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 Chapter 419: A Serious Injury

Bai Yunfei knew he wasn't a match for the thunderwing bat, hence why he tried his best to run away at first.

He just never imagined that even after fleeing for such a long distance, the thunderwing bat would be able to inflict such a heavy wound onto him!

Feeling the elemental lightning wreck havoc onto his body, the numbing sensation of it was starting to take away the freedom of mobility from Bai Yunfei. If this went on, then he'd be heavily hampered for the rest of the battle, and the elemental lightning would persist to due even more internal damage to him.

The pain he was feeling now was more than enough to kill the normal person, but Bai Yunfei's pain tolerance surpassed the average person, so he was able to bear the pain with just a grunt.

Due to the aftereffects of being hit by the lightning, Bai Yunfei's control over the Tempest Sword dipped a bit, meaning it was starting to slow down enough for the thunderwing bat to catch up!


Infuriated by Bai Yunfei's injury, Xiao Qi's entire body flashed in red light before summoning countless fireballs to streak down towards the thunderwing bat.

And amidst the firestorm was the Spatial Edge!

Putting so much energy into that lightning bolt had seemingly weakened the bat, as the purple light around it was noticeably fainter than before. Undeterred, it continue onwards with no regard with the firestorm, but it still had to dodge the Spatial Edge. Flapping its wings, it ascended ten meters over the attack to let it sail harmlessly underneath it.

But then when it came up, a second Spatial Edge appeared in front of it!

Right after casting the first Spatial Edge, Xiao Qi had a second one fly after it!


This time, a panicked screech came from the bat. Tilting its body, it flew like lightning ten meters to the left, dodging the second Spatial Edge at the cost of losing all forward momentum it had built up so far.

Bai Yunfei was only just spitting out a second mouthful of blood on the other hand. The complexion of his face was gradually growing better and his escape was starting to get back on track. Thankfully, the bat's attack was only light enough to cause a momentary loss of control rather than being unflushable from his body with soulforce.

But still, if nothing was done about the bat, it'd still be able to catch up....

"Tsk, looks like I'll have to use that move again!"

At the same time he thought that, Xiao Qi was already launching the two Spatial Edges at the bat.

Turning so that he'd be facing the bat with his front rather than his back, Bai Yunfei had the Compliant Rope coil itself around his fist so that he'd be free to use both of his hands.

The bat was only just dodging the second Spatial Edge when Bai Yunfei finished a series of complicated hand seals. The soulforce in him hitched upwards irregularly upon the last hand seal being done before the elemental fire in him started to shake and undergo a transformation....

The hand seals he did were to reactivate the 'Coil' form to grant him the strength of an early-stage Soul Exalt...meaning that he'd gain a power up!

In just one mere second, the strength inside Bai Yunfei was already at the levels of a mid-stage Soul Exalt!!

Veins of blood started to grow more apparent on the wide-open eyes of Bai Yunfei following this change. His teeth gritted together seemingly in pain as he concentrated solely on the bat in front of him. His hands had been a blur as it moved from seal to seal without stop!

Only when he landed upon the final hand seal did Bai Yunfei's hands take a familiar-looking shape-it was the seal for the Dual Dragon Burst!

Another second was all it took for a magnificent fire to roar to life around both of his arms to take shape as two large dragons of fire!

It was then that the thunderwing bat was successfully able to dodge the second Spatial Edge to renew its pursuit after the three!

Pained by the amount of exertion needed for this attack, Bai Yunfei punched both hands forward!

Dual Dragon Burst!

There was a stark difference between this Dual Dragon Burst and the one from before. The trails of fire left behind by the dragons were mixing in with one another as normal, but there was a strangely powerful energy that'd appear for a moment whenever the one-meter thick dragons intertwined with one another to attack the bat!


Memories of this move caused the bat to screech again in fear. Its wings flapped rapidly to give the bat enough force to ascend higher into the skies.

By the skin of its teeth, the bat was able to evade the two dragons, but then as it was at the highest point of its evasive maneuver, Bai Yunfei's arms formed yet another hand seal!

