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 Chapter 472: Striking Down a Delicate 'Flower'? A Bewitching Fox!

What kind of man would be able to resist the allure of a young woman willing to lay with him, with the act being able to not only heal his wounds, but increase his strength as well? And added with the absolute desolation of the area and having just recently saved her from her would-be r*pists and murderers, it was almost a given....

Such an erotic storyline like this isn't rare in many plots, and it often meant the addition of one more person to a male main character's harem.

But unfortunately for everyone, this book isn't a harem novel, and neither will it have a happy wet dream like this one....


The young woman's shyness was practically irresistible, and any other man would've took it as their time to collect their dues already. With how her eyes were filled with longing for him, Bai Yunfei looked as if he could contain his carnal desires no more to thrust his hand towards her tattered robes!

His actions sparked a reaction from the young woman, her eyes flashing with an almost undetectable light that didn't at all match with her shy demeanor!

But then, the 'unbelievable' happened in the next second....

When Bai Yunfei's right hand thrusted out to seemingly grab at the ripped parts of her clothes, his hand curled up into a fist to punch the woman's shoulder without hesitation!


Yelping in surprise, the woman flew backwards as if concussed by a heavy explosion from his punch!

In the brief airtime she had, the woman flipped onto her feet and dragged them across the ground. Her hand flew to her aching shoulder, her face twisted in pain as she stared frightfully at Bai Yunfei, "My...my lord. Wha-what are you doing?!"

It had been such a gentle and sweet background just a moment ago, but then Bai Yunfei suddenly went from a beast to a tyrant to so viciously strike down such a delicate little 'flower' like her?!

Bai Yunfei stood up. His eyes stared at the young woman without the pitying expression he had before. The lust was no longer there either, in its place was a cold and detached expression, his lips curling together with what appeared to be a deliberating smile.

"My lord, what....what are you doing? What reason are you hurting this woman of yours? I...." Her frame shook gently with pain, her meek voice trembling with fear.

"Pah, are you still trying to pretend?" Bai Yunfei smirked in complete disregard for the pitiful-looking woman in front of him.

His feet flashed with purple light as he moved forward, his right hand burning bright red with fire to aim another punch onto the woman's shoulder!

Jolting in surprise, the woman was dumbfounded at his reactions, but her helpless demeanor vanished straight away as she dodged Bai Yunfei's punch almost gracefully....so fluidly, as if she wasn't even injured in the first place?!

Feeling nothing but air from his attack, Bai Yunfei came to a stop and allowed for the woman to retreat several steps backwards to stare at him.

"How did you find out?"

Her voice was no longer sweetly sounding. It was cold to the ears, and her facial expression was equally as icy.

"I knew something was wrong with the situation as soon as you appeared." He answered casually while he looked her over once more.

Eyes widening once again with surprise, the woman cried out, "Impossible! My acting was flawless back then, how did you..."

"Flawless, you say?" Bai Yunfei laughed, "Yeah, those two guys really were trying to kill you, and their blood was definitely real as well, so they definitely killed somebody-probably from the Aroma School as well. The only thing that was off was you. You weren't hurt by them, you were just pretending. And....those two probably didn't know they were being tricked as well."

"They were real, but you were not. I have to say though, your acting was perfect. Not many would've been able to see through your act...."

"Then how...."

"Illusions and enchantment...." Bai Yunfei chuckled, "that's how you did it, right?"

A response like that caused the woman to stagger half a step backwards. "Ho-you, how did you know! I refuse to believe it! You're only a mid-stage Soul Exalt, how did you see through my mesmerizations?! This is impossible!"

"Mesmerization? Is there such a thing? Were those two guys caught in that then? I couldn't tell, but those two guys were probably caught up in that and their bloodlust....

"You tried to mesmerize and make me more willing to save you from those two men. After that, it'd be hook, line and sinker to have me fall to my lust before you kill me...."

He was speaking casually to her, but his soulforce was working itself in a frenzy to prepare for a fight. His Fire-tipped Spear appeared in his hand as a precaution, "Just like you said, anyone not a Soul King would've fallen for your Mesmerization. It's undetectable. But unfortunately for you, 'mental' attacks like these aren't as effective. I'd find out about those in a second!"

The smile on his face grew wider, "I could see the fox tail behind you the moment you stepped out in front of me...."

All emotions were wiped away from the woman's face as she listened to Bai Yunfei speak. Everything she had worked so hard on had been completely useless on him!

Something Bai Yunfei said did however, spark stupefaction to show on her face. Unable to stop herself, she cried, "Preposterous!! You know that I am a bewitching fox?!"

"What?" Such a question startled Bai Yunfei, his mind racing to think about what was just said to him.

"Bewitching fox? Oh f*ck, you're a soulbeast?!"


Likewise, the woman cried out again, her face growing even stranger. Did she misread the situation?

The 'fox tail' Bai Yunfei mentioned had been common saying he learned from the shattered memories of the transmigrator. But while it was common in the eyes of the transmigrator, such a saying didn't exist in the Tianhun Continent, so it was no wonder the woman was shocked. She had thought that Bai Yunfei had guessed out her true identity!

She was one of the more rare types of soulbeasts in the world, a bewitching fox!

Thunderfire wolves, wind squallers, and blue-eyes wyrms are all different types of rare soulbeasts, their intellect higher than most among their own. But there existed the bewitching fox clan, soulbeasts that could speak the human tongue when they reach the class five level and transform into a human form by the class six level!

The most important aspect of bewitching foxes lied upon the 'bewitching' part of their name. When they take human form, their beauty would be devastatingly beautiful! It didn't matter if they were male or female, absolutely no one of the opposite sex would ever refuse their charm.

Bewitching foxes were rumored to be adept in the art of 'Mesmerization', a combination of illusion and enchantment. They could ensnare the hearts of their victims without their knowing and control even their actions. From there, it'd be a simple matter to kill them as they dreamed.

In these legends, it was also said that there existed a class seven bewitching fox a thousand years ago, the Bewitching Fox Queen. Infiltrating the Tianhun Empire, it was able to use its Mesmerization to bewitch the heart of a certain warlord, one whose strength was of the late-stage Soul King level! The calamity she brought upon that warlord's province had been so harsh that the commoners were unable to make a living, and many soul cultivators lost their lives before the King himself came down to kill her.

Three hundred years had already passed in the empire since the last known incident with the bewitching fox clan. So no one-especially Bai Yunfei, guessed that he would have run into one today....