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 Chapter 478: Meeting Xiao Lan Again

"Chirp chirp!!"

Like Bai Yunfei, Xiao Qi registered this new sound as being familiar. Chirping excitedly as if realizing something, it flew straight towards the source.

"Could it really be?!"

A guess was already on Bai Yunfei's mind, but he couldn't be sure. It was a long-shot, but Bai Yunfei just had to find out. Without hesitation, he flew after Xiao Qi to run towards the giant hill with a spurt of soulforce.

Quickly approaching the area now, Bai Yunfei came to realize that there was a battle taking place here, and it was a rough one!

While he wasn't quite sure of the complete details, Bai Yunfei knew there were Soul Exalts fighting at the very least!

The incoming hill was about a hundred and fifty meters tall and several hundred meters large. Uncaring for the windy route that'd be required to scale it, Bai Yunfei flew high into the air to reach the peak faster and see what was going on.

Already calling Xiao Qi back to him, he and the bird carefully flew to the top of the hill together.

Bai Yunfei hid his soulforce by using the Soul Concealment Art. Xiao Qi could limit the amount of soulforce it had through the cultivation method imparted to it by the Two Winged Kings, but not as much as Bai Yunfei could! At most, it could suppress its soulforce to the levels of a class four, but nothing lower.

When they reached the top, Bai Yunfei made sure to advance forward as carefully as it could. The closer they got to the peak, the more Bai Yunfei could feel the aura coming from the battle. There were at least four late-stage Soul Exalts existences there, one of them being a late-stage class six soulbeast!

Now on the top of the hill, but not completely visible to the fighters, Bai Yunfei took a cautious step forward.

He was a good distance away from the battle, but Bai Yunfei was still close enough to see what exactly was going on.

Three soul cultivators were fighting. From their auras, Bai Yunfei could sense them as being an ice-type late-stage Soul Exalt, a wind-type late-stage Soul Exalt, and a metal-type mid-stage Soul Exalt. Besides the wind-type Soul Exalt, there was also a late-stage class six soulbeast, and another mid-stage class six soulbeast besides the metal-type Soul Exalt!

The three of them were clearly a part of the same group. A little farther away, there was another group of people watching the fight-probably due to not being as strong as the previous three.

Surrounded by the three soul cultivators stood a single soulbeast.

A late-stage class six soulbeast.

Bai Yunfei inhaled sharply. He had the feeling that this was the case earlier, but seeing it right in front of him was still a startling surprise.

"I was right!!"

Bai Yunfei knew this soulbeast, he had seen it before! In fact, they were actually both very familiar with one another!

It was....the blue-eyes wyrm!!

The very same blue-eyes wyrm released from that fiasco with the Black Dragon King a year ago was in this area as well!

"How did it get here? This is strange." Bai Yunfei muttered under his breath, "And how did it....become a late-stage class six?! Isn't that a little too fast?"

The blue-eyes wyrm in front of them was a great deal larger than what it used to be a year ago. Now standing at four or five stories tall, the blue-eyes wyrm was now a late-stage class six soulbeast!

Even with so many experts as its opponent, the wyrm was holding its own!

But Bai Yunfei knew the reason why such a case was even happening. These soul cultivators weren't here to kill the wyrm, but to capture it. Otherwise, the wyrm would've died a long time ago.

"Are they here on behalf of their families young master for a soulbeast to contract with?" Bai Yunfei surmised. The group not fighting the blue-eyes wyrm had a richly-dressed young man watching the fight excitedly in the middle.

Having a group of stronger people accompany the younger generation into the Soulbeast Forest and help them find a soulbeast to contract with wasn't rare. It happened many times actually and was a happy benefit to belonging to a major family.

With countless of beings living in the extremely vast Soulbeast Forest, Bai Yunfei came across this situation several times already in the class six area. He wasn't so kind-hearted to interfere and save the soulbeasts, as he didn't care as much as long as it wasn't the Beast Taming School.

He didn't want to interfere in this fight at first, actually. But with this current situation and the one being attacked was the blue-eyes wyrm, the story was different now.

No matter their history in the past, Bai Yunfei couldn't simply watch from the sidelines.



As soon as Bai Yunfei decided to enter the fray, a bolt of green and purple flew into the battle first.

Even more impatient than Bai Yunfei, Xiao Qi flew into the battle with a furious chirp.

Unwilling to delay any longer, Bai Yunfei took out the Tempest Sword and flew towards the battle in a burst of green light.

Just for safety, Bai Yunfei applied the Face Change technique to alter his appearance.

The people fighting were by no means weak. As soon as Xiao Qi started for them, they all took in the bird as a threat and immediately gave up their assault on the wyrm in order to retreat to safety.

Under the attentive eyes of the group, Xiao Qi approached them with its wings glowing purple in light. With a furious flap, several hundred bolts of purple lightning stormed down onto the group!

They bounced the elemental defenses of the group one after another. Though failing to do any serious damages, Xiao Qi's attack accomplished its goal as a diversionary attack. Swooping down, Xiao Qi dropped onto the wyrm's head to stare hatefully at the group.

Bai Yunfei followed from behind. Xiao Qi came in as fast as lightning, but it wasn't recklessly attacking the group. It was just standing on top of the wyrm as if passing a warning.

Bai Yunfei came to a stop a little far away from the wyrm. The wind-type and metal type mid-stage Soul Exalts and their soulbeasts stood to Bai Yunfei's left, and the ice-type late-stage Soul Exalt stood to his right, forming a triangle with Bai Yunfei so that the wyrm was in the middle.

Now that he was closer up, Bai Yunfei noticed the two soulbeasts with the Soul Exalts. One was a late-stage class six tornado bird, and the other was a mid-stage class six three-eyed kong bear.

The other group of soul cultivators looked over Bai Yunfei at the same time he did them. When they saw that it was only just a mid-stage Soul Exalt, the group looked relieved. "Brat!" The square-faced metal-type Soul Exalt boomed, "Who are you?! Attacking the house of Xing will see to your life being forfeit if you're not careful!"

The man was careful not to outright call for Bai Yunfei's head. He needed to know first who Bai Yunfei was; him being so young and yet so strong was strange. And him having a flying soul armament was even stranger. In the case that Bai Yunfei was from a major family, they'd needed to know the facts first to better deal the situation.

"You cannot take this blue-eyes wyrm. It's leaving with me." Bai Yunfei replied, not bothering with their questions.

His lack of response surprised the group, "Haha," the same Soul Exalt barked angrily, "You've guts! Who do you think you are?! Stealing away our blue-eyes wyrm, think of the situation you're in! Then once you do, don't push your luck and scram!"

The man couldn't sense the auras of anyone else in hiding, meaning Bai Yunfei was most likely with companions.

The Tempest Sword Bai Yunfei was riding sparked some lust from the man as well. These type of things were rare and well-wanted by many soul cultivators. And they were in the Soulbeast Forest, if one soul cultivator died here, who would know?

Their response wasn't surprising to Bai Yunfei. He never expected the situation to go well to begin with, his 'interference' was something that didn't make sense to begin with. So the only choice to go from here was the path of violence.

Power is might, and might is everything. That was the iron-clad rule of this world.

"Spare me your bullsh*t and die here!"

Much to his surprise though, the ice-type late-stage Soul Exalt was the first to take action and flew straight for him!