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 Book 1 Chapter 47: Strike back!

Just when the incoming palm strike seemed to run out of momentum, that already outstretched right arm unexpectedly became longer by more than two inches all of a sudden!

Under the astounded look in Bai Yunfei's eyes, this palm hit him squarely in the chest!

This is the soul technique Long Arm Fist!

It was none other than the low-tier soul technique used by Zhang Yang in the past, who at that time could only lengthen his arm by an inch at most. Now Zhang Zhenshan was using it and had made his arm longer by nearly three inches!

Even though it was a low-level soul technique, its power still varied according to the power of the user!

Bai Yunfei's body was once again sent flying with a burst of buzzing sounds!

Bai Yunfei did another flip while in midair and landed on the ground. However, this time his actions were performed in a much more helter-skelter manner. Only after propping himself up with the Fire-tipped Spear and sliding another four or five meters was he finally able to stop.

He raised his head. A flush rushed up his face, which looked a bit pale at first. Eventually he could no longer endure it and spouted out a mouthful of blood.

Lifting his hand and wiping the bloodstains off the corners of his mouth, Bai Yunfei stared at Zhang Zhenshan, who was walking towards him slowly, with a trace of bitterness in his eyes: "The gap is too big!! We're simply not on the same level, whether in terms of combat experience or technique usage. If he hadn't used too much soulforce earlier and become less powerful as a result, those two palm strikes alone would've been enough to take me down..."

Zhang Zhenshan put his right hand behind his back and it trembled slightly in an unnoticeable manner. After channeling his soulforce to recover from the side effects of forcefully modifying a soul technique, he walked towards Bai Yunfei step by step while saying tauntingly: "What's wrong? Now you already know the gap between us, right? Arrogant ignorant brat, though you've got several soul items and my power has weakened, I can still kill you with ease!

"But I won't let you die so easily. You tortured and maimed my son to death so I'll make you suffer all kinds of torments until you wish you were dead. Then I'll snap your limbs one by one and let you die with a damaged corpse!!" The more Zhang Zhenshan talked, the more agitated he became. Towards the end, he almost shouted the words. His eyes were virtually blood-red and his face was full of ferocity. Only, under that look of hatred in his eyes, there was also a trace of... sorrow.

Looking at Zhang Zhenshan, who seemed to be immersed in madness, Bai Yunfei slowly backed off expressionlessly. However, Zhang Zhenshan was advancing even faster so after just several steps, the two of them were already about to stand face to face.

While retreating, Bai Yunfei slightly glanced around. All of a sudden, his eyes flashed with a trace of light. He took a deep breath, channeled his soulforce and used the Wave Treading Steps. His body turned into a string of blurs and moved obliquely two meters to the left then halted abruptly. Staring at Zhang Zhenshan, who had chased up to a place three meters ahead him, he lifted his right foot and threw a fierce kick!

The great force of the kick shot a basin-sized rock under his feet along with a layer of dirt towards Zhang Zhenshan!

Giving a cold snort, Zhang Zhenshan immediately moved half a step to the left without rising or lowering his body. However, right after he dashed sideways to avoid this flying rock, his pupils dilated all of a sudden because he saw Bai Yunfei charging up closely after the rock at a speed even faster than that of the rock and thrusting the spear out!

The moment that rock flew up to Zhang Zhenshan's left side, the tip of Bai Yunfei's spear was already about to reach him. Just when Zhang Zhenshan wanted to dodge again, his eyes suddenly flashed with a trace of astonishment - the target of this spear strike was unexpectedly not him, but... the rock by his side!

Blue veins popped out of Bai Yunfei's right arm, which he was holding the spear with. The various muscles of this arm bulged out greatly in the blink of an eye, raising the thrusting speed of the arm to its maximum. Almost without an interval, he executed two spear thrusts continuously!

Threefold Thrust!

Threefold Thrust!!

When the first strike hit the rock, it only shook a bit. However, when the second strike hit it, an explosion suddenly rang out at the moment of contact!

Almost at the same time as a trace of surprise appeared in Zhang Zhenshan's eyes, this explosion rang out by his side. Under the astounded look in his eyes, a mass of fire burst out from inside the rock. The basin-sized rock then shattered into countless tiny fragments which were shot out in all directions!

A rock very close to him had suddenly exploded, sending a heat wave and a large volley of fragments flying at him!

The area covered by the rock fragments was so large that Zhang Zhenshan did not have enough time to avoid them. He could only use the Ice Treading Steps at the last moment and quickly slide backwards. At the same time, he crossed his hands, making a block in front of his face, and channeled his soulforce to enhance his defense, causing his whole body's skin and muscles to wiggle slightly.

