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 Book 1 Chapter 45: Go all out! Fight!!

Looking at this seemingly endless area of grass and trees in front of him, Bai Yunfei almost felt like crying and murmured:

"This is really... Where am I actually at now?"

Now he could only be sure that he was indeed heading north, but he had no clue where he was at the moment. He just wanted to go through this forest as quickly as possible and find a populated place to ask for directions.

Just when Bai Yunfei was about to use the Wave Treading Steps to accelerate, his body froze all of a sudden. Seeming to have detected something, he turned around!

He saw a tall silhouette of someone running towards him extremely fast from a distance of more than a thousand meters!

"That direction... is the path I took to come here! This is bad! It's the pursuers!" Bai Yunfei's expression changed. He was stunned for just a moment but that person had come another hundred meters closer to him and now he could see his face vaguely.

"This man is so fast, almost as fast as I am when using the Wave Treading Steps to the utmost. Plus, his face looks somewhat familiar..." As his mind was racing, suddenly Bai Yunfei's expression changed greatly and there was even shock in his eyes. He could not help blurting out: "It's him! Zhang Yang's father Zhang Zhenshan!!"

This shock was not a trivial matter. He even took a step backwards uncontrollably with the first thought in his mind being "Turn around and run away."

However, he abandoned this idea as soon as it appeared and stared at Zhang Zhenshan, who was getting closer and closer to him. Although his expression was still solemn, his eyes were glittering and his mind was working overtime on how he should respond to this.

"At this point, I can't run away! If I turn around, my aura will be weakened and I'll have already lost half of the mental battle. Afterwards, I'll only be thinking about running away so I won't be able to fight with determination! This will allow the enemy to dictate everything. Turning my back to a pursuing enemy is a bad choice!

"Be cool, be cool!!

"At that time, the old man from the Fate school said that Zhang Zhenshan is an early Soul Sprite. The Soul Sprite stage has the ability to control the natural elements so the Soul Warrior stage just can't compare with it. How can I possibly beat him?... But I don't have to beat him. I only need to injure him, even if I'll be injured in the process too! As long as I still have the ability to run away! As long as I make it impossible for him to pursue me, this will be enough! He wants to kill me, but I only need to grasp an opportunity to run away - in terms of goals, I'm already at a slight advantage!

"Though I've been running away at such a high speed, he's still managed to catch up with me. This means he must've been chasing nonstop day and night, but I just had a full rest - in terms of condition, I'm at another slight advantage!!

"He has to endure the pain of losing his son and is hell-bent on getting revenge but I can deal with him calmly - in terms of mentality, I'm at a slight advantage again!!

"I've got upgraded items whose effects are inconceivable to him - in terms of weapons, I enjoy another slight advantage!!!

"If so...

"Let's go all out!Fight!!"

Several thoughts flashed across his mind. In fact, this only took as long as it would to breathe a few times. When Bai Yunfei made his decision, Zhang Zhenshan was already less than a hundred meters away from him!

Because this was a flat area, making it simply impossible for him to approach the enemy without being detected, at first Zhang Zhenshan had thought that Bai Yunfei would run away. He had even been ready to pursue and attack him. However, after noticing him, the enemy unexpectedly did not look like he wanted to run away at all.

"Could it be he knows that he can't run so he gives up? Or... he wants to fight me?!"As Zhang Zhenshan ran fast, the enmity and fury in his eyes intensified, "Very good, since he's so cocky, this saves me from having to chase and attack him too. I'll avenge the death of my son right here!!"

Bai Yunfei had a solemn expression. He had already seen that tracking gray rat on Zhang Zhenshan's shoulder and immediately understood: It's indeed because of this small animal!

When Zhang Zhenshan closed in on Bai Yunfei, the animal jumped down from his shoulder and landed on the grass on one side of the path.

His eyes glittering, Bai Yunfei reached out his right hand and the Fire-tipped Spear appeared in his hand. After he channeled his soulforce into it, the crimson handle of the spear slightly flashed a red light and a heat wave spread out. Even Zhang Zhenshan, who was already just ten meters away from him, looked a bit surprised by this. Afterwards, Bai Yunfei unexpectedly did not wait for the enemy to come. Instead, he pushed his feet against the ground and rushed up!

Without saying a word, he launched his attack immediately!

When Bai Yunfei took out the Fire-tipped Spear, Zhang Zhenshan was surprised for a moment because he had heard from Zhao Ping that Bai Yunfei should use daggers but now he was using a spear and, moreover... it was a soul item!

Given Zhang Zhenshan's discernment, he was instantly able to tell that this crimson spear was no ordinary weapon. He was awed inside, but there was no trace of wavering in his heart at all - since the opponent was merely a Soul Warrior, he had sincerely never thought that he would be unable to take him down - even though the enemy had a soul weapon, the outcome would still be the same!

Facing Bai Yunfei's spear thrust, Zhang Zhenshan's eyes flashed with a hint of disdain. Without slowing down his forward charge, he slid his feet, making his body lean to one side, and avoided this strike very easily.

Just when he wanted to take two step forwards to close in on the opponent, this spear thrust, which still had some momentum left, was suddenly swept horizontally with the tip of the spear aimed at his throat!

Frowning slightly, Zhang Zhenshan had no choice but to give up charging forwards. With a step of his right foot, he dashed to one side and leaned backwards at the same time. The tip of the spear then almost grazed his chin.

Taking advantage of the moment this spear move ran out of momentum, Zhang Zhenshan let out a cold snort and pushed backwards with his right feet. His body suddenly returned to an upright position. At the same time, he reached out his right hand, curled his fingers to form a claw and thrust it at Bai Yunfei's throat!

