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 Chapter 448: Death of the Black Dragon!

Mustering up the last of its strength, the Black Dragon King tried his best to unleash another Ninth Heaven Shaking Dragon's Roar. And with the arrow still stuck in his body, he made one final attempt to flee towards the northeast.

The Two Winged Kings followed swiftly after him. Yi Rou turned her body to face Yi Gang, their hands linking together to form a loop between them. Still staring hard at the Black Dragon King, the two of them opened their mouths and screamed!


The warbling that came out from their mouths could only be described as being extremely strange. It wasn't loud, but the sound was piercing to the ears.

But even more importantly, those who were still suffering under the effects of the Ninth Heaven Shaking Dragon's Roar immediately realized what kind of attack this was!

"Tremolo of the Jian!"

On the edge of chasing after the Black Dragon King himself, Wu Tianling knew what this attack was himself. Feeling as his soul was already starting to tremble in his body, Wu Tianling quickly moved to meld his soulforce together to act as a safeguard against this attack!

It was a soul attack!

The attack that the Two Winged Kings were using was a soul attack that wasn't any weaker than the Black Dragon King's Ninth Heaven Shaking Dragon's Roar!

Thankfully, there was only a slight fluctuations in his and the other human's souls. This attack wasn't aimed at them, but the Black Dragon King....


Another terrifying roar erupted from the Black Dragon King, but fear was already permeating into it this time. His entire body was shaking, and the black mist around it was churling violently before....a shadow rose out from his person!

The Black Dragon's soul!

It looked unstable, just like the Black Dragon King himself. Whenever he roared, the soul writhed as if suffering from a pain unlike anything other.

And then, at last.....it went still!

The roar that was coming out from the dragon's mouth came to a stop as soon as its soul went still. What was left of the dragon's furious desperation bled away from his eyes, leaving behind only a tiny sliver of light to flicker in them before that too, had disappeared....

In the mere moments before the Black Dragon King was truly dead, a rip in space opened up within the vicinity. Expanding until it took on the form of a door, the rip then released a bolt of shining azure light from within!

The very last of the Black Dragon King's soul was on the verge of being drawn from his body due to the Two Winged King's attack, but before it could fully separate itself from the body, the bolt of azure light shot for the Black Dragon King's head with a chilling cry!

The cry was unnatural sounding. Unnatural in the fact that it sounded not like the sound of any known living being, and not like the sound of any natural occurring piece of wind. In fact, it sounded more like the woeful cries of an unknown being!

"The Mourning Winds!" Ma Wu was the first to realize what this was, his eyes narrowing in his shock, "Yun Liantian!"

An ecstatic laugh cried out from within the ray of azure light. "Haha!!" It responded, "Just in time! The soulgem of the Black Dragon King is mine to claim!!"

Coming to a stop just a brief ten meters away from the Black Dragon King's head, the light petered away, revealing the figure of Yun Liantian standing on top of his One Azure Leaf Boat. In his right hand was a sword completely enveloped in an azure light.

Yun Liantian had a very eerie light in his eyes, making him seem more deranged than sane as he swung his sword at the Black Dragon King!

Windbreaking Edge!

It was a casual swing of the sword, but the series of lights that came out from the sword was exceedingly sharp and fast! Zooming out from his blade, the lights struck into the Black Dragon King's throat without resistance!

Without at all stopping in his movements, Yun Liantian finished the decapitation of the Black Dragon King before withdrawing from the scene!

A bubble of azure light enveloped the dragon's head briefly as it floated in the air. His sword was the first to go into his ring, and then the dragon's head disappeared with it.

And where the Black Dragon King's body was, blood was pouring out from his exposed neck!

Yun Liantian was already gone though. Before the first droplets of the Black Dragon King's blood could get on him, Yun Liantian had already ripped open the space in front of him before he stepped inside. It closed after him with a blink of azure light, and then the space where he once was returned back to normal....


From start to finish, Yun Liantian hadn't even been there for five whole seconds!

The other Soul Kings were all stunned. The abruptness of the Mourning Winds had forced them all to reinforce their souls, but now that the attack was over, all they could do was stand and watch the decapitated corpse of the Black Dragon King fall down to the ground!

Yun Liantian's appearance, positioning, and cadence in his movements had all been spotless. Perfect in timing and flawless in execution, he had been as smooth as water itself!

The winds he used to hide, move, and attack was a soul skill Yun Liantian was highly known for. It was so known that it went by another name....the Stormful Swoop!

"Yun Liantian....how despicable!!" Liang Xing spat. Anger flooded his body so heavily that it shook all over, but before he could move to take the rest of the dragon's body, Wu Tianling had already beaten him to it.

Down on the ground, the man had already sucked the corpse into his ring before moving to run away!

Liang Xing's face hardened again in consternation. He looked off towards the distance where Yun Liantian was but only a speck in the horizon, "After him!" he spat.

Between the corpse held by Wu Tianling and the soulgem held by Yun Liantian, the soulgem was more important to them!

He leapt on top of the glacial roc, waiting only for a moment to let Lin Hefan meet him there with his wind squaller before the glacial roc took off. And in less than a second, the glacial roc disappeared in a flash of white light.

Ma Wu was a little more hesitant himself. But after a second to contemplate his plans, he too, took after Yun Liantian with nothing but a snarl.

High in the skies, the Two Winged Kings stood still. They had been one of the first to regain aware of their surroundings after Yun Liantian left, but they didn't move even a finger after him. All Yi Rou did was watch when the Black Dragon King's body fell and was taken away by Wu Tianling with an expression of fatigue and pain before she leaned onto Yi Gang's shoulder. "Is....is the Black Dragon King dead?"

Yi Gang took her hands into his, a mixture of emotions swirling about on his face. "Yes," he nodded nonetheless, "he's dead."

Yi Rou took a moment to respond to him, "Then let us return...."


Without another word, the two disappeared in a flash of light to return to the depths of the forest.

The only person left in the area was Wu Tianling, who watched as everyone left the area. He looked around himself then to see if anything was amiss before flying off towards the south to leave the forest.

In no time at all, a stifling silence descended upon this area. Where battle once reigned without pause, only the depressing pitter-patter of raindrops could be heard along with the slowly-dispersing rain clouds.


An indeterminate amount of time later, a rustling sound from the edge of the battlefield made itself known, a small figure appearing just for a moment before slinking away from the area as well....