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 Chapter 418: A Miscalculation!

The thought of evading the bat's claws didn't even register in Bai Yunfei's mind as he gripped his spear. When it came at his head, Bai Yunfei immediately launched an attack at the bat's heart!


The bat screeched again in recognition of this attack, but it didn't give up its attack plan. Flapping its wings briefly, it tilted its body to the side for the spear to stab into its left 'shoulder' while its claws shifted slightly to attack Bai Yunfei's heart!

Letting the spear stab it's body was extremely painful for the bat, but it was only a wound and nothing serious.

If its claws were to be true, then Bai Yunfei's heart would be torn out from his chest!


There was something important about the spear touching the bat.

With the spear successfully stabbing the bat, that meant....


Merely half an inch away from Bai Yunfei's chest, the claws of the bat was suddenly halted by an explosion!

Screeching loudly in pain, the bat was forced away from him due to the blast!

+10 Additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear, explosion!

Activation of this effect was practically guaranteed with the Ninefold Stab; and with this, the bat would be dealt a serious blow!

A serious blow it was, but it wasn't enough to be fatal!

True to its name as a peak late-stage class six soulbeast, the bat brought its soulforce up just in time to bear the brunt of its attacks. While it endured the attack, the explosion was enough to knock it away from Bai Yunfei in a trail of blood, with bone capable of being seen from its wound!

"Xiao Qi!!"

Bai Yunfei didn't expect for the explosion to kill the bat. Once the explosion happened, he roared out loud for Xiao Qi while he took a step back.

The empathic understanding between Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi was beyond the levels of most. His callout to the bird was more than enough for it to understand what Bai Yunfei was getting at.

Chirping loudly in response, Xiao Qi flapped its wings furiously, materializing a pitch-dark crescent moon-shaped blade to strike down the bat!

Spatial Edge!


Fear flooded the eyes of the bat for the first time in this battle. It had surely not expected Xiao Qi to be capable of an attack this powerful. Gathering soulforce into its wings, it tried its best to retreat and flee to the right!

But....it was a bit too late to dodge! Just barely after it shifted itself, the Spatial Edge made contact with its legs, decapitating the bottom half of its legs from the bat's body!


Pain unlike anything it had ever felt before flooded the nerves of the bat. Screeching, it flew several hundred meters away before coming to a stop in the air. It stared down to the ground where the Spatial Edge fell in the forest, only to see a large crescent moon-shaped hole there.

After that, only joy was felt by the bat, happy that it wasn't hit by it.

Then, fury and hatred started to fill the bat in endless waves. After living for over a hundred years uncontested in strength, it was finally being injured by three enemies who were barely above the level of a mid-stage class six.

It was a disgrace the bat was unable to accept!

It screeched in preparation to tear him to pieces and devour the remaining pieces!

Its hate-filled eyes moved over to Xiao Qi. It'd have to change its tactics to attack the one who was capable of attacking with such a powerful move.

But as it prepared itself to fly towards the bird, the whirring of something else caused it to pause briefly and look down only to see two giant dragons barreling towards it!

Dual Dragon Burst!!

Like the explosion, Bai Yunfei didn't expect the Spatial Edge to land the finishing blow onto the bat. As soon as Xiao Qi activated the skill, Bai Yunfei was already going through several hand seals to attack at the bat with his most powerful move!

An explosion to Spatial Edge to Dual Dragon Burst.

The three attacks were unleashed seamlessly so as to avoid giving the bat any time to think about dodging, only defending!

The amount of area the Dual Dragon Burst covered was far bigger than the Spatial Edge, meaning that the bat wouldn't have any room to dodge like it did with the previous attack. With how experienced it was in battle, the bat knew that as well.

Left with no other choice, the bat furled its wings in front of itself in an attempt to protect itself along with a bubble of elemental energy!


With the Dual Dragon Burst covering such a large area, it soon engulfed the bat and its bubble of energy. Passing through it like a river flowing over a stone, the remaining energy washed over onto the next-door mountain, crumbling it to bits!

Coincidentally, the thunderberry was within the collapsing area!

"Xiao Qi, we're going!!"

What Bai Yunfei was aiming for wasn't the death of the thunderwing bat, but escape. The Dual Dragon Burst was merely meant as an opening for Bai Yunfei to release the Tempest Sword and use the Compliant Rope to snag Xiao Lan with it to run away. Shining in light when the rope touched it, Xiao Lan shrunk back to its miniature-sized shape before it was sent sailing into the air back towards Bai Yunfei.

The Tempest Sword shined brightly with green light as it charged up with power before taking Bai Yunfei and Xiao Lan through the air away from the bat!

Traveling at speeds not slower than the Tempest Sword, Xiao Qi wasn't going for safety with Bai Yunfei, but the....cliffside!

Flying swiftly like a dragonfly flitting across the waters, Xiao Qi touched upon the ground near the cliffs before taking off after Bai Yunfei, a purple-colored stem in its beak.

This particular piece of vegetation was the....thunderberry!

A triumphant smile appeared on Bai Yunfei's face when he saw the object in Xiao Qi's beak. Activating the additional effect of the sword, he started to fly even faster away from the area!


Hatred like none other spilled out from the middle of the vortex caused by the Dual Dragon Burst. Streaks of lightning splashed out from the area, dispersing the fire with elemental lightning with it and destroying a nearby mountain point!

Sparks of purple filled the bat's eyes, highlighting them with a streak of malevolent hatred. Its wings were tattered and blood was pouring out from various parts of its body, but the purple lighting to its body made it a very gruesome sight to behold. The wound left by Bai Yunfei's spear on its left shoulder was already staining the immediate area around it crimson red with blood.

The sight of Bai Yunfei thousands of meters away gave the bat no small amount of fury; screeching with indignation, it unfurled its wings and shot for him like a bat out of hell!

Its soulforce was pulsating strangely now. Its jaws opened wide to reveal the bat's sharp teeth. In between, elemental lightning was taking material form as a lightning bolt to travel and strike down Bai Yunfei!

After shooting the bolt of lightning, the bat didn't bother to shut its jaw. Instead, the lower half of it shook slightly before a strange vibration started to emit outwards at equally fast speeds.

Not expecting the bat to recover so quickly, Bai Yunfei was only just taking the thunderberry from Xiao Qi when he felt the bolt of lightning approach him. Right as he was about to feed even more soulforce into the Tempest Sword, his entire body was suddenly overcome by a dizzying sensation!

"A mental attack!!" Bai Yunfei realized. He didn't know that the thunderwing bat was capable of that!

The slip-up was only for a second, but that second was enough to lose him the chance to evade!

The purple bolt of lightning struck against Bai Yunfei's barrier like an arrow, shattering it like glass before stabbing into his back!!


Blood spurted out from Bai Yunfei's mouth. The strength of the lightning bolt after breaking past his barrier had been stronger than he anticipated. Even the Soulsilk Armor protecting him had been stabbed straight through, since he felt the elemental lightning from the attack start to flood his body, giving him the sensation as if a blade of lightning was cutting into him!

The pain had been so immense he nearly fell off from the Tempest Sword

Even worse, the thunderwing bat was half a kilometer away from him now!