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 Chapter 417: Thunderwing Bat

Needless to say, thunderwing bats were flight-capable soulbeasts with an affinity for lightning. In terms of intelligence, they ranked rather low, but their battle prowess was anything but. Only a few of them were capable of reaching the class six level, but not once had there been one that reached the class seven level.

Meeting with one that was at the peak of the late-stage class six area only meant that this bat in particular had been alive for a lengthy amount of time.

Becoming a class seven was the goal of the bat. Even if it meant surpassing the natural limits of its species, the bat would do whatever it took to do it. The entirety of its life was spent in pursue of this goal, killing any soulbeast or soul cultivator that'd dare enter its area.

After countless years of training, it was on the edge of it all. It'd become one of the kings of the Soulbeast Forest, and death wouldn't stop it from reaching its goal.

Several dozen years ago, it stumbled across this thunderberry and took it as a sign from the heavens. A golden opportunity that'd have a one in a thousand chance if anything, but an opportunity nonetheless.

Killing the mid-stage class six soulbeast that lived there, the bat claimed the territory as its own. From there on, the surrounding several kilometer area became its demesne, and any soulbeast that tried to enter would be killed

Soon enough, very few soulbeasts dared to even set foot there.

Dozens of years passed since then. The thunderberry wasn't yet ripe, and the thunderwing bat was in a semi state of hibernation.

It was adjusting its body for the most optimal time to ingest the thunderberry. With it not being ripe yet, it could wait for a good chance to make a breakthrough.

For years now, the area it lived in was essentially a forbidden zone to any other soulbeast. With no soulbeast daring to set foot here, the thunderberry continued to grow without trouble.

That was.....until today.

The thunderwing bat didn't know much about the world, but it didn't need to. All it needed to know was that any and every invader and would-be plunderers of the thunderberry would die!!


Bai Yunfei's face paled. The fact that the thunderwing bat was attacking him right now meant that it wouldn't let him go even if he tried to flee.

In other words, he'd have to stay and fight!

"Attack!" He cried out, calling the Cataclysmic Seal forward.

Since the Cataclysmic Seal's barrier was useless, that left only one other option....transformation!

It started to expand in size as it whistled through the air, by thirty meters, it was already as large as the cliff to try and smash against the bat!

As that went on, Bai Yunfei did his best to lengthen the distance between him and the bat. In order to observe how the bat fought, he'd need time and space.


Several meters overhead, Xiao Qi spread its wings wide, elemental fire surrounding its body to become like a phoenix. When it fully gathered enough energy, a storm of fireballs began to rain down within a ten meter radius of the bat!


Down below, the blue-eyes wyrm unleashed a bolt of elemental water to attack as well!

Faced against attacks from three different angles, the bat still didn't have any intentions of slowing down. Wrapping itself in elemental energy, it struck against the Cataclysmic Seal like a bolt of lightning!


With an ear-rupturing explosion, the thunderwing bat accomplished the very same feat the thunderfire wolf had done.....knocking the Cataclysmic Seal back in the opposite direction!

Bai Yunfei had only retreated a good distance away when he saw the Cataclysmic Seal rebounding back. Narrowing his eyes, he had the Cataclysmic Seal shrink back to its normal size, only to see another bolt of purple lightning come straight at him!

Purple light traveled down the wings of the bat. After knocking back the Cataclysmic Seal, the bat hovered there a hundred meters up to dodge the attacks of Xiao Qi and Xiao Lan.

Gifted with a brief respite from the attacks, the bat began to glow with a dazzling light. Elemental lightning flickered in small streams from its wings as it folded in on the bat, and when it was fully charged, the bat's wings extended outwards again, shooting hundreds of purple lightning bolts to attack all three of its enemies!

Bai Yunfei clicked his teeth in annoyance. In response, the Cataclysmic Seal pulsated with light before erecting a barrier around Bai Yunfei. The bolts of lightning struck the barrier one after another, bringing ripples against the barrier, but the barrier endured it all. With its ample defenses, Bai Yunfei was fully protected.

Green and purple light flickered across Xiao Qi's body as it flitted in between the streaks of lightning to try and avoid being hit. On the ground below, Xiao Lan was in a far worse of a state trying to bumble left and right. Several bolts of light had already left black scorch marks on its scales and a painful roar from the wyrm's mouth, but the wyrm was not too injured to be unable to continue fighting.

Roughly eighty percent of the lightning bolts were aimed towards Bai Yunfei. Of the three combatants, the bat recognized Bai Yunfei to be the hardest to deal with. So Xiao Lan and Xiao Qi were both written off as unimportant targets.

The bat paused briefly after the surge of lightning to charge up. Already, elemental lightning was being drawn into the bat for another attack. Concentrating in larger and larger amounts, the elemental lightning was quick to form a ball of lightning roughly the size of a water jar. Once fully formed, the bat fired the ball with a screech, sizzling through the air in hot pursuit of Bai Yunfei!

A hand reached out to the Cataclysmic Seal, activating the barrier effect from it again.

When the ball of lightning struck against the barrier, it was immediately broken apart like glass!

"Damn!" Bai Yunfei cursed. The angle it was coming at made evasion extremely difficult. He was more than capable enough of evading the ball, but if he did, then the attack would continue downwards and strike the blue-eyes wyrm instead.

And if that happened, the wyrm would die without a doubt!

Indecision danced about in his eyes as Bai Yunfei debated his options, but he soon came to a decision.

Evasion was not an option here.

His right arm flew up to face the ball of lightning with the palm, and his left hand clutched at the wrist of his right. Energy gathering from his body was fed into the Ardent Sun Glove worn on his right hand at an accelerated rate, drawing elemental fire into the space in front of his palm. In no time, a fireball a meter large in circumference was fully formed and ready to go!

It whirred in the air to counteract against the lightning ball, but compared to that, the fireball was lacking in speed.

Barely before any distance was had between the fireball and Bai Yunfei's fist, the ball of lightning had already descended onto it!


The forces of nature crashed against each other head on, rapidly disintegrating the fireball Bai Yunfei casted. Upon contact with it, the lightning ball dissipated into a shock wave of elemental lightning that rippled through the air. Only with quick thinking did Bai Yunfei protect himself with the Cataclysmic Seal, but he was forced to retreat a hundred meters away to safety while Xiao Lan on the ground was sent flying through several trees.

Two attacks ago, Bai Yunfei had been standing several hundred meters up into the air. But now, he was sent down two hundred meters without even being able to launch a counter attack.

This lack of action didn't go unnoticed by the thunderwing bat. Screeching again when it saw Bai Yunfei dodge its attack, it shot for Bai Yunfei in a spurt of elemental lightning enhanced speed!


From elsewhere, Xiao Qi chirped furiously. Elemental wind gathered around its wings as it charged up to become hundreds of blades of wind to strike down the bat mid-flight.

Despite being true to its aim, the blades of elemental wind failed to do any harm to the bat! Neglecting to even bother dodging them, the bat covered itself in a bubble of elemental lightning and allowed the blades to bounce harmlessly against it!

Met with the uncontested charge of the bat, Bai Yunfei fed his soulforce into the Cataclysmic Seal to summon the strongest barrier it could muster, and his right hand bringing out his Fire-tipped Spear.

The thunderwing bat was practically within striking distance now. Its claws twinkled a brilliant sheen of purple as it ripped at the barrier, tearing it apart without trouble!

And when its claws came up again to rend Bai Yunfei's head from his shoulders, the Fire-tipped Spear of Bai Yunfei came up to try and perforate the bat's heart through its chest!