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 Chapter 433: Appearance of the Powerful!

So loud was the roar did Bai Yunfei decide to turn around from his run in morbid curiosity. Turning his head, Bai Yunfei saw a giant ball of water flying overhead!

How big was it?

A kilometer in diameter!!

In other words, all of the water that had accumulated within the crater was now rising into the air!

A powerful blue glow was surrounding all that water and slowly manipulating it to swirl.

Slowly....the water began to compress in on itself!

Within two moments, the ball of water went from being a kilometer in diameter to being only a hundred meters!

And with the blinding blue light radiating from it, the ball was like a miniature blue sun!

Bai Yunfei's eyes dilated with fright. There was a good few kilometers between him and the ball now, but the sheer amount of elemental water being compressed was enough to make him unsteady.

He'd have to keep on running!

If that sphere of water were to hit him....there wouldn't even be a sliver of him left!

Aside from the ball of water, there was yet another terrifying existence still in that crater. A being that hadn't shown its aura until after that roar.

But now that it revealed itself, Bai Yunfei was faced with the full brunt of its existence!

"Cl-class seven!!" He stuttered. "A....late-stage class seven!"


From the depths of the crater, a figure was stepping out. It wore robes as black as the night with a miasmic aura dark enough to obscure the figure's appearance. The only thing to be seen from its face was a pair of red vertical slits where the eyes should be. Its hands sharp with how the nails extended farther than it should be, a frosty sheen emanating from the nails.

A faint blue light was spiralling around the figure as well, like spirals of water.

"Keke...." Arching his shoulders, the man gave a chilling laugh before he looked up to the air. When his head lifted up, the sphere of water overhead compressed even more before suddenly moving.

When it started to move, dread flooded Bai Yunfei's mind.

Would this be the end of him?


But then whilst he was despairing, he noticed something!

The ball of water wasn't flying towards him!

Whistling through the air as it traveled, the sphere of water was flying not towards Bai Yunfei, but....to the empty space to the right!

Not a single living thing was in the area where the ball of water was heading. But just two hundred meters above the ground, the air around there was starting to ripple. Like if being distorted, the space in the area suddenly opened up as if there was a door of some kind, allowing for a figure to step out!

It was an elderly man with white hair that stepped out from this space. And as soon as he appeared, the first thing to greet him was a blue miniature-sized sun!

"Hmph!" Unphased, the elder raised his right palm up. A wave of white light gathered at the center, and then without a care in the world, he pressed it against the ball!


Somehow, the ball of water came to a sudden stop as soon as it touched his palm!

Merely one second after coming into contact with the ball of water, the eyes of the old man narrowed together in concentration. The white light from his hands started to spread over the surface of the ball as elemental ice was emitted from his palm. Crinkling, the white light continued to spread more and more-the ball of water was turning into a ball of ice!

In just two short moments, the entire ball of water had been frozen into ice!

And in one last stroke, the elderly man slammed the ball back down into the crater to smash the figure still standing above it!


The black silhouette leapt out to meet the icy meteor, colliding noisily with it. It halted briefly in momentum before cracks formed all over the surface.

Then, without at all harming the figure underneath it, the ball of ice crumbled to pieces.

Now unobstructed, the black silhouette traveled two hundred meters up into the air to stand on the same plane as the elderly man.

It was a relatively simple interaction between the two, but the amount of elemental fire both combatants used was so stifling Bai Yunfei found it hard to breathe.

The old man was without a doubt a Soul King!

And the black silhouette a late-stage Soul King!

Now at the very edge of the wastelands, Bai Yunfei was rejuvenated. Safe from harm, he felt like life had given him yet another chance.

Traumatized, Bai Yunfei looked back to where the two Soul Kings were standing. Coming to a stop, he jumped into a nearby tree and began to hide his aura as much as he could through the usage of the Soul Concealment Art. To maximize his hiding, Bai Yunfei took out the Walk-on Strawhat and capped it onto his head.

Then, he didn't move an inch from his spot.

Following his command, Xiao Qi took the blue-eyes wyrm to a giant tree and hide within the treetops to observe the situation.

There was a reason why he came to a stop to observe the situation.

When he turned his head back a moment ago, another distortion in space had appeared behind the elder in white. Two figures stepped out from it, revealing the back-most person to be....

Xing Yuan!

The very same man he fought not too long ago in the class five area of the forest. The fifth elder of the Beast Taming School, Xing Yuan!

At a loss for words at what this situation was becoming, Bai Yunfei decided to hide. Trying to run away would only result in his soulforce being leaked out, so it was within his best interests to try and stay hidden.


While not explicitly noticed, Xing Yuan turned towards Bai Yunfei's direction when he stepped out from beyond the spatial distortion.

"What is it, Xing Yuan?" The gray-robed elder in front of him asked.

Xing Yuan peered suspiciously at the forest. "I could've sworn somebody was just there...." he muttered.

Glancing in the same direction, the elder's eyes flashed with light for a brief second before blinking again. "An ant and nothing more. Ignore it."

"Yes, elder Lin...." Heeding his command, Xing Yuan turned away to stand upright and completely still. While he was the fifth elder of his school, he was nothing more than a whelpling in front of the second and third elders.

The whole reason he was even here in the forest was to be their scout. So now that the goal had been found, he had no reason to do anything else. He had neither the right to fight or even speak for this upcoming battle.

Standing respectfully behind the second and third elder, Xing Yuan stared at the figure who was giving each of the three a hateful glare, gulping silently to himself in fear.

"Is that him? The terrifying being that injured the first elder when ambushed half a year ago? The one that escaped soon afterwards...."

"The Black Dragon King....."