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 Chapter 455: A Clone!


A shadowy figure moved about in the haphazard forest, the trees and foliage hiding his figure from being seen.

It wasn't long before the figure could hide no more-as there was no more tree or foliage to hide behind in the barren wasteland he came onto.

This wasteland was the battleground where a group of Soul Kings had once fought.

Incidentally, it was also the area where the Black Dragon King had perished.

With his death, the Two Winged Kings, Wu Lingtian, and others left the place a long time ago, turning the area into a silent but empty area to be in, especially at night like it was now.

At the edge of this wasteland appeared a figure whose movements stood out among his surroundings. Slinking silently like a thief, the figure moved towards the edge of the forest, sticking only its head above the bushes to carefully look around the field with its eyes and soulsense.

Hidden for a few additional minutes, the figure then stepped out into the open to run off towards the center of the wasteland.

It was only when the figure ran out into the open its person could be seen. And if Bai Yunfei was here, he would've been shocked to see who it was.

It was....the blue-eyes wyrm!!

Somehow, the blue-eyes wyrm had unexpectedly stayed behind in the area after Bai Yunfei left it!

A very human-like gleam of opportunistic light shined in its eyes as it stalked forwards. Seemingly interested in something in this area, it seemed afraid of turning back into its originally large size in favor of this 'chibi' sized version.

Assumably, it would be a lot faster to run away in this form.

It didn't take long for the wyrm to traverse the battlefield. Nearing the center of it all, it avoided a horrifyingly large gulch to reach a small pool of what seemed to be red water.

This pool of red was about fifty-meters large and was filled with a thick red substance.

It was blood!

The blood of the Black Dragon King!

This was where the Black Dragon King had been beheaded by Yun Lingtian, and where his blood was drained!

All of the blood that had sprayed out from the Black Dragon King's neck had sprayed into this area to form a pool of blood. Even after so much time had passed, the blood hadn't congealed at all and was still simmering with heat.

The blue-eyes wyrm stared avariciously at the pool of blood. It opened its jaws wide open, allowing for the blood to be drawn into its mouth!

Like a black hole, the blue-eyes wyrm continued to take in all of the blood, and after an entire minute, the pool had been entirely drained!

Smacking its mouth with its scarlet-red tongue, the blue-eyes wyrm looked seemingly satisfied. Looking all around itself to see if anyone was watching, the blue-eyes wyrm turned around and made a beeline straight for the forest and out of sight....


Excluding the small interlude that was the blue-eyes wyrm, the entire area was soon returned to a deathly silence.

And after a long amount of time.....

There stood a crater in the middle of the wastelands. It was filled with the leftover rain water from the battle that took place, making it about several dozen meters deep with water.

Within the waters of the crater, a series of runes started to float to the surface, and then....a figure in black!

Its ascent from beneath the waters had been without warning. It hadn't even the slightest of aura to it, making it seem like a demon.

Now standing completely on top of the water, the figure could be seen in full clarity....

The Black Dragon King!!

This person was the Black Dragon King!

It was impossible!

Completely and utterly impossible!

He had clearly died in the battle earlier, his soul destroyed by the Two Winged Kings and his head beheaded by Yun Lingtian! Even his body had been taken away by Wu Tianling and his blood drunk by the blue-eyes wyrm....

So how was it that he was standing here in one piece?!

Even the Black Dragon King looked to be in a daze of some sort, his eyes looking at the black aura swirling around his hands in front of him. His entire body began to tremble, his eyes exuding all the hatred he could muster from it!

"The Beast Taming School, the Two Winged Kings, and Wu Tianling...." he spat their names with staccato, "I will never forgive you all. Never in my entire life.....! Forcing I, the Black Dragon King, to such extreme steps....I will kill you all slowly and painfully!!"

This man was without a doubt the Black Dragon King!

He lived!


Saying he lived wouldn't be the right word for it. He did truly 'die' already. That peak late-stage class seven Black Dragon King had well and truly died....

This one was a clone!!

In this world, there was perhaps nobody that knew that the Black Dragon King had another magical ability!

The ability to form a clone!

After great difficulty, the Black Dragon King became able to 'split' himself into another body!

But this clone didn't have life to it. To be more accurate, it was a 'spare' body.

Its physiological structure and blood was identical to the Black Dragon King, but it lacked one thing: a 'soul'. The Black Dragon King never wanted to use this spare if possible, since it would only 'wake' when his real body was truly dead.....

Half a year ago, the Beast Taming School had him surrounded and nearly dead. By using extraordinary tactics to escape and hide himself in slumber, he was able to evade death, and with the Nephrite Throne, he was able to dedicate half a year's worth of time to his self-recovery.

But there was one thing he didn't account for: the Beast Taming School had known he was hiding here and posted several people here to guard him!

Angered well and truly by that, the Black Dragon King grew afraid. His life was in danger, and he was without any other options.

His attack on Bai Yunfei had been completely coincidental. At that time, he had only thought that a stupid soul cultivator had stumbled across his hiding spot, so he decided to 'partake' on this source of soulforce to hasten his recovery. But then when Bai Yunfei somehow escaped from his grasp, he decided not to give chase to prepare to deal with Liang Xing and the others.

Time growing shorter than ever, the Black Dragon King decide to make use of his final trump card-creating a clone with a sliver of his soul in it.

If his real body died, then the clone with that sliver of his soul would become the main body and waken as another 'him'.

The unexpected happened one after another during that fight, and even though he fought to the best of his ability and used the Nephrite Throne as a distraction, the Black Dragon King had only been able to take one step away from the crater....

He didn't 'completely' die, but he would no longer be the Black Dragon King, one of the Ten Soulbeast Rulers either. This clone of his had only the strength of a peak late-stage class six with just one special ability: the ability to transform into a human.

So drastic was this change that even his aura was different than before.

In other words, the Black Dragon King from before had been completely killed off from the world, with this one taking its place.

"No matter. I need to find the Nephrite Throne, as long as I have that, I can hide for the next hundred years and make use of my private stock to get back my strength. When the time comes, I'll devour them all!!" The Black Dragon King roared furiously to himself.

He sucked in two deep breaths in preparation to leave the place.

"I've been waiting a long time for you, Black Dragon King...."

Right before the Black Dragon King could move, a person suddenly spoke out behind him, rooting him to the spot!