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 Chapter 423: Battling Again! (Fourth)

There was a substantially different level of might in the firepower of Xiao Qi. Whether in the amount of fireballs or the strength of it, they were completely different in scale now that it was almost a mid-stage class six soulbeast in strength. Not only that, the Spatial Edges it attacked with materialized and moved two times as fast as before.

Painful memories of this move sparked fear in the thunderwing bat. Flapping its wings as hard as it could, it dove towards the left to dodge the firestorm, but several of the fireballs had still struck its wings mid-dodge.

But it had at the very least managed to dodge the Spatial Edges.

After a successful dodge, the bat still had the ball of elemental water to worry about. The blue-eyes wyrm was an uncommon, but strong soulbeast with attacks that couldn't be ignored. Recognizing the ball as a threat, the bat's wings started to glow brightly with purple light before cleaving through the ball with its right wing!


Once cleaved, the ball was split into two pieces. They fell apart from the middle to allow the thunderwing bat an unimpeded path forwards-only to be faced with a thrust of a fiery spear!


It was completely flustered by this sudden and unexpected attack from Bai Yunfei. There was barely any time to think with the spear nearly at its eye, so the bat had to completely alter directions and fly to the left.

No sooner did it turn around did yet another crimson-red spear come up to greet it!

And at the same time, the first spear it tried to dodge was now on the verge of spearing through it's right wing!

This was the Doppelganger effect!

When Bai Yunfei advanced forward, he didn't hesitate to use the +12 additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear!

He knew that the bat had been far too busy trying to catch up with them to even realize that Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi were far different now. Now that the two of them were powered up thanks to the soul contract, they could launch a full-front assault onto the bat!

So it wasn't surprising to see the thunderwing bat fall suddenly into a precarious situation!

With nowhere to go and nothing it could do to evade the next spear thrust, the thunderwing bat folded its wings in on itself!

Somehow, it managed to fold its right wing back just in time to avoid being stabbed, but the real body of Bai Yunfei wasn't aiming for its wing, but its actual flesh!

Contrary to popular opinion, the flesh of a thunderwing bat wasn't all too weak. It was in fact quite strong, especially when considering the bones in the wings. When the bat folded its wings in on itself, Bai Yunfei's spear had landed upon the most hardest bone in its right wing!


A metallic echo resonated in the air when spear met wing. Despite how hard the bones the thunderwing bat had, it was no match for the Fire-tipped Spear with its 2600 attack power.

There was a secondary crack when the spear bore an inch into the bat's wings, and then.....


The more terrifying attack of the spear had been activated; the explosion effect!

If even the Ninefold Stab wasn't able to activate the explosion effect this time, it'd mean that the bat's luck would've been far too great. But unfortunately for the bat, it had no such luck this time and so when the explosion occurred, the bat was sent barreling through the skies with a screech of pain!

Like a bullet, the bat was sent flying away from Bai Yunfei with blood sprinkling down from its air trail. Managing somehow to stabilize itself by flapping its wings, the bat came to a stop a good distance away from Bai Yunfei. Its right wing was a mess; a huge hole had been opened up at the upper edge of it, causing about a portion of its wing to the right of the hole to hang uselessly without the bone structure there to keep the wing taut!

The bat had been slow in stabilizing itself due to this wound. Flapping its wings several times in retreat, it was staring at Bai Yunfei now with an expression of shock.

But even after delivering a successful blow onto the bat, Bai Yunfei wasn't one to stop there! Pouncing at the opportunity, Bai Yunfei flew towards the bat like an arrow shot from a bow!

The Flash Step!

No matter how fast the bat was in retreating, Bai Yunfei's explosive advance was much faster! The Flash Steps increased Bai Yunfei's speed by over double what it was before, and with just two steps, it was already caught up to the bat!

Twirling the spear around his waist, Bai Yunfei transferred it to his left hand to stab this time at the bat's chest!

"Skree!!" Again, the bat cried out in panic. Laying itself flat in the air, the bat managed to get away with the spear barely grazing its flesh before it tried to attack Bai Yunfei's chest with two lightning infused claw strikes!

Bai Yunfei anticipated that his move would miss. So when the bat flew above the spear to attack him, he punched at its claws with his right hand!

Eighty-one Fold Fist Force!


Once more, the thunderwing bat was thrown backwards by the force of the blow. The elemental lightning infused in the claws had been completely dissipated by the blow, and blood was already starting to leak from the bat's foot.

The claw that had been hit was the one partially decapitated by Xiao Qi's Spatial Edge, but the remaining part of its claw now had a deep fist print!

When fist met foot, the bat was sent flying away two hundred meters while Bai Yunfei staggered back only a few. The elemental lightning from the bat's claws rendered Bai Yunfei's right arm numb, but it was enough to dissuade Bai Yunfei from attacking again afterwards.

This time when the bat stabilized itself, a third emotion could be seen in its eyes aside from fury and hatred-terror!

With how long it had been chasing Bai Yunfei so far, it had been sure that that it'd be able to kill him. Never did it imagine that the one to be heavily injured in their most recent exchange would be itself!

The blow sobered up the bat of its anger-induced fury. It realized that its enemy was no longer heavily injured like it was before the chase. The human was fully healed, and a lot stronger than before!

Unintelligent it may be, but the bat could at least tell that much. It didn't know how things ended up this way, but the only thing that really mattered was that the person who had so heavily injured it was standing right there in front of it! Indignation began to take root in the bat's eyes again, and before long, it screeched again in anger. Covering itself in a cloak of purple light, it shot towards Bai Yunfei to attack!

On the other side, Bai Yunfei was rejoicing to himself. His clash with the bat earlier had told him something very important-

"The bat's weaker now!"

Two moves was all it took for Bai Yunfei to infer that.

The thunderwing bat was no longer as strong as it was before!

He could guarantee that the damages the thunderwing bat incurred from the Spatial Edge and the Dual Dragon Burst left it more than sufficiently injured. And after chasing him for half an hour, the bat had surely used up plenty of soulforce.

So at best, this thunderwing bat had only the fighting potential of a soulbeast barely at the late-stage class six level!

A smile crept onto his lips at that thought. Now that he was stronger, he no longer feared the thunderwing bat in front of him.

He snorted as the thunderwing bat dove in to attack him. Brandishing his Fire-tipped Spear, he moved forward without fear to attack as well!

"Lucky one day, unlucky the next; since you didn't let me go earlier, I'll make sure you die here today instead!"