Upgrade Successful

Unique Equipment

Equipment Grade: Low Heaven

Elemental Affinity: None

Upgrade Level: +1

Additional Attribute: +2 Luck

Soul Compatibility: 1%

Equipment Effect: 60% increase in rate of cultivation.

Upgrade Requirement: 150 Soulpoints



Bai Yunfei's hand clutched at the jade piece in his hand, his eyes frozen in place at what he saw.

"L-Luck?!" He uttered, not sure how to respond to this.

Strength, Stamina, Agility, and Spirit, those were the stats Bai Yunfei were familiar with, and even after countless accessories being upgraded by him and all sorts of strange additional effects, he never saw anyone outside these four attributes.

But today had saw to dropping a whole new 'attribute' for him.

Many a times, Bai Yunfei considered himself quite unlucky with the Upgrade Technique when it came to looking for good +10 additional effects. He even wished that his 'luck' would be better all those times!

If only he had a little bit more 'luck' to help him when upgrading!

And now, here it was, the luck he was looking for.

It seemed ever since he came across the Nephrite Throne, all of his 'desires' were being met.

For a very long time, Bai Yunfei could only stare at the jade piece in his hands.

"Luck, luck, luck, luck!! Is this really that kind of 'luck'? Even something intangible like luck can be added?!"

His questions obviously had no man to tell him the answer to. But he didn't doubt what the Upgrade Technique was telling him. After many years of using it, there was one thing he knew about it for sure.

The Upgrade Technique never lied with its stats!

Whilst Xiao Qi was still staring strangely at him, Bai Yunfei looked at the jade piece, trying his best to calm his heart.


A moment later.

Upgrade Successful

Unique Equipment

Equipment Grade: Low Heaven

Elemental Affinity: None

Upgrade Level: +10

Additional Attribute: +30 Luck

Soul Compatibility: 10%

Equipment Effect: 60% increase in rate of cultivation.

+10 Additional Effect: Double the chance of an equipment or additional effect activating.


"For a low-heaven tier +10 item, adding only 30 points of luck is a little low, isn't it?

"Does this mean that the 'value' of luck is weighed differently than for Strength, Spirit, and the other attributes? If this is a 'special attribute', I wonder what the standard is...."

The only thing he really knew about this 'luck' was its name, and nothing more. Though he had his suspicions, Bai Yunfei had no concrete answers, so he decided to delegate the question for a later time to focus on the +10 additional effect.

"Double the chance?" Bai Yunfei muttered with glee, "Is this also an effect brought by 'luck'? How useful...."

If the words of the effect could be believed, then the probability of every single effect-meaning the Desert Eagle's chance to double its attack, th Flameblade Bracer's chance to absorb an attack, and the chance for the Cataclysmic Seal to activate the Flame Twister-would increase by a substantial number....

With this jade, Bai Yunfei's strength had increased by a whole new level again.

Having such good equipment made Bai Yunfei giddy with the prospect of wearing it.

But then the logic of how to do that sobered him, "How would I wear this? Is it a type of accessory?"

Surely, this jade slip wouldn't have any effect if he held it in his hand or slipped it into his robes. Should he wear it like a belt? That never seemed to work as a piece of 'equipment' before, though.

Taking out a golden piece of rope from his ring, Bai Yunfei slipped one end of it through the hole on the jade and turned it into a 'pendant'.

He replaced the Cultivation Pendant with this one, allowing himself to feel washed with a strange sensation, thus telling him that the effect of the jade piece was in fact working.

"Well, I guess I'll call this the Luck Pendant!" Bai Yunfei smiled to himself. Though the pendant had the ability to help him train even faster, it was also special in that it could raise his luck, thus the name.

Without any further use, the Cultivation Pendant was put away.

"Jackpot!" Bai Yunfei exhaled. "I really hit the jackpot this time!!"

Words couldn't even describe the emotions Bai Yunfei was feeling right now. Today was the day of 'luck' and 'profit' for him, and the danger he went through to get it was completely worth it.

Looking at the remaining pile of upgrade stones, Bai Yunfei decided to continue upgrading another time. Todays research was enough for him; he'd have enough time another day, especially with how many upgrade stones he had.


Now that the problem with the Nephrite Throne was solved, Bai Yunfei clapped his hand to look at Xiao Qi and the thunderfire wolf.

"Come on in," He called out to Xiao Qi.

The study he was conducting with the upgrade stones had piqued the curiosity from Xiao Qi. Even with all the strangeness that was going on, and the expressions on Bai Yunfei's face, Xiao Qi didn't disturb him.

But when it heard its name called, Xiao Qi flew straight over to Bai Yunfei while the wolf remained where it lay.

A small glisten of light flickered across Bai Yunfei's eyes, "Tell me, Xiao Qi. Can you control the thunderfire wolf? Or...are you able to use the Beast Taming Ring?"


Bai Yunfei had came across an extremely strange situation when he was in the middle of battle with that soul refiner!

After he had killed Xing Yuan and stole control over the thunderfire wolf, Bai Yunfei had the wolf go help Xiao Qi fight the late-stage class six shadow vulture. Though it was a simple command, the thunderfire wolf would have trouble carrying it out.

He didn't feel any problems occur during the battle, however. The three soulbeasts were spectacular in their high-speed fight.

Bai Yunfei didn't really pay much attention to this at first, but then he realized....there was a connection between Xiao Qi and the thunderfire wolf!

It brought shock to him when he thought about it, but what shocked him first was when Xiao Qi had simply turned the shadow vulture's soulgem over to the thunderfire wolf!

It was then that Bai Yunfei felt that Xiao Qi was simply 'sharing' the spoils of war with it.

He didn't issue any commands to the wolf after that, but Xiao Qi and the wolf still came running over anyways, and the wolf was even ready to attack on Xiao Qi's command! That was made crystal clear to Bai Yunfei when the Thunder Wolf King came over and was 'resisted' against him.

That had been the clincher for Bai Yunfei, since he knew he definitely didn't issue a command for that.

So with those key events happening one after another, Bai Yunfei connected the dots and was able to come to one final conclusion.

Xiao Qi was able to use the Beast Taming Ring!