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 Chapter 436: The Fearless Black Dragon King

At his command, the glacial roc took into the skies, shrieking as it extended its wings wide. Icicles numbering in the thousand materialized out of thin air to fly at the Black Dragon King like a storm of hail!

The wind squaller moved synchronously with the roc. Extending its jaws wide open, it let loose a burst of elemental wind to attack it from another direction!

Meanwhile, Liang Xing, Lin Hefan, and even Xing Yuan were all retreating backwards to gain some distance from the Black Dragon King.

Since beast tamers used their soulbeast puppets to fight, they normally didn't even need to be on the battlefield.

Furthermore, the Black Dragon King was already flying towards them while their soulbeasts were attacking, prompting the need to move into safety.

The soulbeast puppets were once mighty soulbeasts standing at the top of the class seven level. But now that they were puppets, they were nothing more than tools to be used at will. Even though

they were seemingly without emotions now, the slightest of sorrow could be heard whenever they roared....

The roars were loud to be heard by Bai Yunfei even from his hiding spot far away. Much to his surprise, he too felt sorrow, but not from the roars of the soulbeasts.

Somehow, the feeling of sorrow was coming from Xiao Qi of all places. Staring at the two soulbeast puppets from its perch in the trees, an indescribable feeling of sorrow was coming from Xiao Qi as well. It didn't know for what reason why this feeling was happening, but it started when it heard their roars.

"The Beast Taming School...." Bai Yunfei spat in disgust, he never imagined to come across the Beast Taming School here as well.


An indignant roar exploded forth from the Black Dragon's mouth as he prepared himself to fight. Both of his hands were shining with light to gather elemental water into the area in front of him. They materialized into two different balls of blue light; the ball on the left measuring at having a radius of a hundred meters to attack the burst of elemental wind, while the ball on the right transforming into a storm of miniature blue spheres to individually strike down each of the icicles shot by the glacial roc.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang...."


A series of explosions rung out one after another whenever one ball of elemental water collided with another one of the icicles, and with each explosion, elemental energy scattered apart here and there.

Amidst the chain explosions, the Black Dragon King had his arms extended out again. Unlike before, the light around his hand was black like the fog around his body, and completely obscured his hands and making the red light in his eyes all the more ferocious looking.

Elemental water wasn't the only element he was proficient at, he was actually a master of yet another element. One that was even more rare than water....

Elemental darkness!

Slightly arching his back, the Black Dragon King's right heel lifted up slightly in preparation to move.

He grew still for a moment, and then....he flew out like an arrow towards the two soulbeasts!

Though it seemed like he was aiming to meet the two soulbeasts head on, the Black Dragon King suddenly changed directions just a mere two meters afterwards. Spinning around, his hands exploded with dark light right behind him!!

Riplets of elemental water started to vibrate in the area just a meter from where the Black Dragon King's back was. Then, from the ripples, a right hand came forth from the black smog to punch the Black Dragon King in the back.

"Bang! Bang!"

Two smashing sounds were heard; one was from when the two fists collided, the other was from when the Black Dragon King's left fist slammed into the back of his own right hand!

Waves of nearly-invisible energy flowed out from the point where both of his hands collided, disturbing the flow of black miasmic aura coming off from the Black Dragon King's person and revealing portions of his rather sinister-looking face. Even more importantly, the energy coming off from these waves were significant enough to slow down the two soulbeasts coming at him by a decent amount!


The fist retreated back into the ripples, having failed to do any damage to the Black Dragon King. A snort was heard, and then a figure in black came shooting out from an empty space a few hundred meters away from him!

"You're a hundred years too early to even think about ambushing me!!"

The Black Dragon King sneered. Turning his head back to look at the two incoming soulbeasts, his body flickered away from sight only to reappear to the left of the wind squaller. Unflinchingly, he let loose a mighty punch at the wind squaller when it tried to claw him!


The wind squaller collided with the Black Dragon King, but rather than having the Black Dragon King move, the wind squaller was the only one to go flying backwards!

No sooner was the wind squaller taken care of for the time being did another pair of shiny claws come down to strike! Taking advantage of the wind squaller's attempt, the glacial roc tried its best to ambush the Black Dragon King with claws filled with elemental ice!

A claw strike from a mid-stage class seven soulbeast was more than strong enough to tear off a piece of his body if he wasn't careful! And with how weak the Black Dragon King was right now, his body would've been damaged more than just that.

His head flew up to stare at it, his eyes shining furiously with bloodthirst. Along with his head, his right hand shot straight up as if to clutch at the claws of the glacial roc!

The black miasma around his body swelled in volume in accordance with his actions. Seemingly having a will of its own, it flowed around his right hand and formed several black-colored claws-each claw about several meters in length!

"Roar!" As if the Azure Dragon himself was roaring, a primal roar escaped from the Black Dragon King's mouth as he lashed out. His draconic claws managing to grab onto the glacial roc's own claws!

Twisting his arm with a pulse of soulforce, the Black Dragon King swung the glacial roc a complete half-circle around him to send it flying into the wind squaller!


Dropping onto the wind squaller like a giant piece of stone, the glacial roc stuck to the wind squaller like glue for nearly a kilometer before either of the two could regain their balance!

Though the two soulbeasts failed to do any damage to the Black Dragon King, the person who tried to ambush the Black Dragon King had managed to successfully retreat several hundred meters already!

In just a short ten seconds, the Black Dragon King had been the target of several different methods of attack! From two different bursts of elemental energy, the ambush of a person in hiding, the onslaught of wind squaller and glacial roc....none had succeeded in hurting him!

In fact, the Black Dragon King had barely moved from his position in the skies!

It was with bated breath that Bai Yunfei watched the several events happen. Dumbstruck at it all, Bai Yunfei was in complete shock with how strong the Black Dragon King was.

"So....so this is one of the Eight Soulbeast Rulers....the late-stage class seven Black Dragon King is incredible...."