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 Chapter 439: Gathering of Kings!

Another opportunity to attack was presented to the Black Dragon King, but before he could make good on that opportunity, a strange fluctuation in the air suddenly saw fit to him beating a hasty retreat! Simultaneously, his right hand blurred momentarily before a shield as black as a crow and as tall as a person appeared to hide his person.

In the entirety of the battle, this was the very first time he had taken out a weapon!

No sooner did the shield appear in front of him did two arrows the color of azure and violet appear out of nowhere and embed themselves into it!


Resonating loudly, the two arrows immediately exploded upon contact!


There was a thud as the wind squaller dove into the dust cloud, knocking the Black Dragon King away!

He flew for almost an entire kilometer before coming to an eventual stop. As usual, his shield was still shining with a dim light, but the sound of something cracking alerted him to a problem with it.

A small palm-sized piece had fallen off the left edge of his shield!

He wiped at the corners of his mouth, realizing that he had been bleeding. "You!" he snarled towards an area of space above him.

Two figures-azure and violet in light- came stepping down from the skies. There was a male whose face was by no means average, and a female who was like a goddess in beauty.

But right now, both of their faces were twisted in fury, a fury that fully expressed their desire to kill the Black Dragon King.

Like the Black Dragon King, Ma Wu paused to take a look at the newcomers.

"The Two Winged Kings!" He exclaimed.

These two figures were indeed Yi Gang and Yi Rou, the Two Winged Kings!

Right after Ma Wu cried out the names of the two, the area to their east began to warp in on itself, revealing yet another person; this time in white!

His arrival hadn't gone unnoticed. Liang Xing was the first to realize who the mysterious person was. "The lord mayor of Praestia Pass, Wu Tianling!"

Wu Tianling was a man who held many titles. Lord mayor of Praestia Pass, warlord of the Northern Mist Province, a core member of the Tianhun School, member of the royal family, and a late-stage Soul King.

With their close proximity to the Soulbeast Forest, Praestia Pass had no shortages of trifles with class seven soulbeasts, but Wu Tianling had managed to kill any that dared to come near. At least ten of such soulbeasts had already met their ends by his hands, serving as a message to any of the more rational soulbeasts to stay away from this terrifying person.

Wu Tianling ventured into the Soulbeast Forest half a year ago to investigate the cause behind the soulbeast wave. Being the closest one to come to this part of the class six area, he came to realize that something powerful was residing here and decided to wait for the right time.

"What timely arrival you have, lord Wu. We've managed to finally hunt down the Black Dragon King, if you can please assist our efforts in capturing him, we can neutralize this scourge from our continent." Liang Xing greeted the man courteously.

Not many late-stage Soul Kings existed on the continent, so it was imperative that he treat the man with the utmost humbleness, even if he was the second elder of the Beast Taming School. And with the Two Winged King, it was even more necessary that he act this way.

Wu Tianling levelled an evenly stare at Liang Xing first before looking to the rest of the group with him. "I came here today not so to help your Beast Taming School earn a new soulbeast puppet. By your school's actions, the soulbeast wave caused tremendous damages to my Praestia Pass. As such, this matter will have a....different conclusion."

He turned his eye next to the entrapped Black Dragon King. "As for you, Black Dragon King. For terrorizing the Tianhun Empire for the last hundred years, I will strike you down today!"

Liang Xing's face hardened at Wu Tianling's words. Wu Tianling was right. The soulbeast wave was caused precisely because of his group half a year ago. The chain reaction that was set off by their fight simply had consequences that none of them expected.

What Wu Tianling was planning to do today wasn't to help them 'capture' the Black Dragon King, but to 'kill' him. Though, whether or not Wu Tianling wanted to kill the Black Dragon King for the sake of 'the people' or for his soulgem, Liang Xing wasn't sure.

A late-stage class seven soulgem was precious after all, and there wasn't a single soul cultivator that wouldn't be tempted by one.

"Black Dragon King! We've hunted you for five years, and at last, we've found you! You....you won't be leaving this place alive today!"

Completely uninterested in the dialogue between Wu Tianling and the Beast Taming School, Yi Gang snarled at the sight of the Black Dragon King.

The soulforce of the two jian were already raring to go, and if not for Liang Xing and the others, the two jian would've attacked the Black Dragon King a long time ago.

As such, this left the Black Dragon King in a very precarious situation. Liang Xing, Ma Wu, and the others were to his northwest, Wu Lingtian and his other newly-arrived companion Xia Zhengyan was to his east, and the Two Winged Kings were to his south.

All in all, this meant they were in a triangular position with him at the center.

The crease on the Black Dragon King's forehead grew even heavier. This development was an inconsistency to his plans. One or two new enemies was what he expected, but not four, or even the Two Winged Kings. Unlike the other humans who might've wanted him for 'other' reasons, all the Two Winged Kings wanted was for his life.

What they wanted was revenge for their dead son.

The two class seven jians he once killed and devoured were the son and daughter-in-law of the Two Winged Kings standing in front of him today.

It was a slip up of major proportions. Unlike other class seven soulbeasts, the Two Winged Kings were in a class of their own. The three of them were all mid-stage class seven soulbeasts, but the Black Dragon King was acutely aware that he had a very low chance of winning against them. Combined with the added presence of the others, the Black Dragon King was now fearful of dying to them today.

The Beast Taming School was perhaps the only party interested in keeping him alive, since Wu Tianling was most likely after him for the items he possessed.

If he wasn't careful, the Two Winged Kings would surely kill him!

"Damn! Damn it all! Why was it them of all people to come over! And why not anybody else?!" Like his face was showing, the Black Dragon King was deeply disturbed by his current predicament. The plan where he could escape while everyone was fighting for him was practically out the window, and he was in a very dangerous situation.

There probably wouldn't be any other person coming from here on out. The Soulbeast Forest was a large one, and even though he had plenty of people after him, the people currently surrounding him right now would most likely be the only ones for a good while.

"What should I do? I'll die if I don't do something!" Desperation gripped at his mind as he tried his best to think of the best possible way to resolve this predicament.

No matter how hard he tried though, the three parties had his every possible escape route blocked. If he tried, he'd only be stopped by any two of the three. He'd need to fight his way out.

"I can only bet it on that! I hate to lose it here, but my life is more important! I can get it back later anyhow!"

Understanding that the Two Winged Kings were on the verge of attacking, he immediately withdrew a white object from his storage and held it in his hand.

"I know some of you are here for this item, if you want it so badly, then I'll give it to you!"

And with a loud roar, he tossed the item away from him!!