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 Chapter 447: High-Heaven Tier!

The Ninth Heaven Shaking Dragon's Roar was the name the Black Dragon King gave to his strongest move.

With this move, he was able to escape from many situations where death was all but certain for him.

Not only was this a soul attack, it attacked the souls of multiple people at once!

At the same time of his casting, the other Soul Kings blanched as if they had been struck by an invisible wall of some sort.

Not a single one of them believed that the Black Dragon King-who looked like he was at the end of his rope-could launch a soul attack as powerful as this.

Their souls trembled violently from the center of their bodies, and it felt as though something was trying to wrestle their souls out from their bodies.


It wasn't an illusion as they wanted to believe!

The Black Dragon King was very clearly using a move that was trying its utmost best to tear their souls out from their very bodies!

The weakest of the group, Lin Hefan, was the first to succumb to the Black Dragon King's attack. Since he had been busy with trying to attack the Black Dragon King's soul, the dragon's roar left him defenseless. Turning pale with pain, the man's body began to shimmer slightly at the edges before a transparent silhouette began to inch out from his body towards the direction of the Black Dragon King!

This silhouette looked exactly like Lin Hefan for one simple reason....it was his soul!

Soul cultivators relied on their physical body to encapsulate the soul. Should the soul leave the body, then even a Soul King would succumb to death without a doubt!!

The half of Lin Hefan's soul outside his body was seemingly struggling to sink back into its master's body, but it was fighting a losing battle! The half that was already out was already looking like it was being torn apart!

Both of the Two Winged Kings were pale in the face, but neither of the two were particularly panicked about this attack. Rather, their eyes were shining furiously with burning hatred to kill the Black Dragon King.

As strong as this move was, the Black Dragon King was still in very dire straits. The combined soul attacks from everyone else was wearing away his own soul, and his Ninth Heaven Shaking Dragon's Roar hadn't helped his soul much. Right now, his soul was like a candle. The Ninth Heaven Shaking Dragon's Roar helped it burn twice as hot, but at the cost of making it burn out even faster. With so many people attacking his soul, he'd be very hard-pressed to survive.

Even if he managed to devour Lin Hefan's soul within the next two seconds, it wouldn't do much for him.

So he only had one desire.


He had to live!

And to do that, he had to run!


Issuing another deafening roar, the Black Dragon King kicked off the ground with it mighty hind legs. A crater kilometers wide in radius formed from where his legs dug into the earth, but the push allowed for his body to go flying off towards the north-east like a bullet. As he flew, black miasma began to rise up from his body as he tried to revert to his human form.

No matter what happened, he wouldn't go out without a fight!

Countless kilometers of distance was traveled before his body started to shrink, but in the final moment before his transformation was complete, an azure shooting star suddenly and without warning shot out from a distorted piece of the skies and through his left side!


Going a few moments back to where Bai Yunfei was in the west...

Unique Equipment

Equipment Grade: High Heaven

Elemental Affinity: None

Equipment Effect 1: 200% increase in the rate of cultivation.

Equipment Effect 2: 200% increase in the rate of recovery.

Equipment Effect 3: Allow the successful upgrade of any equipment +14 and below once.

Equipment Effect 4: Increase the tier of an equipment when crafting by one (High Heaven tier being the highest).

Cannot be upgraded

This was the notification Bai Yunfei got when he touched the Nephrite Throne.

In other words, these were the stats of the Nephrite Throne....

Bai Yunfei's entire person went still; his body as wooden as a statue as his mind processed this.

"You're....you're f*cking with me!!" For two whole seconds, not a single coherent word other than an expletive left his mouth. "What....what kind of stats are these?! Can this even exist? It's outrageous!"

It was little wonder why Bai Yunfei was so worked up. The stats of the Nephrite Throne would stun any person.

"High heaven tier....high heaven tier!!"

Breathless with excitement and shock, Bai Yunfei tried his best to calm his wildly-beating heart. "So this is what one of the Ten Great Regalias should be like? It's crazy what stats it has." He muttered, his hand still on the throne.

"A 200% increase in cultivation, this means I get three times the benefits of what I'd normally have!" Bai Yunfei's mouth twitched excitedly, his head feeling almost faint with giddiness.

What did this mean? It meant what normally would take thirty years to accomplish would only require ten years with the Nephrite Throne!

"Compared to this, my Cultivation Pendant is practically trash!!" Bai Yunfei sighed, "And the second equipment effect makes my Recovery Soul Armor equally trash.

"With this Regalia, is that why the Black Dragon King is so strong?

"The first two effects is already enough to make this a Regalia in the eyes of others, but for me...." Bai Yunfei's eyes glistened excitedly, "it's the third effect that makes it absolutely outrageous!!

"A guaranteed chance to upgrade a +14 item, I didn't even know there could be such an effect like this! That's really similar to how the Upgrade Stone works, but it's way better!! +14...."

Only one +14 equipment existed in his possessions, or well, had existed; the egg Xiao Qi hatched from, but he didn't even get the chance to see the full stats of the egg. If he had a guess though, that +14 additional effect was extremely powerful despite the egg being only a mid-human tier.

On the topic of +14, Bai Yunfei's next thought was about the Cataclysmic Seal. If he could turn that into a +14 soul armament....

He shivered at the thought. The prospect of that was simply a little too exciting.

There was still the fourth additional effect to this throne, but Bai Yunfei was more interested in the third one still.

"But what if I can only use the third additional effect just once like the Upgrade Stones? Would the Nephrite Throne be turned into the soul armament?" Several questions arose in his mind, "Wouldn't it become a one-use item then? If I use it, would it be like the Upgrade Stone and disappear?!"

The allure of having a +14 item be upgradeable was far too tempting, but the first and second effects were also very hard to part with. Like any other soul cultivator, Bai Yunfei wasn't too willing to give up an enhanced rate of cultivation for the sake of upgrading his Cataclysmic Seal.

"It's not a hundred percent certain that it'll be like the Upgrade Stone....maybe it'll just lose the effect after one use?" Bai Yunfei hoped. Right now, he was hoping that the Nephrite Throne would remain the same after it was used to upgrade an item, but that it'd lose the third effect.

"In the end, I'll have to make sure of this later, but not right now. I need to get out of here first."

With that thought, Bai Yunfei looked back to Xiao Qi. Only a few dozen seconds had transpired since the bird went into that state, so it shouldn't be long before it was over.


Bai Yunfei was surprised to see his Violet Soul Ring light up when attempting to store the Nephrite Throne away, but then not see the throne get stored in it.

"It can't be stored this way?!"

"I can feel the imprint of someone's soulforce, this must be....the Black Dragon King." He took a closer look at it.

"His soulforce must be preventing me from storing it away. That means if he escapes, he'll be coming to this area and take back the throne, crap!

"What?!" Just then, another sensation hit him, "The imprint...is gone?!"

Just one moment after he had realized the imprint was there, the imprint vanished literally a second afterwards!

"Is....is the Black Dragon King dead?!" That was all Bai Yunfei could think of.

One of the Eight Soulbeast Rulers, the mighty Black Dragon King, dead!

Whilst his mind was processing this information, a black demonlike shadow came suddenly from the other side of the mountain. Black aura swirling around its right fist, the shadow lashed out to punch at Bai Yunfei's head!