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 Chapter 422: Advancing to Become a Soul Exalt! (Third)

What would've taken a dozen days at the very least to heal had instead taken only a short ten seconds to completely recover from!

Even more remarkable was the amount of soulforce being outputted by Bai Yunfei....it was rapidly reaching the peak of what a late-stage Soul Ancestor was capable of, and it still wasn't stopping!

It was as though a dam inside Bai Yunfei's body. Rather than water, his soulforce was slamming into the dam one wave at a time, each next wave being more furious than the last!

And with each repeated collision, the dam was gradually being worn away!

More and more, the soulforce within Bai Yunfei started to change, not in how it fluctuated, but the quality of the soulforce itself. It was being renewed into soulforce of a completely higher level of nature....

Right in front of him, Xiao Qi was undergoing a very similar process as well!

Xiao Qi's entire body grew slightly larger with each second while all four elements within its body started to melt in with one another. More and more, its feathers took on a brighter sheen, and a substantially new type of aura was starting to come out from its body.....

Then when several moments passed by, the rings of light around the two became a pillar of dazzling light that shot straight up into the skies!


Simultaneously, the shrill screeching of a bat echoed across the skies before a bolt of lightning shot towards them.

The thunderwing bat had finally caught up!

"Grrrr...." From its hiding spot behind a tree, the blue-eyes wyrm let loose a low growl of fear. It already knew that it wasn't a match for the bat and desperately wanted to run. But for some unknown reason to it, it simply couldn't leave Bai Yunfei behind.

That was the consequence of the Beast Taming Ring and its 'pet loyalty' effect.

It couldn't deny that Bai Yunfei was strong. Its time under his command was more than enough to prove that. Though despite being unwillingly and knowingly controlled, the wyrm enjoyed it somewhat. With Bai Yunfei being able to 'bully' any of the mid-stage class six soulbeasts, the wyrm was able to 'enjoy' the experience of being on top for a while, but now that this bat was here, it knew that even Bai Yunfei was powerless to it.

So when this awe-inspiring pillar of elemental energy and aura blazed into the skies, anxious hope filled in the eyes of the wyrm.

While this meant that they'd be class six (and Soul Exalt) like itself after the breakthrough, the wyrm knew with Bai Yunfei's strength, the three of them would finally have a chance to win this battle.

The screeches of the bat brought shivers up the spine of the blue-eyes wyrm. The anxiety in its eyes deepened as it took several instinctual steps backwards in fear, but then when the bat finally got close enough to be visible enough to the eye, the pillar of light nearby suddenly exploded apart!


With an ear-deafening explosion, the pillar of light gushed out from the center, creating a huge vortex of energy that swirled around and sucked in anything within its radius!

To the right half of the vortex was light as red as fire.

To the left were four lights that represented the elements of fire, wood, wind and lightning.

From a hundred meters, the two sides of the vortex continued to compress in on itself until it had a radius of only ten meters before then disappearing...into the bodies of Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi!

As soon as the vortex disappeared, another two powerful auras were immediately felt!

The auras of an early-stage Soul Exalt and....an early-stage class six soulbeast!

True to Bai Yunfei's expectations, he and Xiao Qi managed to surpass the bottleneck and breakthrough!

Any soul cultivator unlucky enough to be around would've fallen to the ground in absolute shock; this soul contract didn't even take five minutes to do!

Not only that, this soul contract had given an unbelievable power up to both parties!

The reason behind both those feats was due to the fact that Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi had a soul compatibility of 75%!

Shortly after the burst of soulforce subsided, both Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi reopened their eyes slowly to look at each other in joy.

"So...this is what being a Soul Exalt feels like?" Bai Yunfei looked down at his hand, basking in the sensation of his soulforce recirculate around his body. "And Xiao Qi, you broke through as well! Looks like I was worried about nothing...."

"Chirp chirp~!"

A warning chirp from Xiao Qi broke Bai Yunfei away from any further thought he had. "You're right," he smiled, "let's get rid of this bothersome pest first."

Standing upright, Bai Yunfei turned around to look at the bat. His hands flew into a blur as they went through a series of seals to meld his soulforce within his body, and soon enough, the elemental fire in him began to exude off from his body in a huge fire.

Dual Flame Artes: 'Coil' Form!

Pausing briefly to activate the 'Coil' Form, Bai Yunfei took out the Fire-tipped Spear and brandished it menacingly.

His strength was now at the mid-stage Soul Exalt level!


A melodic cry came forth from Xiao Qi as it basked itself in a magnificent glow of prismatic light. Beating its wings, it ascended higher into the skies where it started to grow in size. In seconds, its wingspan was now a length of ten meters, and the prismatic light previously covering its body was being overtaken by the crimson red light coming from within. When the prismatic light was fully overshadowed, elemental fire suddenly materialized over its body, turning Xiao Qi into a tremendous firebird.

"Roar!!" Down below, the gigantic blue-eyes wyrm came crashing through the forests to come to a stop in front of Bai Yunfei. Turning around, it aimed another furious roar at the thunderwing bat.

While their preparations for battle were being undertaken, the bolt of purple lightning that was the bat was already getting close. Shooting out a beam of purple lightning from its mouth, the bat followed up on the attack with a inaudible screech!

A mental attack!

Bai Yunfei narrowed his eyes in wariness; being hit by this attack would mean being left wide open to be attacked. Lifting his right hand up, he touched the Cataclysmic Seal and had it erect another barrier around his person.

A dizzying sensation overcame his mind as soon as he put up the barrier, but the +12 additional effect of the Yun's Soul Ring didn't activate in response to the attack. Instead, the +12 ring on his left hand shined briefly to weaken the attack by a bit.

Still, the dizziness was enough to make Bai Yunfei grit his teeth and try his best to stabilize his body!

But while he was trying his best to endure the attack, the bat was already getting very close to him!

"Boom!!" Not a second later, the barrier in front of Bai Yunfei came apart with the bat flying forward without pause!

This time, the barrier had managed to stop the bat's attack before being shattered apart!

It was an achievement that gave Bai Yunfei no small amount of confidence that he had gotten stronger!

As the thunderwing bat swooped in to attack, Xiao Qi chirped once and flapped its wings. Its wings summoned about three hundred fireballs that surrounded the bat, and while those fireballs moved in to attack it, another three Spatial Edges were thrown into the mix!

Simultaneously, the blue-eyes wyrm roared once before firing off a three-meter wide ball of elemental water!

By now, Bai Yunfei had fully recovered from the mental attack. As the bat was being attacked by the other two soulbeasts, Bai Yunfei moved unflinchingly forward towards the bat in a burst of purple light under his feet!

"Now then....let's fight for real now!"