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 Chapter 438: Escape?

A hundred meters away, Ma Wu's entire body was awashed with golden light. Soulforce was circulating at tremendous speeds around his body in correspondence with his hand movements. With each hand seal, the soulforce mutated in flow, and with each second, his eyes focused in on the golden sword stabbing into the pillar of ice.

This was an attack only Ma Wu could activate. By accumulating the ambient elemental metal around his mid-heaven grade longsword, an even larger sword could be created.

Sheathing into the pillar of ice as if it was a scabbard, the sword pushed deeper into it, forming cracks all over the pillar as it dug deeper. With each crack that formulated in the pillar, a golden light started to shine from behind it before ultimately, the pillar started to crumble into large chunks.

It started from the top first. Each chunk of ice chipped away from the pillar revealed an even larger metallic glow from within while also slamming into the ground like an oversized hailstorm.

Liang Xiang and He Fan stood with bated breaths as they watched the chunks of ice fall away from the pillar. Likewise, Xing Yuan's fists were balled tightly by the side of his waist. This was a high-leveled fight he was watching, and the attacks done by the wind squaller and glacial roc had only been a prelude to Ma Wu's attack.

This was an attack that even a late-stage Soul King would find themselves troubled with, and to heighten the tensions even more, all four of the people there could distinctly sense that the Black Dragon King had been stuck in the ice pillar from beginning to end!

"Hah! Even if you're one of the Eight Soulbeast Rulers, I'd find it hard to believe that you'd escape unscratched from this! My Meteoric Demonsbane can pierce even the hide of a late-stage class seven soulbeast, I'd like to see ho-" Pleased with the results of his attack, Ma Wu's lips were curled upwards into a smile to laugh and gloat.

Halfway through his gloating, however, the smile faded away from his face.


The primal roar of a dragon from the inner parts of the pillar interrupted Ma Wu, and further hastening the collapse of the pillar. Already, enough of the pillar was gone to show the tip of the giant golden sword, and coincidentally enough, that was the area where the roar was coming from.

Like an ominous cloud of fog, an aura filled with chaotic energy rolled through the area. Though not as palpable as actual fog, it somehow filled the area enough to obscure the eyesight of all.

However, Ma Wu and the others were still able to see that the giant golden sword hadn't yet pierced the ground. There was still a few scant meters between the tip of the sword and the ground, and a certain shadow in between the two!

It was the Black Dragon King!

Black miasma coiled around his body ominously, his feet pressed several inches into the ground. His right hand was hoisted above his head with some of that black miasma extending his arm length to grab onto the tip of the sword for him.

He had actually blocked this awe-inspiring attack!!

And aside from the ripped seams of his robe sleeves, not a single bit of his body was harmed!

"Impossible!!" Ma Wu's heart skipped a beat. To have the Black Dragon King completely unharmed came to him as a complete shocker, as Ma Wu had the utmost confidence that his move would've done a significant amount of damage!

Like Ma Wu, Liang Xiang and Lin Hefan were both bewildered, albeit on a slightly lesser scale. The two of them had been present in the battle with the Black Dragon King half a year ago, so they knew a little more about him than Ma Wu.

"Was that your strongest attack?" Still holding the golden sword above his head, the Black Dragon King scoffed at Ma Wu, "That wasn't much!"

His right hand clenched upon the final word, signalling for the giant black claws of his hand to follow his gesture.


From where the tip of the sword was, several cracks started to form from where the claws were touching! Extending through the blade like the webbing of a spiderweb, the cracks quickly overtook the majority of the blade before the entirety of it shattered into thousands of pieces!


Two seconds had been all it took for the giant sword to completely and utterly disintegrate! Pieces of the giant sword crashed to the ground noisily, but a golden sword about a meter long came flying forth from the middle to return to Ma Wu.

The light in the sword was only half as bright as compared to its larger version, and Ma Wu was very surprised to see the sword in such a darkened state.

"I overestimated you all, you humans have no the right to stand in my way!" Exclaimed the Black Dragon King. His ascended back to the skies with a hateful glare at Ma Wu, though it seemed that the black miasma around his body was moving somewhat spasmodically.

It was only for a short second that this anomaly was noticeable for, but Ma Wu noticed it nonetheless.

"He's hurt! He's only pretending that he isn't, attack! Attack!!"

He took off after the Black Dragon King, his sword unleashing a stream of energy from the tip to strike down the Black Dragon King first. Waving the sword again, another hundred rays of energy were sent in a horde formation to attack.

An ominous glint entered the Black Dragon King's eye. Dropping down towards Ma Wu, he roared, "Pretending?! Then allow me to inform you, you'll all be dying here today!"

The wind squaller and glacial roc came forward to greet him, bounding towards him with elemental energy bubbling around them for impact.




The series of explosions that happened next shook the earth, destroying the area that which had once been destroyed in a similar fashion half a year ago. Energy rolled through the area like a storm to tear apart the lands, creating ditches where once was plains, and craters where once was none.

Hundreds of blades made of wind flew past the area where Bai Yunfei was, gouging out the earth as it went past and even numbing his skin.

For ten minutes, the battle between the Black Dragon King and the others gave no small amount of excitement to Bai Yunfei-his blood was practically boiling with how excited he was.

This was truly a battle between the mighty!

All that could be seen of the Black Dragon King was a trail of black. If not for the wind squaller and glacial roc, Ma Wu would've been completely torn apart by the Black Dragon King. By himself, the Black Dragon King was still managing to hold one over the two soulbeasts and one man, though killing either of the three was still slightly beyond him.

Several times, did the Black Dragon King think of whether or not if he should run. With each thought, however, Liang Xiang and Lin Hefan were there to stop him. After their last encounter half a year ago, there were clearly some understandings about his character that the two learned about.

He couldn't even kill either of the two since they'd call their soulbeasts back to them whenever any chance of death was close.

Eyes shining with a contemplative light, the Black Dragon King's mind raced with ideas as he dodged yet another two of the wind blades sent in his direction. Several icicles pierced through his cloaky black miasma, but he managed to shrug off the damage to block a blade of energy from Ma Wu. Paying no mind to the blood sprinkling from his hand, the Black Dragon King then shot off into the opposing direction of Ma Wu!

He was flying towards the south!

The south, where Bai Yunfei was hiding!