Detaching from one another, the two dragons bent at a right angle to sandwich the bat in between before coming at one another to smash the bat!

Like it had done with Xing Yuan, the two dragons would now attempt to engulf the bat in the ensuing explosion when the two dragons collide!

It forced Xing Yuan to try and protect himself to the best of his ability, and this time, the thunderwing bat would have to rely again on its heaven-gifted instincts to help it!

Right before the point of collision, the bat was desperately flapping its wings to gather energy in front of its one remaining leg to fire off for additional propulsion!

Due to the positioning of the dragons, the bat gave up its pursuit forward in favor of a backwards retreat, and with one final attempt, it just barely managed to dodge the two dragons!


Elemental fire cascaded everywhere following the blast, smashing against the bird and forcing it to spiral out of control through the air!

Thanks to that explosion, an even bigger wedge of distance was driven between Bai Yunfei and the bat.

"Tsk!" A regretful tut escaped from Bai Yunfei's mouth; but his actions didn't slow down in the slightest. Calling Xiao Qi to him, he powered up the Tempest Sword and flew off.

"Damnit, if only I knew! I'd have used my strongest move at the very beginning! There wasn't a need to wait for this long..." he mourned during his escape.


Just as several kilometers of distance was traveled, Bai Yunfei suddenly gasped. His face turned red as he was forced to spit out yet another mouthful of blood, but this time, a sliver of bloody steam was emitted from his mouth!

Realizing the effects of what was going on in his body, Bai Yunfei slammed a palm to his chest, ejecting the second fireseed from his body and depositing it back into his Cataclysmic Seal.

No sooner was the fireseed gone from his body did his aura dropped instantly back to the levels of a late-stage Soul Ancestor.

He grunted somewhat in relief when the fireseed was gone from his body and the redness in his face was starting to recede.

But rather than going back to normal, the color continued to bleed away from his face and his body shivered violently before falling forward!


Startled, Xiao Qi expanded in size to carefully grab hold of Bai Yunfei's arms with its claws.

No longer under Bai Yunfei's control, the Tempest Sword sputtered with light before starting to fall down to the ground, but thankfully, it was caught in the teeth of Xiao Lan before it could fall too far.

Panic was starting to set in on Xiao Qi's eyes. Green and purple light shined simultaneously in its feathers as it tried to pick up speed. And with the aided power of elemental wind and lightning, it disappeared into a blur forward.

And just like this, Xiao Qi held onto Bai Yunfei while the Compliant Rope was still clutched tightly around Bai Yunfei's arm to hold onto the Tempest Sword holding blue-eyes wyrm.

Carrying a human and soulbeast wasn't too heavy of a burden for Xiao Qi. With hardly any time to waste, it was already a speck of light onto the horizon to try and leave the bat behind.

Meanwhile, the force of energy left behind by the collision of the Dual Dragon Burst had finally dissipated enough for the bat to screech and fly after Xiao Qi again!

Since it was injured, the bat was no longer able to continue flying at full strength, but it couldn't exactly give up Bai Yunfei either. He was injured and had the thunderberry with him, so how could the bat give it up!

Even if it meant chasing him to the ends of the forest, the bat was adamant on smiting this foe and devouring him whole!

Flying through the air as if its life depended on it, Xiao Qi flew around a mountain before turning around into another direction in an attempt to throw the bat off their trail.

From his safe position in Xiao Qi's claws, Bai Yunfei had a depressed look on his face. If not for the soulforce recovering effect of the Yun's Soul Ring and the support of his Soulsilk Armor, he would've fainted a long time ago. The elemental lightning in his body was gone for the most part, but the wounds left behind were by no means as easy to dismiss. Even now, breathing took a great deal more effort than before, and each time he coughed, a small amount of blood would come out.

No matter how far they traveled, the aura of the thunderwing bat was an ever constant presence.

Agonized annoyance flickered across Bai Yunfei's eyes. This time, they had really kicked the hornet's nest....