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 Chapter 470: A Hero Saving a Maiden?

Bai Yunfei didn't shy away when he saw the three people come out from the Crack in the Sky. Standing his ground, Bai Yunfei prepared himself for battle by bringing the Cataclysmic Seal out to his side.

The three of them were mid-stage Soul Exalts, so traversing a kilometer wouldn't be very hard for them to do. In no more than ten seconds, the woman was nearly upon Bai Yunfei, her robes blustering in the wind and her eyes brimming with tears of terror.

"Please save me, my lord!!"

She pleaded towards Bai Yunfei before flinching in pain with her hands at her left leg. Blood was flowing freely from there, a nasty wound preventing her from standing any longer. With a yelp, she toppled into Bai Yunfei's arms.

A sweet aroma immediately assaulted his Bai Yunfei's nose, intoxicating him with its smell.

Perking an eyebrow, Bai Yunfei moved forward to grab her by her left wrist and hold her steady, rather than let her collapse into his arms. Keeping her steady, he then moved past her to take on the two men after her.

"I am a student from the Aroma School in the Northern Ridge Province. I came to the Soulbeast Forest for training, but these evil men attacked and killed all my companions in the Crack in the Sky, please my lord, save me!"

The young woman cried out pitifully behind him. Her voice affected by the tragedy that befell her companions and the horrors that would've happened to her. Even in her final few words, her voice was choked up.

Casting a brief look at her, Bai Yunfei returned his glance then to the two men just two hundred meters away. The two of them were soaked with blood from head to toe, some of it being their own blood. Clearly, these two had just been through a mighty battle, but their auras were still raring to go, and their faces were twisted malevolently in anticipation.

When the two of them saw Bai Yunfei come forward, the one holding the large sword gave a malefic laugh, "Haha! A puny mid-stage Soul Exalt! Consider it your bad luck to meet us two today! Hand over the Aroma School girl and we'll make your death painless!"

"Kekeke!! We've heard plenty about the proficiency your school has in dual cultivation, come here and accompany us two, why don't you? Or do you want to end up like your sisters and die a vengeful ghost!" The other one laughed, not even bothering to look at Bai Yunfei. His eyes leered lecherously at the woman behind him as he spoke.

A small smile tugged at the corner of Bai Yunfei's lips.

Without hiding his strength, Bai Yunfei would be placed at the level of a mid-stage Soul Exalt. With all his training the past year and the added benefits he got from the Dual Flame Arts and the Luck Pendant, Bai Yunfei's strength had been like a meteor with how fast it ascended.

The two of them were strong enough where Bai Yunfei's current strength was still considered weak. With their strengths combined, they could kill a late-stage Soul Exalt with some difficulty. Killing a mid-stage Soul Exalt wasn't a problem for them at all.

But when Bai Yunfei did nothing but smile ominously, they were infuriated. Rousing their soulforces, they flew forward to attack!

The one with an affinity for earth was the first to make a move. His right foot slammed down onto the ground, disseminating elemental earth in the form of a serpentine drill. It burrowed several meters through the ground to underneath Bai Yunfei's feet before erupting up from it in as three separate stalagmites-one to hit his head, chest, and waist. Flourishing his blade, the man swung his sword down to simultaneously send a blade of elemental earth onto Bai Yunfei's head.

His brother, the one with an affinity for water, swung his right fist forward like a whip. The area in front of his fist rippled briefly before droplets of water formed. Growing to the size of his fists, the spheres of water froze over before pelting Bai Yunfei!

Their tactics looked well practiced, as if they had done this many times before. One would move to limit the ways Bai Yunfei could move, and the other would pelt him with time-delayed attacks that could potentially kill him.

This economy of motion was fluid, and struck fear into the heart of the woman behind Bai Yunfei. Shirking even farther behind, she looked to Bai Yunfei with greater fear than before.

But for some reason, Bai Yunfei didn't move from his spot at all! Not even a defensive stance was put up! It was as if he was struck motionless with fear!


The two brothers' attacks impacted on the ground where Bai Yunfei stood, kicking up dust and stone around his figure.

They were surprised, to say the least. Both of them expected Bai Yunfei to do something. But when their attacks landed, Bai Yunfei's aura had just...disappeared!

"Is he....dead?!" The earth type soul cultivator inquired, "Haha! He didn't even last one blow! Some hero he is, overestimating himself that much!"

Like the two brothers, the young woman's cherry-red lips quivered when she felt Bai Yunfei's aura disappear. Her eyes widened widely, and her feet threatened to buckle underneath her where she stood.

The other brother was skeptical. Squinting his eyes, he immediately called out a warning, "Careful!"

Three separate daggers were thrown at shortly before he called out. Shooting out from the dust to target the first brother, who was still pleased with how successful his attack was, the daggers were followed shortly by a series of popping sounds. From the dust cloud, a dozen bullets the color red and purple pelted towards the two brothers!

As sudden as the attacks were, the two brothers weren't caught too off-guard by it. Erecting an elemental barrier to protect themselves, the two threw themselves backwards to further alleviate the damage.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The three Burstfire Daggers stuck into the barriers, exploding then after contact! The areas where the elemental barrier was hit by the daggers crumbled away, revealing three gaps in its defense! As if targeting these gaps, the bullets shot through them to attack at the person behind it!

Unprepared for this outcome, the man took took his sword up to defend himself. His sword was large enough to parry several of the bullets, but one bullet made it through his defense and struck him squarely in the right shoulder, ripping a hole in its flesh!

The other brother managed to fare better than the one hit, as he was ready for retaliation. Successfully parrying all the bullets aimed at him, the man was still surprised to see just how much power was in each of them.

But whilst the two brothers were dealing with their predicaments, Bai Yunfei was already stepping out from beyond the dust cloud, showing his uninjured self!

The Cataclysmic Seal glowed orange next to him, shining with the light that had protected him.


The two Soul Exalts' eyes flew wide open in shock. They had put all their might into their attacks, and this mid-stage Soul Exalt had been completely unharmed?!

Furthermore, his aura had clearly disappeared a moment ago, so why was it back as if nothing had happened now?!


Sneering, Bai Yunfei fed soulforce to his feet, and in a burst of purple light, he...disappeared without a trace!