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 Chapter 425: Another Power Up?

By capitulating on the most optimal time to strike, Bai Yunfei managed to use the absorbed power in the Flameblade Bracer to power up his Eighty-one Fold Fist Force to strike down the bat when its defenses was down!

"Xiao Qi!"

At his command, Xiao Qi flapped its wings, unleashing a storm of wind blades onto the bat!

This time, the bat was unable to move in time and was surrounded by it all!

In a last-ditch effort to protect itself, the bat tried to lash out with a elemental lightning infused strike, but it wasn't able to do a thing. Several blades of wind smashed into its body unceremoniously, and without any elemental lightning to protect itself, the bat was unable to stop the blades of wind from carving out bloody wounds into it.

Then when a blade of wind smashed into it from behind, its body suddenly came to a stop. Screeching in surprise, its body went ablaze in purple light before shooting off rays of purple lightning everywhere!

This....this was the confusion status!

Bai Yunfei's eyes lit up upon realizing that the bat was struck by the confusion effect. Just as he was wondering if he should try to use the Dual Dragon Burst to try and kill the bat, a happy trill came from above his head!

Upon its trill, Xiao Qi's body started to churn with soulforce as it prepared to strike. In front of Xiao Qi, three Spatial Edges formed from the air in a triangular position and moved silently to strike at the still confused bat!

And in the next second, the shrill cries of the bat came to a....stop!

While somehow dodging one of the Spatial Edges in its confused state, it was unable to dodge the remaining two. One cut apart at its left wing, stopping briefly when met with the layer of elemental lightning and then moving onwards through it, leaving an empty space between the left wing of the bat and its main body!

But the last Spatial Edge went through the bat's chest! Like the one before it, the third Spatial Edge paused briefly when it met with resistance before cutting into its right shoulder and leaving a gap where it touched!

It froze in place for a moment before its bisected body fell down to the forest below in a rain of blood and guts!


There was an explosion as the remaining elemental lightning running around the bat's body pieces scattered into the air. The severed left wing had blown up from the elemental lightning running through it.

No light was to be seen in the bat's eyes, and not even a screech could be heard from the bat.

It was already dead!

Bai Yunfei watched the bat drop from the skies in surprise. His hands were frozen mid seal-he hadn't expected the bat to be killed so easily. Before he could even use the Dual Dragon Burst, Xiao Qi had landed the finishing blow with three Spatial Edges!


A loud and clear chirp came forth from Xiao Qi's beak. Then in a flash of light, it dove into the forest after the bat's body.

It was after the bat's soulgem.

"Phew...." Bai Yunfei heaved a heavy sigh in relief. As he headed down to where the blue-eyes wyrm was, Bai Yunfei slapped his palm to his chest, canceling the 'coil' form and dislodging the second fireseed from his chest.

He nearly stumbled down from the skies now that the battle was over. It had been a very tough battle, and the 'coil' form had left his body aching all over. His soulforce was practically zero despite being refilled when he powered up, and the elemental lightning left by the bat had still a residual effect on his body.

Furthermore, there were two heavy wounds on his left thigh that were still bleeding profusely. And on his chest, there was one more wound that he hadn't the time to start healing yet.

Gritting his teeth, Bai Yunfei sat down and went into a meditative stance to try and heal up.

By using the Yun's Soul Ring to recover his soulforce, Bai Yunfei was able to keep a consistent supply of soulforce to his wounds. In time, his body started to heal up quite nicely, and with the recovery effect of his armor, Bai Yunfei only needed several minutes to fully remove the elemental lightning in his body. The wounds had stopped bleeding by now, and the skin could even be seen knitting together at a steady rate.

Soon enough, three quarters of the wounds were fully healed and the rest of the wounds were for the most part stabilized. The aching pain wasn't as bad now, and Bai Yunfei could finally relax to a certain degree.

Then, something caught his attention, prompting him to open his eyes and look straight ahead of him.

"This is..."

Just ten meters away from him, four different rays of light were shining brilliantly, but the purple ray of light was the most prominent-practically overshadowing the other three rays of light. A great deal of elemental lightning was starting to take form before being absorbed into the ball of light in the middle of it all.

Within this light, the soulforce of an early-stage class six soulbeast could be felt, but some reason, it was getting stronger and stronger with each passing second....

Needless to say, the being inside this ball of light was Xiao Qi! After obtaining the soulgem of the bird, it ingested it into its body straight away!

Every soulbeast knew instinctively that ingesting the soulgem of another would boost its power. It was a rule that every soulbeast knew and followed, so the blue-eyes wyrm looked on with extreme jealousy when Xiao Qi devoured the soulgem!

But no matter how jealous it was, it didn't dare try to steal it.

Aside from its strength being increased when it ate the soulgem, there was very clearly another type of energy wrapping around its body to further strengthen it, but only Bai Yunfei could distinctly tell apart this energy from the others.

A curious gleam of light entered Bai Yunfei's eyes, "Is Xiao Qi advancing in level again?"

It was only a thought, but how ridiculous that thought was! Xiao Qi had only just advanced to the early-stage class six level, how could it advance so quickly to the mid-stage class six level, even if it killed a peak late-stage class six soulbeast?

But it really did seem that this was the case....and that left Bai Yunfei practically giddy with excitement.

He knew that the soulgem of the bat wasn't nearly enough to make such a huge change like this, the mysterious +14 additional effect must've done something!

Bai Yunfei had been lucky enough to have some time in the last few days to think about the +14 additional effect. He had inferred that it had to do something with being a 'gain additional attack with each person killed', since he had once an equipment that did the same thing.

Each time he killed someone or something with that piece of equipment, its strength would increase by 3% for a total of ten minutes.

But this effect was limited by time, and it was an effect on a rather low leveled item. Seemingly useless, Bai Yunfei blew it up in an attempt to further upgrade it.

But if the +14 additional effect of the egg had an effect along the lines of that, this meant that....the effects were permanent!

It wasn't a stretch to say that either. He had never seen a +14 additional effect before, so having it be limited by an effect would've been too much of a downer to be true. And since it was inherited by Xiao Qi's body, it was more accurate to call these 'skills', meaning it was turned into something that could help make Xiao Qi even stronger!

He didn't know the concrete details, but the facts were there. Each time Xiao Qi killed an enemy, it grew distinctly stronger!

On this fact alone, Xiao Qi was practically the most unique soulbeast in the world!

So stunned was Bai Yunfei that he forgot about healing the rest of his wounds to stare unwaveringly at Xiao Qi.

Feeling as Xiao Qi's soulforce continued to increase in strength, an expectant smile started to grow on Bai Yunfei's face.

"Are you going to become a....mid-stage class six soulbeast, Xiao Qi?"