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 Chapter 424: The Final Gap, and Victory!

Emboldened by the previous attacks, Bai Yunfei's fighting spirit was burning at its brightest right now. No longer did he even think about escaping; he'd duke it out with the bat right here and now!

He had confidence that he'd win!

This conviction wasn't a baseless one. Perhaps it was because of the strength swelling through his body right now, but Bai Yunfei was sure he'd find out the answer anyways through fighting!

Unflinchingly, Bai Yunfei met the hate-filled strike of the bat with his own in a clash of red and purple light. Bai Yunfei might've lost out to the bat in size, but not in might!


The spear of Bai Yunfei slid across the chest of the bat while the claws of the bat scratched against the robes of Bai Yunfei. The claws had been sharp enough to tear the robes apart without a problem and and even leave three deep scratch marks onto the Soulsilk Armor Bai Yunfei was wearing underneath it.

The two combatants were now in the opposite places from where they started out. Bai Yunfei's right foot came up, pressing against what seemed to be a wall rather than air, and kicked off against it to come flying back towards the bat!

On the other side, the bat was only just turning around when it realized that a hundred blades of wind was coming down onto its head above it!

This was an attack from Xiao Qi!

In unison, the blue-eyes wyrm unleashed yet another ball of elemental water. This time, rather than sticking together, the ball split apart in hundreds of water bolts to pelt down the bat!

The bat screeched furiously. Its previous plan to turn around to fight Bai Yunfei was thrown to the side as it instead made a right turn to dodge the blades of wind. It'd deal with the water bolts coming at him first.

The blue-eyes wyrm hadn't an attack that was scarier than Xiao Qi. Folded its wings in front of it, the bat allowed the water bolts to splash across its purple-colored defenses without feeling an ounce of the damage.

The bolts of water bounced harmlessly off of the bat's wings after being repelled by the elemental lightning running through it. And once the barrage was over, the bat dove to its right to dodge another spear strike.

Stepping onto the air, Bai Yunfei disappeared into a blur, but the bat was as fast as he was and circled around him to strike at him.

What carried on after that was series of exchanges between Bai Yunfei and the bat. Xiao Qi tried several times to strike at the bat, but they usually ended up in failure with the bat expertly dodging in between the empty spaces.

The blue-eyes wyrm had resigned itself to become a spectator rather than a fighter during the course of the battle-as an early-stage class six, it was capable of stepping into the air to fight, but its body was ill suited for it and would've only ended badly for it.

The more Bai Yunfei fought, the braver he got. His body was already brimming with wounds again, but he didn't even care. Even without the Wave Treading Steps, Bai Yunfei was able to travel almost explosively here and there to strike at the bat. With how injured its right wing was, it was only a matter of time before the bat was struck again by another explosion, causing it to fly away with a shrill screech of pain.

Bai Yunfei's aura was only at the mid-stage Soul Exalt level, and no matter how many techniques or how fast his soulforce recovery was, his chances of victory against the late-stage class six thunderwing bat was still quite low.

But with Xiao Qi added into the equation, his chances of winning drastically shot upwards so that they now had the upper hand!

Thrice, the thunderwing bat wanted to widen the distance so it could attack Bai Yunfei with a mental attack, but each time was thwarted by Xiao Qi's Spatial Edge. Of all the things in Bai Yunfei's arsenal, the Spatial Edge was what the bat was afraid of most and took extra precaution against anything the bird did.

For ten whole minute, the three combatants fought fiercely from first overhead a large mountain to down below on it. Their attacks had been so fierce that even the mountain itself startled to crumble in several places, and the sparks of light coming from their battle was visible all around.


"Swish! Swish! Swish!"

After intersecting with the bat once again, Bai Yunfei's spear started to glow fiercely with light as its +12 additional effect was activated.

Two separate Bai Yunfei's split apart from the original to move to the left and right of the bat and strike at it from three different angles!

No longer a stranger to such a tactic, the bat flapped its wings to sink down half a meter. It wasn't sure which one was the real body yet, but it could still at least dodge the three spears first before coming to a decision. Its left wing flashed with elemental lightning before forming a bright purple blade to then cut at the leg of the three!

Bai Yunfei narrowed his eyes. The real one leaped up into the air, but the other two were swiftly cut down by the bat!

The bat screeched triumphantly, its right wing glowing this time to focus energy into its claw. By shifting its body, it was able to shift the direction its left wing was cutting at to go upwards at the still mid-leap Bai Yunfei!

If this were to be true to its aim, then it'd be strong enough to cut Bai Yunfei apart from head to toe, starting with the balls....


Realizing the implications of such a horror, Bai Yunfei weighed his options.

It was too late to call the Fire-tipped Spear back from mid-thrust, but his right arm was still free to strike. Arching his back, he swung his right arm down from the left shoulder towards the right, as if trying to backhand the wing!

"Clank!!" There was a muffled clank as the Flameblade Bracer blocked Bai Yunfei's body from the bat's wing!

A painful vibration was sent through Bai Yunfei's arm, but he gritted his teeth in an attempt to endure it. Soulforce started to circulate in his right arm to try and repair the damage done, but the most important thing was that there was a portion of it that started to be absorbed into the bracer itself!

Bai Yunfei's eyes lit up-this was the sensation of the +10 additional effect of the Flameblade Bracer activating!

9% chance to absorb and convert the damage dealt into additional attack power to be released with the nex attack.

(Can be held for up to 3 seconds. Amount absorbed cannot exceed the total defensive power of the equipment. Cooldown of 30 seconds.)

Unwilling to give up such a hard to come by opportunity, Bai Yunfei began to will a blade of fire to materialize out from the bracer.

With a pop, a three meter blade of fire extended forth from it!

+12 Additional Effect; the Flame Winged Blade!

Upon the formation of the blade, Bai Yunfei twisted his body for extra build up before slashing down onto the bat!

With its left wing pushed aside earlier by Bai Yunfei, the bat was left with no other choice but to use its heavily injured right wing to defend itself.


When the Flame Winged Blade cut into the right wing of the bat, it unleashed a screech far more miserable than any other screech before. A black scorch mark was starting to appear over the spot where the Flame Winged Blade was touching its wing, and the pungent smell of something being torched was starting to become more prominent to the nose.

But Bai Yunfei's attack wasn't over just yet!

The Flame Winged Blade petered away from the bat's wing, unable to fully cut into it, but Bai Yunfei sunk his body so that he was at the same level of height as with the bat. His right fist clenched tightly on itself as he prepared the Ardent Sun Glove, and before the power in the bracer was wasted, he unleashed a mighty punch onto the bat's chest!

Eighty-one Fold Fist Force!


There was a heavy pounding sound as the fist slammed into the beast's stomach, and then with a frightening wail, the bat was sent spiralling away!