Zhang Zhenshan carried out this counterattack extremely fast, bringing his hand to the enemy's throat almost in the blink of an eye, then made a grab with force!

But he was only able to grab a trace of a blur!

Bai Yunfei simply had not pulled the spear back to make a block. Right after his horizontal spear sweep was avoided, he made the Fire-tipped Spear disappear by putting it away in his interspatial ring. At the same time, he took steps continuously with his feet, making his body lean backwards as if he had lost his balance. But the moment he was about to hit the ground, his body slid to the right in a strange manner and sprung back to an upright position simultaneously like a roly-poly toy.

This was none other than the Wave Treading Steps!

This claw strike had been avoided by Bai Yunfei, but Zhang Zhenshan's expression had remained unchanged. The moment Bai Yunfei stood upright again, he made a reverse sweep with his hand, still aiming at the enemy's throat directly!

Bai Yunfei's eyes flashed with fierceness. Instead of dodging with the Wave Treading Steps, he raised his right hand like lightning. A short blue piercer suddenly appeared in his hand and he thrust it straight at the enemy's incoming right claw!

Zhang Zhenshan's expression changed. It was already too late to withdraw his hand so he gave a cold snort and slightly leaned his hand to one side. The Glacial Piercer stabbed against the palm of his hand but unexpectedly could not pierce into it. Instead, it slid away, creating several friction sparks in the process!

This time, it was Bai Yunfei whose expression changed, showing a look of worry. Moving his feet continuously, he swayed his body, creating several blurs, and hurriedly backed off five or six steps then stared hard at Zhang Zhenshan's right hand.

Now that hand was unexpectedly wearing a white glove which covered the entire surface of the fist and allowed only the fingertips to be seen!

"That glove unexpectedly was able to withstand an attack of the Glacial Piercer without being damaged. It's a soul item! Moreover, it's of a higher grade than the Glacial Piercer!"

After Bai Yunfei retreated, Zhang Zhenshan unexpectedly did not chase and attack him. Instead, he was also staring at Bai Yunfei's right hand, or to be exact, staring at the Glacial Piercer in his hand. There was even more amazement in his eyes than in Bai Yunfei's. He could not help saying in a surprised manner: "Glacial Piercer!! The Glacial Piercer is unexpectedly in your hands! Then... you were the one who destroyed the Blackwood Stronghold!!"

As soon as these words were said, Bai Yunfei could not helped getting stupefied for a moment. He then reacted immediately, his eyes flashing: "He knows the Glacial Piercer! Then... he's related to the Blackwood Stronghold! Or I should say, the Glacial School is related to the Blackwood Stronghold! That's right. The 'school' those bandits mentioned is the Glacial School. That Blackwood Stronghold was unexpectedly backed by the Glacial School!!"

"You destroyed the Blackwood Stronghold so that I was called back into my school to discuss this matter. Then you took advantage of my absence from Luoshi City to kill my son!!" Seeming to have understood everything, Zhang Zhenshan said in a mixed tone of amazement and wrath.

Bai Yunfei was stupefied for a moment again, his eyes flashing a couple of times, but he was in no mood to explain to the opponent that this 'cause and effect relationship' he had just reasoned out was incorrect so he slightly curled his lips, saying: "The stronghold was already destroyed, your son is already dead, what's the point of talking about them now? I won't go easy on you just because you guessed right..."

"Humph! You're about to die but you're still acting calm! You've got the Glacial Piercer so Han Xiao's Goldsilk Soul Armor must be on your body, right? That and the spear you were using earlier... Could it be you think that you can beat me or escape from my hands just because you've got many soul items?"

"Don't waste time trying to make me waver with your words. I know exactly what to do. But you, just moments ago you attacked me without saying anything, yet now you're talking so much. Why? Oh, let me think..." Bai Yunfei said sneeringly then pretended to ponder for a moment.

"Could it be you've used too much soulforce chasing me all the way to this place? Earlier, you relied on that initial surge of momentum to fight a bout with me, but you failed to take me down, so now... you want to seize an opportunity to recover your soulforce?"

As soon as he said these words, Zhang Zhenshan's expression stiffened. But right at this moment, when a look of amazement appeared in his eyes, Bai Yunfei suddenly gave a laugh. The Fire-tipped Spear reappeared in his hands. At the same time, he pushed his feet against the ground with force and rushed up to attack first again!

The amazement in Zhang Zhenshan's eyes lasted only for a moment. Even though the opponent had seen through his ploy, he did not panic at all - even if he did not recover his soulforce, he could still kill the enemy!

Bai Yunfei charged up to the opponent's face almost instantaneously. He then thrust his spear out nonstop, creating an area of spear blurs that surrounded the opponent completely.

Zhang Zhenshan's eyes flashed with a trace of disdain again. He moved his hands continuously. Almost every time he waved his hand, he hit the tip of the spear, even skillfully and easily. This stormy wave of attacks from Bai Yunfei was unexpectedly withstood effortlessly by him!

After Zhang Zhenshan blocked ten something attacks in a row, there was more and more disdain in his eyes. When he knocked away the spear yet again, he suddenly caught hold of the front end of the spear with a grab. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he took a step forwards, immediately closing in on Bai Yunfei's face. He then lifted his right hand and threw a palm strike at the enemy's heart!

The moment he grabbed the spear's handle, Bai Yunfei's eyes flashed with a tinge of light. When the opponent took a step forwards, he immediately took half a step backwards and twisted the spear forcefully with his right hand, which was holding it. Upon withdrawing the Fire-tipped Spear, he put it away in his interspatial ring like lightning. Then he raised his right fist. The moment the opponent threw a palm strike at him, blue veins popped out of his right arm. Staring at the opponent's palm, he struck a fierce blow!

Overlapping Waves Art, Ninefold Fist Force!!