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 Chapter 429: Wind and Lightning Feathers

Imparting training methods was but of no difficulty to someone like Yi Rou. With Xiao Qi not resisting the imparting of the technique, it only took a short three minutes before Yi Rou pulled her hand away and opened her eyes. Whilst Xiao Qi was processing the information, Yi Rou was looking at it with flashing eyes, "However much you learn will be dependent on yourself. If you can learn it all, we of the avians shall have yet another strong one to our ranks...."

It took a while before Xiao Qi was back to full awareness. Chirping twice to Yi Rou, it then rubbed its head to her hand in a sign of thanks for being granted such a boon.

"Haha, your road is a long one. I hope that you'll be able to maintain that sincerity of yours and remain uncorrupted by the world." Yi Rou stroked its feathers. Her eyes were flashing with a faraway light, as though she was thinking of something, before she followed up with, "Since I've given you a training method, I'll give you another present..."

Her wrist shook slightly, bringing out a pair of feathers that shone violet and green when it appeared, meaning that they were made of energy rather than being material. They were transparent in light, but each individual feather could be seen faintly outlined.

Yi Gang's eyes widened as the item was taken out. Giving her a questioning look, he looked as though he wanted to say something, but decided against it.

Like Yi Gang, Bai Yunfei's eyes were wide open as well when he saw the feathers. "These are....low heaven tier soul armaments!"

The aura radiating from the feathers was weak, but the quality of a soul armament was all too noticeable for a crafter like Bai Yunfei-there was no hiding a heaven tier soul armament!

The hand holding onto the pair of feathers unattached itself from it to let it float in the air. Whilst it floated there in front of Xiao Qi, Yi Rou pointed her index finger onto Xiao Qi's head. A droplet of greenish-glowing blood was then extracted from Xiao Qi's head!

As soon as the droplet of blood was taken out, a pained chirp came from Xiao Qi, shuddering from the loss of half of its soulforce!

Yi Rou drew her finger back, letting the blood swell in size as her own blood mixed with it. Letting the two droplets of blood seep and mix with each other, she pointed the finger to where the feathers were still floating and had the blood be sucked into the two feathers.


The feathers started to hum as soon as the blood was absorbed into them, green and violet light blinking furiously as elemental wind and lightning started to ebb and flow into the area. Waving her hand, Yi Rou had the pair of feathers float over to Xiao Qi-the feathers changing in size as they matched the size of Xiao Qi's own wing feathers!

And in the next moment, the soul armaments fastened onto Xiao Qi's wings as if fitted exactly for it!

By the time the light disappeared from Xiao Qi's wings, the feathers that were fitted onto them disappeared as well!

"Its name is the Wind and Lightning Feathers, a soul armament crafted from our fallen feathers when we became class sevens. Even with its meager abilities, I'm sure it'll suit you well in your future...." She petted Xiao Qi's head with a smile, "Now, return to your contractee. Be sure to train hard so as to not disappoint us...."

"Chirp chirp...." Rubbing its head against her palm, Xiao Qi chirped coyishly like a child. There was a feeling of attachment to the female, making it reluctant to leave, but it flew back to Bai Yunfei's side in the end.

There was nothing strange about how Xiao Qi was flying about now, making Bai Yunfei curious about the feathers given to it. If a heaven tier soul armament could be made indistinguishable when worn, it meant that there was a secret behind it.

Once Xiao Qi returned to its normal perch on Bai Yunfei's shoulder, Bai Yunfei bowed once more to the two class sevens in front of him, "Thank you for bestowing your blessings and guidance upon Xiao Qi."

Yi Rou gave Bai Yunfei a long calculative look, "I know not why you are here in the deepest parts of the class six area, but there is danger here. You'd do well to leave this place at once, and be sure to look after yourselves..."

Nodding to Yi Gang, she and her other counterpart stepped away and out of sight in the blink of an eye.

In a matter of moments, it was almost as if the two had never been there in the first place, with Bai Yunfei being unable to detect either of the two.

Now free to relax, Bai Yunfei let out the breath of air he had been holding. "So we were in the deepest parts of the class six area!!"

Now that he knew where he was, Bai Yunfei was determined to leave the area first thing tomorrow morning. 'Catching' the stare Xiao Qi was giving him, Bai Yunfei smiled, "You're a very lucky one today, Xiao Qi! A training method and a soul armament! Your seniors treat you really well!"

"Chirp chirp~!" Flapping its wings in agreement, Xiao Qi chirped excitedly.

"Haha, let me see your soul armament, I want to see how good it is." He chuckled, petting the bird somewhat impatiently.

Xiao Qi nodded, allowing the wings it was given to appear with a pulse of soulforce. In a burst of violet and green, the two feathers appeared in Xiao Qi's wings with elemental wind and lightning emanating from the feathers. With a thought, Xiao Qi had the nearly-transparent feathers detach and float over to Bai Yunfei's hands.

"Eh? This feeling is...." As soon as the feathers appeared again for him to see, Bai Yunfei felt something familiar to them, "Are these....soulbound armaments?!"

It was a miraculous feeling that wasn't felt by Bai Yunfei personally, but through Xiao Qi and the connection they shared. This was what a soulbound armament felt like!

In other words, the Wind and Lightning Feathers were a soulbound armament of Xiao Qi!

"It....it can be done this way?!" He was stunned. The actions that led up to Yi Rou giving the Wind and Lightning Feathers to Xiao Qi had been incomprehensible to Bai Yunfei prior to this. But now, it was clear to him that what Yi Rou did was bind the Wind and Lightning Feathers to Xiao Qi!

"Damn! They really are class sevens if they can do something like that." Bai Yunfei remarked as he touched the Wind and Lightning Feathers.

Equipment Grade: Low Heaven

Elemental Affinity: Wind, Lightning

Attack: 2160

Defense: 2270

Equipment Effect 1: 10% increase in wind and lightning based attacks.

Equipment Effect 2: 50% increase in flight speed.

Upgrade Requirement: 160 Soulpoints

Bai Yunfei blinked.

"Has two elements, attack and defense, and two equipment effects!!"

Contrary to his expectations, the stats of the Wind and Lightning Feathers were far stronger than he thought!

Despite being just barely within the parameters in being considered as a low-heaven tier soul armament, the stats of the Wind and Lightning Feathers were still as precious as his own Ardent Sun Glove!

"They gave such a precious treasure as a greeting present to Xiao Qi.....can they form soul armaments when they become a class seven soulbeast then? No wonder these feathers are so special...." Bai Yunfei remarked to himself as he inspected the feathers with increasing glee.

"Then....if I upgrade it, what kind of effects will it have next?"