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 Chapter 430: Is Something the Matter?

Upgrade Successful

Equipment Grade: Low Heaven

Elemental Affinity: Wind, Lightning

Upgrade Level: +10

Attack: 2160

Defense: 2270

Additional Attack: 1000

Additional Defense: 1100

Equipment Effect 1: 10% increase in wind and lightning based attacks.

Equipment Effect 2: 50% increase in flight speed.

+10 Additional Effect: 100% increase in equipment effects.

Upgrade Requirement: 160 Soulpoints

There were a few hit and misses in the attempt to upgrade it to +10, but other than that, Bai Yunfei didn't really find it challenging to do so.

A small smile crawled onto Bai Yunfei's face as he basked in the stronger amounts of elemental wind and lightning coming from the feathers.

In no time at all, the attack and defense of the feathers had increased by an entire half, making it into a mid-heaven tier soul armament!

Whenever he had a piece of equipment that had a tremendous increase in strength like this, Bai Yunfei always felt amazed.

"100% increase in the equipment effects....that's a new one!" His eyes lit up excitedly. "It's a new type of effect, one that increases the effects of equipment effects, then? If it doubles the equipment effects, that means....the first equipment effect goes from 10% to 20%, and the second equipment effect goes from 50% to 100%? That sounds about right...."

A feeling of satisfaction swelled inside of him as he thought about the additional effect of the feathers, "The attack and defense went up by a half, and the speed doubled. This soulbound armament couldn't....couldn't possibly fit Xiao Qi anymore than if it tried."

"Haha, you got a decent soul armament there. You'll be a lot stronger with that now, Xiao Qi." Bai Yunfei chuckled, returning the armament to the bird who then had the feathers fit itself back into its wings and out of sight.

As soon as the feathers were reintegrated into its wings, Xiao Qi noted the change overcome it with a look of surprise. Tilting its head, the bird gave Bai Yunfei an inquisitive look.

"Haha, how's it? Impressive, right? This is my special power!" Bai Yunfei hadn't a reason to hide the Upgrade Technique since it was Xiao Qi.


It didn't know what the Upgrade Technique was, but it didn't take much to know that it was something Bai Yunfei used to upgrade his current weapons and armory. Knowing that, Xiao Qi didn't really need to concern itself with it.

So it chirped twice in thanks instead.

The sun was already starting to set, and the skies darkening with each passing moment. Having not yet eaten dinner, Bai Yunfei pulled out some rations from his ring and started the process to prepare it.

"Come on out, Xiao Lan. Now that they're gone, why are you hiding? With how cowardly you are, you're disgracing the 'wyrms'!" Bai Yunfei laughed, throwing another piece of lumber into the fire. Arranging a skewer of meat, Bai Yunfei allowed for the fire to start cooking it while he sat on a nearby stone to rest.


From not too far away, the hesitant growling of the blue-eyes wyrm was heard as it came out. Miniature in size still, the wyrm had been completely intimidated by the appearance of the Two Winged Kings and tried its best to hide all evidence of its presence when they were there.

It had a wronged expression on its face as if to say-"They were class seven soulbeasts, class seven! They'd kill and eat my soulgem on a whim if they wanted to, how could I not be scared?"

"Look at you, you're acting nothing like a rare soulbeast should."

Again, Bai Yunfei just had to laugh. The more he interacted with the blue-eyes wyrm, the more it felt like the wyrm was starting to gain even more human emotions and thinking.


While Bai Yunfei attended to his meal preparations, a glow of violet and green light was traveling through the air thousands of kilometers away.

It was Yi Rou and Yi Gang.

Yi Rou had a fatigued expression on her face, prompting Yi Gang to ask, "Rou'er, giving that training method would've sufficed for a slightly more extraordinary prisma oriole like that child, why hand over the Wind and Lightning Feathers too? Using some of your soulblood to bind it to that child surely must've costed you almost a decade's worth of trai-"

Before he could finish, Yi Rou cut into his speech, "It was only some of my cultivation that was expended, nothing more. I...I only felt sorry for that child...."

A twinge of pain streaked across Yi Gang's eyes at that.

"You must've been thinking about Qi Ming, weren't you. That child had the same 'Qi' character as well..."

Yi Rou froze. The very mention of 'Qi Ming' had that much of an effect on her, with pain overcoming every other emotions in her eyes by a large margin.

Qi Ming was her child from long ago. When Qi Ming was born, it cried seven times as soon as its head peaked out from the carapace of its shell, thus why he was called 'Qi Ming'.

Qi Ming had been an extremely obedient and outrageously talented child, making every other members of the Jian to regard Qi Ming as their last hope. But....

Yi Gang immediately regretted saying the name as soon as it left his mouth. Qi Ming had been his child too, and Yi Rou was still very much mournful whenever the topic was brought up.

Trying his best to erase the pained look on his own face, he drew closer to his wife and placed a hand onto her shoulder. He had nothing comforting to say, but rather, words filled with determination.

"Don't worry, we'll definitely find him, and when we do, we'll take revenge for our child!

"He fled with half his life half a year ago, but he's still in the class six area somewhere. There's no way he'll be able to flee with so many individuals looking for him.

"He won't die an easy death!!"


With supper eaten, Bai Yunfei was free to relax on the stone he was on, both hands behind his head so he could look up at the starry canopus.

Many things had happened today. Bai Yunfei didn't expect to be so deep into the class six area first of all, but with the long series of events that started with the thunderberry, Bai Yunfei just had to accept it for what it was.

"I'm a Soul Exalt now, and I don't need to look for a soulbeast to make a contract with either. Seems like I've accomplished all my goals in the Soulbeast Forest by accident...." Bai Yunfei chuckled, "what should I do next then? Should I leave? Or should I stick around?

"This is already the deepest part of the class six area, so I should head south to get to the center, and head west from there. I should be able to leave the forest if I keep walking and reach the capital like I planned...."

With all his preparations made, Bai Yunfei started to reconfirm everything else that needed to be done for his future trip.


The night passed by without any further incident.

The next morning, Bai Yunfei woke up ready to go, but when he looked up to the skies to find his direction....

The sun was nowhere in sight.

Today was a cloudy day.

It was a completely cloudy day, with not a speck of blue to be seen from above the gray blanket of clouds. Despite being already late in the morning, the only things to be seen were the black and gray clouds, looking like they were ready to let loose rain at any given moment.

"Where....where do I go then?" Bai Yunfei muttered uncertainty.

Navigational tools were pointless in the forest as the geography of the place rendered them all useless, and without the sun there to point his direction, Bai Yunfei didn't know which direction was what.

Meaning.....he was completely clueless on where to go.

"How should I go about this? If I travel around without knowing where's where, I'll probably end up going even deeper into the forest!"

As vexed as he was, Bai Yunfei shrugged. "Not sure if I'll be able to find any guiding grass. Even if I do, I'll be wandering around either way until I find it. Guess just walking around's all I can do."

All around Bai Yunfei were four different mountains that obscured the nearby landscape, making it even more difficult for Bai Yunfei to tell.

"Xiao Qi," He spoke at last, "fly up over the mountains and see the surroundings."


Heeding his command, Xiao Qi shifted into the size of an eagle and took off into the skies.

Now several hundred meters into the air, Xiao Qi surveyed the area once over. But when its eyes looked to the mountain behind, it froze in the air as if it saw something startling.

Seeing how Xiao Qi was staring so intently at the direction, Bai Yunfei looked quizzically at it, "Is something the matter?"