddenly looked left and right as if something had poked it.

"What?! Who?! What's going on?!"

A panicked voice spoke out in Bai Yunfei's mind the same time the wyrm leapt to its feet. Or perhaps it was better to say Bai Yunfei felt the voice in his mind, rather than heard it, since his ears wasn't the one that did the hearing. It was hard to describe, but Xiao Lan's voice wasn't.

It sounded like a hoarse young male that wasn't yet done growing.

Like Xiao Lan, Bai Yunfei had been so startled he flew to his feet. His mind raced furiously with thoughts as he regarded the wyrm in front of him

"Xiao Lan?" He thought.

Straight away, Xiao Lan turned around to look at him, struck into shock by what was going on.

"Are....are you talking to me?"

The line Bai Yunfei heard in his mind felt very fitting with the emotions Xiao Lan was showing on its face. Clearly, it was 'speaking' to him.

Now that he understood a little bit more about what was going on, Bai Yunfei's eyes flew back down to the bracelet he wore, and then back to the wyrm, "Can you hear what I'm 'saying'?"

Xiao Lan nodded its head frantically, "I can! How did you get in my head? How do you know what I'm thinking?"

Laughter nearly bursted out from Bai Yunfei's mouth. "Haha! So this is what it's meant to be?! Doesn't this mean that as long as I'm willing, I can communicate with anyone I want?!"

Since this thought wasn't directed towards Xiao Lan, the wyrm didn't hear it. As things would appear, it seemed that even what wanted to be said could be moderated. As long as he wanted someone to hear something, they would.

"Chirp chirp?"

At that moment, Xiao Qi's curious chirps alerted Bai Yunfei to a new understanding.

It was plain to see that Xiao Qi didn't know what Bai Yunfei and Xiao Lan were doing....in other words, no outside party would be able to tell there was even a mental link taking place!

This was a great discovery! Looking to Xiao Qi, Bai Yunfei activated the bracelet's effect again to bring the bird into the mental link.

"What's going on with you two, why are you both acting so strange?"

Yes, this was a thought as well. But compared to the blue-eyes wyrm, this thought 'sounded' a lot younger, like a small boy.

Again, Xiao Lan leapt up in surprise when it heard the 'voice'. Like a startled cat, it swiveled to look at Xiao Qi, "How are you in my head too?!"

Bai Yunfei's eyes brightened again, the mental link wasn't limited to just one person!

"Haha, don't panic, you two. I did this." Bai Yunfei's lips curled into a smile, "I've just crafted a soul armament that can link our minds together. We can talk by sending our thoughts to each other now."

"Minds? Link? Sending thoughts???" Xiao Lan and Xiao Qi both tilted their heads in confusion; Bai Yunfei's mind was hit with a wave of question marks.

Smiling, Bai Yunfei 'said', "Well, don't worry about it right now. Just know that we can talk with each other from now on. It's more convenient."

Being able to communicate through a method like this was so convenient that there was probably nothing else that could beat it. It stood on levels higher than the bond that connected Bai Yunfei to Xiao Qi with their soul contract. A soul contract enabled the two to being able to communicate to a certain degree, but it wasn't as clear as being able to send their thoughts to each other.

And it was very different to using the Beast Taming Ring. A limited degree of conversation could be had between him and Xiao Lan then through it, but it was on the level of a master sending an order to their slave. Through this bracelet, Bai Yunfei didn't need to send his soulsense into Xiao Lan's mindspace.

Through the bracelet, there was an invisible connection between the parties that made communication easily possible.

Bai Yunfei would be able to communicate with the two soulbeasts through this method in the future. It was an interested way of communication, and to Bai Yunfei, it felt similar to having a nice chat at a tea party of sorts.

He did feel his soulforce constantly draining away from his body the longer he maintained the connection though.

That meant maintaining the mental link required a constant supply of soulforce. This first usage of the effect had already taken a decent amount from him, but Bai Yunfei reckoned that with constant usage, he'd be able to grow accustomed to it and optimize the soulforce drain.

Still, knowing just this much already gave Bai Yunfei no small amount of glee. This effect wasn't something that could help him grow stronger or help him last longer in a battle, but it was still something that had its uses....

Speaking via the soul was something only Soul Kings could do, and even then, not all of them were capable of it. It requires a great deal of talent in order to do so, but Bai Yunfei's 'mental link' accomplished the exact same thing by operating under a completely different set of principles. He'd make use of this to the best of his abilities....

Touching at the translucent bracelet on his wrist, Bai Yunfei smiled. "It's a little different to what I was expecting, but it's still great...."

"I still don't know what 'charm' does, but a special attribute like this can be studied later."

Thinking for a moment, Bai Yunfei finally decided upon a name.

"Well, I guess I'll call this the....Charm Bracelet!"