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 Chapter 466: Companion Lightningseed

The disastrous event caused by Bai Yunfei was reaching a calm now. With Xiao Qi's assistance, Bai Yunfei was able to lull the tempest that was the wolf's elemental energy so that it wasn't as chaotic as before.

Finally, the destruction of the slave seal reached its conclusion. It was gone without a trace.

Xiao Qi was still controlling the wolf via the Beast Taming Ring, and Bai Yunfei was still concentrating on absorbing any rampant elemental energy coming out from its soulgem into his own body.

After the slave seal collapsed, Xiao Qi became the dominant owner of the wolf's mindspace. The Beast Taming Ring flashed once with light in recognition of this, putting a stop to the energy coming out from the wolf's soulgem. Though horribly damaged, the soulgem was no longer exporting enough energy to destabilize it any further.

He couldn't afford to be negligent still. Though no new energy was being exported, Bai Yunfei still had to fully absorb the elemental energy still there in the area. He was tired, and his eyes blood-shot, but there was still work to do.

Bai Yunfei was at his limit. Despite his willingness, the amount of elemental energy was almost too much for him....

While the crisis with the thunderfire wolf was over, he couldn't relax. In fact, the situation was a lot scarier for him now that his organs were all screaming in pain from his toil and labor. Spasmodic twitches were happening all over his body and small sparks of purple lightning was sparking from his skin as if threatening to set him on fire.

The elemental fire and lightning he was absorbing wasn't something his own body made, and neither was it something the world had supplied. It was from the peak late-stage class six thunderfire wolf! How could its energy not be so powerful!

Any ordinary early-stage Soul Exalt would've long since combusted and died if they tried absorbing all this energy. But Bai Yunfei was anything but 'normal'. With his abilities, he was able to endure the pain and continue to absorb it.

What Bai Yunfei was doing was foolhardy at best and suicidal at worse. To any soul cultivator, his actions were the actions of an idiot. Like entering the tiger's cave or slapping a dog with a meat bun, these two things were simply not to be done. Bai Yunfei may as well dressed his soul up with a ribbon to deliver to the wolf to eat.

But the wolf was doing nothing in this case. It held no sentience, and it offered no resistance when Bai Yunfei's soul tried to enter its soulgem.

In fact, the wolf was allowing Bai Yunfei to 'steal' the insights it had on elemental fire and lightning!

The act of sending their soul into the soulbeast stronger than them was impossible for anyone to do. Even beast tamers couldn't, with or without the slave seal.

A Soul King could 'impose' their souls onto a class three or four soulbeast's soul, but what was the point in that?

Another factor that couldn't be ignored was Xiao Qi. Whether it was the bird itself or its usage of the Beast Taming Ring, Xiao Qi had supplied a plethora of wealth to Bai Yunfei via their soul contract.

Although Bai Yunfei looked like he was on the verge of exploding, the rampant energy around him was no longer there, meaning he didn't have to worry about the pressure anymore. Pulling his soul out from the wolf's mindspace at the same time his left hand pulled away from its head.

Sitting down on the ground, Bai Yunfei began to focus on the elemental energy inside his body.

What was normally a simplistic series of actions gave Bai Yunfei a great deal of pain. Each movement gave him great agony, and his body seemed to be peeling away in places....

Not too far away, Xiao Qi was lying on top of a rather large tree branch and slowing breathing in and out. There was joy in its eyes when it was able to order the wolf to walk a short distance away from Bai Yunfei. Having it stand guard over them, Xiao Qi curled up and began to recover its energy.


It was only midday, but the matters Bai Yunfei faced so far had been deadly enough to last a while. Ten minutes had gone by since Bai Yunfei first sat down, but nothing had really changed since then.

And just like that, time trickled by so that day turned to night, and the sun turned to moon.

Motionless like a statue, Bai Yunfei sat underneath a tree with his body shining both scarlet and purple. The elemental energy around his body was surprisingly normal, and the expression on his face was getting better with each passing moment. But still, the echoes of pain was still there, and the physical marks left behind by his ordeals had yet to fully heal....

Night turned into day, and day into night once again.

Bai Yunfei had been stuck healing for an entire day!

On the afternoon of the third day, the wounds on Bai Yunfei seemed all but gone. His facial expression was normal, the ring of fire around his body gentle, and just barely a hint of purple in that redness.

Inside Bai Yunfei's body, his fireseed essence was noticeably larger than before, and a small 'purple snake' was wriggling around it, looking like a bolt of lightning.

It was a essence lightningseed!

But this lightningseed looked a little special....

At last, Bai Yunfei's body had fully absorbed the elemental energy outside of it, allowing him to open his eyes at last.

A spark of fire glistened to life in his eyes, a spark of purple hidden in it. It disappeared right after, returning his eyes back to normal.

Huffing in relief, Bai Yunfei bent his head down to look at his body with no small amount of joy....

"I nearly lost my life there...." He sighed. His heart skipped a beat when he thought about just how close he was to losing his life.

"For real, that was a super dangerous spot I was in. The slave seal is quite scary. Why do I always have to be stuck in these type of situations? Am I too reckless? I shouldn't have tried to take a look at the seal....

"But it's a good thing I've luck on my side to deliver me from danger." He clutched at the Luck Pendant hanging over his chest, "Me barely escaping from danger has been happening far too many times, but I've been profiting quite a bit."

He smiled. Snapping his right hand, a small flame burst into life on top of his palm. Warm to the touch and dancing slightly with the wind, the fires had a touch of purple light swimming in it.

Elemental lightning!

There was elemental lightning inside the flame!

"I'm a little early training in a second element, but I didn't really have any other choice. But that's not really a bad thing....." Bai Yunfei thought to himself, watching as the fire danced on his palm.

"This isn't a true essence lightningseed, so I don't need to bother putting too much focus on it, and neither should it impact my training in elemental fire. But I wonder if this'll bring me any sort of trouble...."

The lightningseed in his body wasn't a true essence lightningseed! It was incomplete, meaning it was similar to what the Crafting School called a 'companion fireseed'!