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 Chapter 432: Dragon's Roar

Having formed out completely out of the blue, the water spout startled Bai Yunfei. By the time he had noticed it coming at him, the spout was almost about to collide with him!

Fortunately, Bai Yunfei's reaction had been just as quick. Though he didn't have enough time to bring up the Cataclysmic Seal, his arms did go up, using the scale he had just picked up as a shield to have the water spout collide with that rather than him!


There was a muffled crack when the water spout smashed into the scale. With his hands holding onto the scale when impact happened, Bai Yunfei felt like his arms were on the verge snapping off. The force of the collision was large enough to send Bai Yunfei away, much to his relief, but then before he could get far, a sudden tightening sensation around his waist immediately dashed away any hope of escape!

Rather than bouncing off when hitting the scale, the water spout had instead split around it to wrap around Bai Yunfei's waist behind it!

Though clearly being made of water, the spout felt more like steel wrapped around his waist. Just having it tighten around him felt like his organs would pop from the pressure.

Coming to a complete stop, Bai Yunfei had only enough time to groan before he was sent flying in the opposite direction!

The force of this whiplash wrestled away the scale from Bai Yunfei's hands, dropping it to the ground as he was sent flying. From within his body, there was the slightest of cracks from his bones starting to creak and break!


Unable to stop himself, a bloody mist escaped from Bai Yunfei's mouth. Terrified, Bai Yunfei knew that if nothing was to be done about this, the tightening force of the spout would soon force all of his intestines out from his mouth!

It had even been two seconds since the attack began!


In that one crucial moment, Xiao Qi came storming in with a furious chirp!

Its angers felt no limit when it saw what was going on with Bai Yunfei. Lighting up in a flash of green, it delivered a stroke of elemental wind to try and cleave the two kilometer long water spout in two

Whistling in the air as it traveled, the blade of elemental wind made its way over to the spout before passing through it, smashing into the ground and sending rubble flying.

But....the water spout was completely unharmed!

Instead of falling apart when it was cut, the water spout remained completely intact when the blade cut into it by reattaching the two sides!

But Bai Yunfei was still in danger and was now five hundred meters away from his original position!

"Damn!" Cursing to himself, Bai Yunfei raised his right hand up into the air. Blood dripped from his mouth as he sent soulforce into the Flameblade Bracer, materializing a blade of fire next to it.

And now that he had a weapon, Bai Yunfei aimed it down at the water spout binding his waist!


Elemental water blew apart when the blade of fire smashed into the water spout, sizzling as the water started to evaporate. He was trying his best to evaporate the water spout with the fire, but it was no use. The water spout was already starting to regenerate in elemental water!

No matter how hot the Winged Flame Blade was, it wasn't enough to evaporate the water spout! At most, the water spout would lose half of its volume, but then it'd flash bright blue and then regain its lost volume instantly!

And by now, Bai Yunfei was only just a hundred meters away from the crater!

"Xiao Qi!"

Both of Bai Yunfei's eyes were bloodshot, but he still managed to gather elemental fire to his feet in an attempt to counteract against the water spout's pull, but even that was no use.

At his command, Xiao Qi came flying down again. Rather than using any elemental energy, XIao Qi unleashed three Spatial Edges to travel silently down onto a segment of the spout where Bai Yunfei wasn't.

The Spatial Edges were traveling faster than the blades of wind beforehand, and under Xiao Qi's expert control, it managed to strike and bisect the water spout.

When it struck, Bai Yunfei was only just about to be sent into the crater!

And this time, the water spout had finally been fully dissected without coming back together!


The part of the water spout extending from the crater fell back down, powerless to attack at Bai Yunfei like before. The middle part of the spout exploded into a fine cloud of mist, showering the area with elemental water.

The three Spatial Edges then inserted themselves into the ground, leaving behind three separate lunar-shaped marks.

Just one footstep away from the crater now, Bai Yunfei sighed in relief as he felt the water spout around his waist lose grip. Pushing back, he leapt away from the crater!

Still, the power in the water spout hadn't been completely lost. As he leapt back, the remaining segment of the spout tried to pull him back towards the crater. Raising his right hand, Bai Yunfei punched at it with all his might!


The punch shattered the cohesive power keeping the spout together and evaporated the water with a concentrated burst of elemental fire.

Now completely free, Bai Yunfei renewed his retreat in a blaze of elemental fire to protect him from anything else!

In three short seconds, Bai Yunfei managed to retreat back one full kilometer. Shaken from his escape, Bai Yunfei's entire back was slick with sweat.

Whilst he was being pulled towards the crater, Bai Yunfei felt like the crater had been the maws of a giant beast. If he had fallen in, death would've been certain!

Whatever it was that was attacking him, Bai Yunfei didn't know. What he did now was that this attack was completely and utterly terrifying-even now, his body was trembling.

He had to escape!

Escape at full throttle!

The farther away he got from this place, the better, or else he'd die!

In a flash of light, the Cataclysmic Seal flew out from the Violet Soul Ring. Using as much as the Cataclysmic Seal could handle, Bai Yunfei activated its barrier to protect himself while simultaneously going through the hand seals for the 'coil' form.

Combined with the flash of orange and red light, Bai Yunfei was able to fly back yet another kilometer!


Suddenly, a low but deep grumble was heard.

The ground beneath Bai Yunfei's feet started to tremble as the grumble began to grow louder and louder.

From far away, the water within the giant crater was starting to swirl, turning into a giant whirlpool.

And from within the whirlpool came a suffocating amount of aura!


As if being able to finally unburden itself, a furious roar was unleashed towards the heavens with a volume so loud it felt as if it was trying to reach the heavens!

Like a verbal tidal wave, the roar surged straight into Bai Yunfei's eardrums. Rattling his head, the sound continued to wreak havoc onto his entire body, forcing him to lose control over his body and puke out a mouthful of blood!

This roar wasn't one that any normal lion or tiger would make.

This was the roar of a....dragon!!