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 Chapter 482: There's Meat if I Follow You

Obviously, Bai Yunfei knew nothing about the matter with the Black Dragon King's death, or that the blue-eyes wyrm came back to lap up all of his 'dragon blood'.

The blood of the late-stage class seven Black Dragon King was something the Soul Kings all disregarded as being unimportant, but to the blue-eyes wyrm, it was a miracle drug capable of strengthening the 'dragon' blood in it and alter it without a doubt.

To the wyrm, the Black Dragon King's blood was very precious. It could alter its body to become renew itself at worst and turn it into a variant at best. Either way, it empowered him and awakened its intelligence.

As for why it was here of all places, the wyrm spent countless months trying to get used to all the blood it sucked up. It had been hard, and the pain it felt was immense. It ran this way and that as it tried to deal with all the changing it was experiencing, and after meeting so many strong soulbeasts, the wyrm fled towards the class five area. From there, it headed west to the 'starting point' of the Skywards Mountains and then south from there.

As it gradually got used to the Black Dragon King's blood, its strength and intelligence increased proportionately. But by then, it was lost and knew not where it was. With the barrier that was the Skywards Mountains, the wyrm could only wander about in the class five area. It had no enemies there, so it was free to roam wherever it want like it was today.

But today, it came across a group of strong soul cultivators and was nearly resigned to its fate until Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi came down to save it like a pair of guardian angels.

The wyrm didn't tell Xiao Qi about the Black Dragon King's blood of course. It knew that there were some things the wyrm needed to keep 'secret'.


"Eh? What was that?"

Bai Yunfei quirked an eyebrow to look at Xiao Qi. The message transmitted in his mind from Xiao Qi had him in surprise.

He looked to the blue-eyes wyrm then, "You want to leave the Soulbeast Forest with us?!"

"Wuu~!!" The wyrm nodded energetically.

"Hm...." Bai Yunfei hummed in surprise. He stared at the wyrm a little longer, "Why do you want to go with us? What are you going to do?"

"Wuuu...." It responded with small gestures. Since it wasn't able to talk, Bai Yunfei was naturally unable to understand. But knowing that there was something the wyrm was trying to say, he looked to Xiao Qi so that it could 'translate'.

Xiao Qi cocked its head at the wyrm, it chirped several times and then began to recite to Bai Yunfei as best as it could.

"It's boring in the forest,"

"The outside must be so fun"

"There's food to be had with you"....


The intelligence the wyrm was showing was clearly levels higher than the average soulbeast, and just like the thunderfire wolf. But whereas the wolf wanted to return to the depths of its forest, the blue-eyes wyrm wanted to 'explore' the world. Every flower had its different shade of color, and soulbeasts were no different.

"You really want to go with us?" He asked again.

It nodded.

"To leave the Soulbeast Forest and go to where the humans are?"

Another nod.

"Are you sure?"



After looking at the wyrm for so long, Bai Yunfei suddenly broke out into a smile. "Alright then, you can come with us. But I'm warning you now, if you want to come with us, you'll have to listen to me, otherwise, I don't care what happens to you. The many powerful soul cultivators outside the forest is something I'm sure you're aware of, if you cause trouble, I won't care if they take you away."

"Wuwu!!" The wyrm cocked its head in surprise at first before nodding furiously, as if to say, "You're the boss, of course!"

Bai Yunfei laughed. Watching as Xiao Qi started to 'chat' with the wyrm, Bai Yunfei felt happy. He never thought that after the wolf left them, they'd have the wyrm join. It didn't even need the Beast Taming Ring in order for it to be obedient to it; that was the real shocker.

He'd never know that all it took for such a rare late-stage class six soulbeast to follow him would be such an 'inconceivable' story.


The next day, Bai Yunfei continued south just like he planned. He wanted to get back to the Tianhun Empire without delay.

Now that the blue-eyes wyrm was with them, Xiao Qi was a lot happier than before. Very quickly, the two were established as 'good' friends once again, and many a times Bai Yunfei found himself following after their antics. Like how they would bully other soulbeasts. Their actions were practically indistinguishable to how playful humans would be.

Gradually making their way through the class five area into the class four, the group found nothing being able to block their way. Danger was nothing more but a topic of a bygone time. Every so often, they'd come across a soul cultivator, but even they would shy away when they saw the blue-eyes wyrm. Some were more willing to try and fight it, but when they saw Bai Yunfei there, they grew pacified.

But while there were a few that knew their boundaries, there were also several that needed to be taught a lesson.

Traveling without trouble, Bai Yunfei and the two soulbeasts only needed two months before they were back in the class three area.

That night.

Bai Yunfei found a small cave to rest for the night. After traveling for three days non-stop, they needed a rest.

By the cave entrance, Xiao Qi and Xiao Lan were both resting now that they finished their meals. Bai Yunfei sat within the cave, his hands holding onto something to look at.

In his hands was fist-sized pink colored soulgem. It distributed a slightly hot air that also gave the illusion of being stuck in a dream almost.

This was the mid-stage class six soulgem Bai Yunfei got from the bewitching fox.

A soulgem that had the elements for illusion and fire.

A bewitching fox was a very rare soulbeast that would hard to come by every hundred years. This meant its soulgem was even more priceless than several heaven tier soul armaments. With that, the amount of benefit Bai Yunfei could get from absorbing it would be plenty. It was a true treasure among his hauls, and Bai Yunfei was thinking about using it to make a soul armament.

The illusion element was an extremely rare element to both soul cultivators and soulbeasts, just like the space element.

Using the illusion type soulgem to make a soul armament was definitely possible. And to use it would grant the soul armament an affinity for illusions or gain resistance towards it, making the soul armament even more valuable.

There was a 'rule' in the Crafting School in regards to the continent. A class five illusion soulgem could be exchanged for a high-earth tier soul armament! And a class six illusion soulgem could be traded for a low-heaven tier! And a class seven for a mid-heaven!!

As for those higher than class sevens....those didn't even need to be said.

Obtaining a mid-stage class six illusion soulgem would mean a great deal of power for Bai Yunfei in the long run. If not for the fact that it wasn't safe for him to craft in the Crack in the Sky, Bai Yunfei would've made a soul armament from it already.

He calmed himself down. It wouldn't do to recklessly craft soul armaments. He'd need to make the proper arrangements first.

Crafting soul armaments also relied on the state of 'mind'.

And today, Bai Yunfei had to admit his state of mind felt pretty good today.