A series of cracks was heard. The sharp pains coming from various places on his body astonished Zhang Zhenshan even more: "Just the rock fragments shot at me are already so powerful!"

The attack of the rock fragments lasted only for a breath's time. Zhang Zhenshan kept backing off. He moved his hands away from in front of his face, but what came into his field of vision was a dazzling red light!

Bai Yunfei's eyes glittered with killing intent. The tip of the Fire-tipped Spear, which was emitting a red light, looking as if it was shrouded in a red fireball, was being thrust straight at Zhang Zhenshan!

Finally, for the first time there was an expression of shock on Zhang Zhenshan's face. This crimson spear was already less than three inches away from his chest so he would not have enough time for him to avoid it while retreating hurriedly. After thinking for a moment, he showed a resolute expression, reached out his left hand in the blink of an eye and held it before his chest. When it came into contact with the tip of the incoming spear, he suddenly caught hold of it in a grab!

Then he tilted his palm. Muscles bulging out on his left arm, he pushed it up fiercely at an angle. At the same time, he repositioned his feet, dashing out obliquely in the other direction!

Before he could loosen his grip, the tip of the spear slipped in his hand. When he let go of it and hurriedly backed off, a small amount of blood fell down from the air.

The shocked expression in Zhang Zhenshan's eyes intensified. Without pausing at all, he moved backwards several dozen meters in an instant. Only when he saw that Bai Yunfei was not chasing and attacking him did he finally relax and stop there to gasp for air.

"How is this possible? How is this possible?! He's just a middle Soul Warrior, how can he unleash that kind of attack?!" Staring hard at Bai Yunfei in front of him, Zhang Zhenshan roared in his mind, "Even if that spear is an earth-tier soul item, even if it can gather up the element of fire to cause an explosion, he must at least reach the late Soul Warrior stage to be able to do that! How in the world can he use this kind of attack?!?!"

Lifting his left hand in front of his eyes, he saw that a long hole had been cut into the high human-tier Icesilk Glove on it!

Underneath the hole in the glove, there was a wound deep to the bone extending from the center of the palm to the intersection of the index and the thumb. Although he had been channeling his soulforce to heal it since the first moment, blood was still flowing out nonstop, dying that white glove almost completely red. Even worse, there was unexpectedly a faint black color on the wound's opening and a scorching heat was slowly spreading up from this opening. Trying his best, he channeled his Glacial Energy to resist the heat. Only now did this scorching heat slowly disappear.

Zhang Zhenshan looked at the wound on his hand, whose bleeding was gradually slowing down, then cast a glance at the Fire-tipped Spear in Bai Yunfei's hands with a lingering fear. There was unexpectedly a trace of relief in his eyes: "Luckily I reacted fast at the last moment... Now I definitely can't let the tip of that spear hit me again! If it causes that kind of explosion when I'm hit by a thrust with it,..." At this point, a tinge of horror came into being uncontrollably in his heart and he kept looking at the Fire-tipped Spear in an even more fearful manner.

At a place several dozen meters away, Bai Yunfei was pinching his slightly trembling right arm with his left hand. His teeth clenched tightly, he was channeling his soulforce nonstop. Only when the acute pain coming from his arm had subsided a bit did he finally let out a sigh of relief. He then also lifted his eyes and stared hard at Zhang Zhenshan in front of him.

In fact, Bai Yunfei was also feeling lucky that Zhang Zhenshan had retreated so far away in fear. If the enemy had counterattacked right after avoiding that thrust of the Fire-tipped Spear earlier, he would definitely have been in grave danger.

Before executing that series of attacks just then, he had already prepared himself for the scenario in which he would fail and could be injured again by the enemy.

"Too bad, when the last thrust hit his palm, the explosion effect wasn't activated, otherwise I would've already won this fight!" When Bai Yunfei saw that the opponent seemed to be treating his injuries, his eyes could not help showing a trace of disappointment, "I've used the Threefold Thrust three times and even triggered the explosion effect, but I was only able to injure him slightly. From now on, he'll definitely be even more careful against the Fire-tipped Spear. If so... will I have no choice but to do that?"

While Bai Yunfei's mind was working overtime, Zhang Zhenshan calmed down. He immediately noticed his strange behavior: "He didn't chase and attack me. Plus, he looks... His right arm is injured! Right, it doesn't matter what secret method he used to unleash that kind of attack, since he was merely a Soul Warrior, this must have taken an extremely great toll on him! Damn it! This means I've wasted an opportunity to strike back!"

While regreting this in his mind, Zhang Zhenshan was unwilling to give the enemy a chance to take a breather. He raised his right fist, his eyes glittered with ferocity, and charged at Bai Yunfei!