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 Chapter 434: Black Dragon King

Hidden and completely still in his hiding spot, Bai Yunfei observed the four figures from a distance. It was a little blurry, but with his powers as a Soul Exalt, the sight was clear enough given the distance.

Back when the gray-robed elder in front of Xing Yuan looked at his direction, it was like an icy stab through his heart. His body trembled violently and his face paled drastically.

"He saw me! He sees me!!" Goosebumps rose all over his skin. There was not a single doubt in his mind that the elderly man had seen him! He might've hidden himself from Xing Yuan's senses, but there was no way he'd be able to hide from the Soul King!

But the Soul King didn't budge from his spot. Not even Xing Yuan looked like he cared.

Somehow, it didn't seem like the Soul King really cared about Bai Yunfei.

"What do I do? What should I do? Should I run?" Bai Yunfei was thoroughly drenched with sweat. Although it didn't seem like the Soul King cared about him, Bai Yunfei couldn't guarantee that Xing Yuan wouldn't do the same if he found out.

He was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Thanks to being bound by the water spout, he had suffered heavy wounds from it. Not only were his ribs cracked, his lungs were in such a state that whenever he breathed, he'd feel an acute pain in them.

If Xing Yuan were to run after him now, Bai Yunfei would have no chance of victory.

"Xing Yuan hasn't found me yet, and the other three don't see me as anything but an ant, so I should be safe for now. I just need to find the best time to run away....." Aside from Xing Yuan, Bai Yunfei was absolutely sure that the other three individuals knew he existed, they just didn't care to bother about him.

Running now would be a hasty action. His top priority was to sit here and let his wounds heal first.

Using a little bit of soulforce from this distance wouldn't be enough to ping Xing Yuan's notice. Carefully and slowly, Bai Yunfei applied some soulforce to his body to use the Face Change Technique to alter his face. As the soulforce washed over his body, he waited for the transformation to finish before then starting the process to heal his wounds.


The figure in black stared unflinchingly at the two elders, a barely noticeable light flashing in his eyes. "Liang Xing, you whelpling. I just knew you'd be waiting here," he cackled. "Where is that other whelpling, Yan Fei? Did you really think just two of you would be enough to capture me?"

The figure was of course talking about the two elders only. Xing Yuan wasn't even a point of consideration to be brought up.

Liang Xing was the one in white. A late-stage Soul King of the ice affinity and second elder of the Beast Taming School.

The other person with him was the third elder, Lin Hefan, a mid-stage Soul King with the wind affinity.

The 'Yan Fei' spoken about earlier was the first elder of the Beast Taming School.

"Black Dragon King," Liang Xing chuckled, "how do you know the first elder isn't here? You were beaten halfway to death by us half a year ago, while you managed to heal since then, do you really think you'll be able to escape us this time? I strongly suggest you allow us to place the seal onto you and submit to the Beast Taming School. That is your destiny."

"Submit? You ask me to submit?!" Fiery indignation burst to life into the Black Dragon King's eyes. "What bullsh*it destiny! Even if I died, I would never be a soul puppet of your school! You're dreaming if you think you can force the Black Dragon King to submit! Come try it if you think yourself strong enough! We'll see if you can beat me today!"

So loud was his roar that even Bai Yunfei had been able to hear who this figure was from his hiding spot.

The 'Black Dragon King'.

Those three words sent him into shock. He drew in closer to look at the figure in amazement.

"The Black Dragon King? He's the Black Dragon King?!" He never thought that the Black Dragon King of all people would be the one to attack him from within the crater!

It was the Black Dragon King that he managed to escape with his life from!

He couldn't help but shiver at the memory.


The Black Dragon King, a late-stage class seven and one of the Eight Soulbeast Rulers!

"Black Dragon' was what it first called itself when it first appeared a hundred years ago. Storming into the world by killing and devouring its predecessor, the Blue Snake King, its ensuing roar brought shockwaves throughout the entire soul cultivator and soulbeast world alike!

Although it called itself a 'Black Dragon', its body wasn't at all that of a 'dragon', but rather that of a....jiao.

TL Note: See here for what a Jiaolong looks like

A jiao was much closer to being an oriental dragon than the blue-eyes wyrm, but still not quite there to being considered a true dragon. They were a dying breed compared to their numbers from millenniums ago, so right now, there was only one recorded sighting of a black jiao.

It went without question that this specific jiao was probably over a thousand years old. It must've hid itself patiently until a hundred years ago before storming onto the continent to strike terror into both soul cultivator and soulbeast alike!

Class seven soulbeasts were capable of two things: the ability to take human form and the ability to fully awaken their rationality. They were beings that transcended into a whole different world, but in the world of soulbeasts, there was one constant rule from one soulbeast to another....

Soulbeasts of the class seven level couldn't kill one another whenever they wanted to!

The battle for evolution under the class seven level could best be described as being mindless almost. Instinct and desire fueled the drive for soulbeasts to slaughter one another, and that was how their world worked.

Survival of the fittest.

But upon reaching the class seven level, it was a world with new rules.

Practically every single class seven soulbeast was a part of one ruling body where agreements and rules were set up.

Without any justifications such as revenge, they could not kill another class seven soulbeast!!

After surviving the cruel world that was the class six level and below, every class seven soulbeast knew that the path to power was a hard one, and that there was no point trying to kill one another.

But when the Black Dragon King appeared, he completely destroyed the rules put into place by killing not only the Blue Snake King, but another five class seven soulbeasts!

When asked why, the only response they got was so the Black Dragon King could swallow their soulgems and grow even stronger!

His actions infuriated every single soulbeast of the class seven level, prompting mass action against him in the form of banishment from the class seven area and injuries that nearly killed him.

But his anger didn't weaken even after banishment.

The Tianhun Empire was its next target and was basked in blood and fire as it devoured soul cultivator by the dozen.

Finally, the strongest of the Tianhun School organized a group of other mighty soul cultivators into a subjugation group of over a dozen people. Joined together, they managed to fight back against the Black Dragon King and inflict many wounds onto him.

He vanished into thin air after that. For dozens of years, not even a single thing was heard from him before he appeared again thirty years after.

This time, he was found in the deepest parts of the class six area where it killed yet another three class seven soulbeasts!

Another group of soul cultivators came forward again several years after that. Managing to wipe out one of the schools sent to kill him, the Black Dragon King then managed to devour two more Soul Kings and over a thousand men!

After that, the Black Dragon King would appear throughout history in a storm of brimstone and fire. No matter if it was the sou cultivator world or the soulbeast world, the casualties were massive, and no experts brought in was enough to kill him.

His last appearance had been from five years ago near the north-west frontier of the Soulbeast Forest. In that event, he managed to kill a pair of newly evolved class seven soulbeasts who were planning to travel into the human world.

Those two class seven soulbeasts were in fact another one of the Jian....