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 Chapter 437: Twister

Safe from harm now that the wind squaller and glacial roc were far enough away, the Black Dragon King gave a calm stare at the stunned group of humans in front of him. "You may try to hide your heads, but I can still see your tail. Half a year ago, the person helping the Beast Taming School tried to attack me in the same fashion. He might've been only a mid-stage Soul King when I slew him, but I will do the same today with you, you late-stage Soul King. Prepare to die!"

Known as Ma Wu, the assailant held his trembling hand with the other. "Black Dragon King," a hoarse voice spoke out, "I admit you are well experienced in dealing with ambushes like this, but my goal wasn't to try and kill you, but to verify something for myself...."

A smile crept onto his face, "From what we know, the Black Dragon King is a being powerful enough to not even allow someone like me enough room to breathe, let alone let ambush. And yet in that moment where I should've died, you instead turned around to deal with the two other soulbeasts. And how terrible you were in doing so, why is that?

"Perhaps....you were worried of something unpredictable happening right after my ambush?

"Something unpredictable, such as....your not yet healed wounds reopening up?"

The Black Dragon King's eyes dilated slightly to give a level stare at Ma Wu. "Try and see for yourself."


Ma Wu didn't respond. What he said earlier was only a conjecture to see how the Black Dragon King would respond. Whether or not the Black Dragon King was still injured or not, Ma Wu still didn't know.

Logic dictated that the wounds the Black Dragon King sustained half a year ago would require more time in order to be fully recovered, but with that item in his possession...

"He's only pretending and bidding for time before someone else comes. Capture him before he can slip away!" Liang Xing spoke up, controlling the glacial roc into an attacking position once again.

Light flashed across the Black Dragon King's eye.

Indeed, he was truly waiting for another combatant to enter the fray, that way, he'd be able to make his escape while the two other parties fought each other for him.

The current situation right now would only lead to him being potentially captured if he waited, so waiting for a third party to come and stir the pot would increases his chances of escape, so the decision to run or run later was an easy one to make.

Having several men fight in tandem to capture him would make escape difficult, but several men fighting each other to capture him made escape easier.

Experience told him that much. He had many cases where people fought him to near death multiple times, but then they started to fight each other. Combined with him being so desperate to survive, he always ended up surviving the ordeal despite the odds.

They wouldn't want to kill him that easily either, not with the many valuable things the Black Dragon King had in his possession.

That too, was a form of human nature.

The glacial roc and wind squaller were already back and ready to fight the Black Dragon King by now. Stepping upwards, the Black Dragon King moved to higher grounds.

Rather than following the Black Dragon King up, the wind squaller stopped to glare at its prey. Throwing its head backwards, the wind squaller howled ferociously. A large amount of elemental wind began to gather just a few hundred meters beneath the Black Dragon King, and in time, the elemental wind started to pick up in speed and swivel in a circle.

In the blink of an eye, a twister about a hundred meters in circumference had fully formed, completely obscuring the Black Dragon King from sight and completely ravaging the ground far below!

Countless boulders dozens of meters large were sucked into the twister, crashing into each other as they ascended into the skies. Surely anything else that was unfortunate enough to be reduced to dust in this twister!

The space between the ground and the skies were completely overtaken by this twister, and even the clouds were being sucked into the twister, making the area look like a calamity was soon to befall the place.

By this point, the Black Dragon King was already a good distance high up in the skies. Though he wanted to go even higher, the twister completely surrounded him prevented him from even moving after that.

Seeing that the twister around him was starting to shrink in size, the Black Dragon King's eyes narrowed. Black smog escaped from his fluttering black robes and began to mix in with the twister around him.

"You utterly insignificant ants!" Four disdainful words boomed forth from his mouth. His outstretched right hand unclenched, summoning a ball of water that quickly expanded to transform into a whirlpool.

As soon as it formed, the Black Dragon King tilted his hand down, directing the whirlpool to fall a hundred meters or so before exploding with a dazzling blue light. Cutting into the twister around it, the place soon became an area where only blue could be seen. Strands of elemental water flowed into the whirlpool with increasing amounts, and before long, palm-sized whirlpool was just as tall as the twister!

A waterspout!


There was a loud crack as the water from the waterspout began to clash with the twister!

Rather than spinning in the opposite direction of the twister, the waterspout was rotating in the same direction and even speed as the twister!

The Black Dragon King stood at the center of both the twister and waterspout, controlling the latter and its growth. Almost instantaneously, blue light shined in the waterspout, making it resemble a pillar of blue light!

The blue light smashed into the ground with a heavy explosion, and just like that, it completely scattered apart the twister and the elemental wind feeding it!

Simultaneously, the loud, but pain-filled cry of the wind squaller could be heard. From its perch down below, the wind squaller was trembling from head to tail with blood leaking from its mouth. It looked agonized, and that its health had been majorly depleted.

Like the wind squaller, its controller, Lin Hefan, had a pale look on his face. Whatever the Black Dragon King did to stop the wind squaller's attack, it had clearly done a fair share of damage to him as well.

"Im...impossible. His strength's even stronger than it was half a year ago!" He cried. Soulforce was already being pumped through his body to mitigate the wounds, and the color in his face was already starting to look better than before.


It took several precious seconds for the Black Dragon King to counteract the twister created by the wind squaller. And in those precious seconds, it left the glacial roc more than enough time to launch yet another attack!

This time, the glacial roc was a kilometer above from where the Black Dragon King was. From this distance, the Black Dragon King could still see a white fog gathering around the glacial roc, and with a closer look, he could even see that several icy crystals were starting to take form in the shape of smaller birds. There were countless amounts of them, but they all floated in the air alongside the glacial roc's wings as if waiting to strike.

The glacial roc shrieked, and with that, the icy crystals flew down like arrows to pelt the Black Dragon King!

To use modern day terms to describe such an assault, it felt as though these icy birds were individual bombers ready to crash into the waterspout!

Their individual flight patterns changed on their way towards the waterspout, with one icy crystal directly above or below another one!

One by one, they smashed into the waterspout with a cracking sound, and with each successful hit, the surface of the waterspout begun to freeze over!

The onslaught of ice overwhelmed the waterspout, and in time, the entire waterspout became one giant pillar of ice, with the remaining fragments of ice drifting around it!

But that wasn't the end of it!

The glacial roc shrieked again. The white fog that had been formed due to the icy-cold temperatures around the waterspout suddenly constricted in on itself, and before it even touched upon the pillar of ice, several icicles came flying out from the fog to touch the pillar first!

From top to bottom, the entire pillar of ice was peppered with icicles!

Furthermore, the pillar of ice wasn't only being attacked from the outside in, several icicles were stabbing at the pillar from the inside as well!

On the passing moment where the final icicle perforated the pillar of ice, a dazzling glow of metallic light started to shine from the skies above. Piercing through the clouds that still remained, the light shined down on the pillar before revealing an immeasurably long sword of gold to descend down upon the pillar of ice!

And just like that, the sword stabbed the pillar from top all the way down to the bottom!