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 Chapter 446: An Attack onto the Soul and the Ninth Heaven Shaking Dragon's Roar! (Fifth)

The moment when the Spatial Edge tore into Xing Yuan's waist, Bai Yunfei felt the opposing source of resistance in the thunderfire wolf's mindspace slip away and out of existence.

Fresh blood sprayed all over from both segments of Xing Yuan's body, leaving Bai Yunfei to stare at it in mute surprise.

"That...was easy??"

It wasn't until Xing Yuan's corpse fell to the floor did Bai Yunfei finally fully realize that the battle was over. Staring oddly at the corpse below, Bai Yunfei looked then to the thunderfire wolf, not sure of what to think or say.

His first battle with Xing Yuan forced Bai Yunfei into such dire straits where escape was the only path left for him to take.

But this time, it didn't even take one full minute to completely devastate the man.

This outcome was entirely beyond his expectations and his victory far too seamless for him to be convinced.


Hearing the excited chirps of Xiao Qi, Bai Yunfei turned his head to face the bird. Lights four different colors were surrounding the bird, as if gathered to it with a increasingly mystique energy to them.

"Xiao Qi can get stronger this way too?!" Bai Yunfei thought. He was quite happy about this, actually. Xiao Qi's ability to grow stronger with each kill had always been a treat to see, but Bai Yunfei hadn't expected to see the skill activate again with the death of Xing Yuan.

This phenomena would need to be investigated, Bai Yunfei thought, but now wasn't the right time for it; there was the Nephrite Throne to be considered. Stepping towards it with a racing heart, Bai Yunfei knew that his guess was right:

There was a connection between the Upgrade Stones and the Nephrite Throne!

At a glance, the Nephrite Throne looked quite heavy, but the reality was nothing like Bai Yunfei imagined. At most, the throne was fifty kilograms, which wasn't a weight Bai Yunfei couldn't lift.

But the moment his hand touched the throne, a string of notifications rose up into his mind, leaving him speechless as he realized what the notifications was saying....



A single roar echoed through the skies, emitting a strange energy that doubled as a type of forcefield. From where there used to be rain, not a single droplet of it could be seen for a kilometer in radius!

At the center of it all was the Black Dragon King, who towered over everyone else with an aura of extreme intimidation. All over his body, scars and wounds decorated his once-shiny scales, and rivulets of blood dripped from the unprotected areas. Some areas were far more bloody than the others, and his giant tail had even been reduced by a good twenty meters!!

He also looked far more furious than before, his claws swiping and the still-remaining portion of his tail thrashing in an attempt to fend off his foes.

The glacial roc was still flying within attacking range of him, though the feathers to its left wing was for the most part gone. It was using ice as a way to hold the ten-meter wide wound on its belly together, but its mangled flesh was still a nasty sight to behold.

Also not too far away from the roc was Liang Xing. Dried blood hung at the corners of his lips as he stared unflinchingly at the Black Dragon King. Despite his relative health to the Black Dragon King, his glacial roc wasn't in a shape where he could use it to freely attack like before.

On the ground by his side was the wind squaller. Unlike the glacial roc, who was in fighting condition still, the wind squaller had an eerily large depression on the left side of its belly, with several of its rib bones sticking out. It laid weakly on the ground, and if not for the weak breathes it gave out every so often, it'd look more dead than alive. Similarly, a very pale-faced Lin Hefan sat right by its side with his hands on the soulbeast to try and aid it in its recovery.

In relatively decent condition compared to the others, Ma Wu still stood there on the battlefield with his golden sword still held tightly in his right hand. It was speckled with blood, though it was mainly his blood rather than the Black Dragon King's! There were claw marks running all over his arms so that rivulets of blood would drip from them onto the sword, but the most eye-catching detail was the miasma of black aura coiling around it. Another type of energy was seemingly combatting it, and it seemed as though if he couldn't deal with this black miasma, his wounds wouldn't begin to heal.

These three men were on temporary retreat from the battlefield, leaving only the Two Winged Kings and Wu Tianling fighting the Black Dragon King.

With his golden greatsword in his hand, Wu Lingtian was a powerful figure to behold on the battlefield. Each swing of his greatsword sent a blade of golden energy towards the Black Dragon King, and more often than not dealing another injury to the Black Dragon King.

In this way, Wu Lingtian had contributed to over half of the wounds inflicted on the Black Dragon King's body.

The Two Winged Kings remained in the skies, though their figures were never stationary. Flitting this way and that, their two persons attacked at the Black Dragon King without ever giving him any time to breath.

Yet, it seemed as though they were waiting for something....

The Black Dragon King on the other hand, seemed to fighting woefully at sub-optimal strength than he desired.

Over an hour had already gone by since the battle had gone by without a clear victor to be seen. Then at last, one lunar-shaped energy blade from Wu Lingtian cut deeply into the Black Dragon King's back despite the scales being strong enough to withstand even an earth-tier soul armament, eliciting a painful scream from the Black Dragon King....


Realizing an opportunity to strike, Yi Gang called out from his position a kilometer above to Yi Rou. Together, the two connected with each other through a mental link of theirs, their right index fingers pointing at the Black Dragon King like their eyes were!

Not even a wisp of elemental energy was coming off from their fingers, but the soulforce within their bodies were very clearly fluctuating wildly before leaving their body in some sort of formless attack.

Simultaneously, the Black Dragon King suddenly roared aloud in fury, despite not being visibly attacked!

An attack onto the soul!!

This was the strongest type of attack a Soul King could employ!

Soul cultivators were generally categorized into three divisions:

Soul Apprentices, Personages, and Warriors are capable only of using their soulforce to strengthen their bodies to battle.

Soul Spirits, Ancestors, and Exalts are capable of manipulating the elements in the world as one of their primary offensive methods.

But those who are fortunate enough to become Soul Kings are blessed with the true meaning behind what it means for a soul cultivator to 'cultivate the soul': the ability to manipulate the soul!

Not only are they capable of manipulating their own souls, but the souls of another!

And for that reason, the world of soul cultivators had a saying-

All soul cultivators beneath the Soul Kings are but only ants!

As long as one became a Soul King could they turn their nose up to the rest of the populace as a being of strength! Anyone weaker than a Soul King wouldn't even have the time to attack one before having their soul extinguished!

The greatest benefit a Soul King enjoyed over all else was their ability to directly attack the soul!

Some Soul Kings would only need eye contact to reduce a weaker being into a soulless husk!

In the wide world that was this one, there are a few special soul cultivators or soulbeasts that could employ attacks that attacked the soul. Compared to Soul Kings, however, they were nothing more but children pretending to experts in front of adults! What little strength behind their attacks was generally considered to be an attack on the mind rather than the soul, and it was generally child's play for a Soul King to replicate.

And when they did, their attacks was always on a completely higher level.

None of the Soul Kings bothered to use these type of attacks before since it was always a battle of life or death between attacker and defender. Whomever lost was always the one who died as a result! As for the one who won....they'd have the chance to 'devour' the soul of the other!

Through this method, they could enhance their own strength!

Thus, the Two Winged King had been waiting for the best time to use this type of attack.

Simultaneously, the other Soul Kings realized what was going on and hastily moved to attack the Black Dragon King's soul as well!

The Black Dragon King's death was written in stone now, all that was left to do was fight for supremacy over his soul!

This was what everyone was thinking.

Obviously, the Black Dragon King was the target of everyone's attacks, but like everyone else, he too had been waiting for this moment!

At the very moment he felt the Two Winged Kings try to attack his soul, his crimson-red eyes flashed maliciously with opportunity!


His head facing the heavens, the Black Dragon King unleashed yet another primalistic roar; this one far louder than any other roar before. All of the black miasma inside and around his body left him to ascend into the skies, bringing with it a powerful force of aura....

This was the strongest technique the Black Dragon King had available to it, the Ninth Heaven Shaking Dragon's Roar!