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 Chapter 414: Not an Effect But a Skill!

The move Xiao Qi had just used was the Spatial Edge!

Silently, the pitch-black fissure of space flew forward before moving through the still confused wolf without pause!!

Locking up when it felt the attack touch its body, the wolf immediately lost all sense of color in its face as if its lifeforce was sapped away!

From where the Spatial Edge touched, whether it was the elemental wood protecting the wolf, the wolf's body, or even the ground beneath it, all of it was gone!

Eaten away by the Spatial Edge without a trace to be seen!

The midsection of the wolf was completely gone, leaving behind only two halves still standing upright. Blood and intestines were flowing out from the halves left behind, filling up the moon-shaped crevice left behind in the ground....


On the other side three hundred meters away from Xiao Qi, Bai Yunfei stood as still as a statue with his mouth dropped open. The instant death of the wolf and the appearance of the confusion and Spatial Edge effect was completely unexpected to him.

In fact, he had completely forgotten that the two existed.


the melancholic voice of the bird making its way to his ears.

In another burst of bright green light, Xiao Qi shot like an arrow towards the wolf's body!


Two sharp hook-like claws clutched at the wolf's head, gouging out its eyes in the process. Carrying the head up into the air, Xiao Qi let loose another shrill chirp and burst of red light before rendering apart one of the halves into pieces!

Blood splattered down onto the ground like rain from the messy parts. Its soulgem was briefly revealed in the air before Xiao Qi took it into its beak and gulped it down!


The summoning of fire, the evisceration of a soulbeast, and then the devouring of a soulgem!

In just one short minute, Xiao Qi had done all of those things to kill the greenwood wolf out of revenge for its mother!

Bai Yunfei didn't expect Xiao Qi to swallow the soulgem; he was still finding it hard to believe that such a bloodbath of a spectacle could come from the normally pacifistic Xiao Qi.

But before he could calm down, yet another unexpected development was already happening!

After swallowing the wolf's soulgem, Xiao Qi's entire body started to glow with a green light, covering its entire body in it!

Then, its soulforce as a late-stage class four soulbeast was fully felt before it started to expand in strength!

From a late-stage class four to the limits of one, and then....early-stage class five!

But it didn't stop there! Continuing to climb, Bai Yunfei felt Xiao Qi's power reach.....mid-stage class five!


Another delightful chirp came from Xiao Qi as the green light started to recede back into Xiao Qi's body.

With the green light gone, Xiao Qi's soulforce was back to normal, and with that calm now as well, Xiao Qi could be seen hovering in the sky for a brief moment. Then, with a flap of its wings, it turned around to fly back to Bai Yunfei several hundred meters away.

"Chirp chirp....."

It chirped twice. Turning back to the size of a sparrow, Xiao Qi landed onto Bai Yunfei's right shoulder and curled itself up. Resting its head underneath its wing, Xiao Qi went into solitude....

The events of what just happened was still being processed in Bai Yunfei's head. He took a deep breath in before turning around to climb back onto the blue-eyes wrym's head.

Dispelling the 'coil' form, Bai Yunfei commanded the wyrm to continue forwards slowly while he sat there with his left hand stroking Xiao Qi's feathers. His right hand was rested on his kneecap, and his index finger occasional struck against his knee rhythmically, so as to help him think.

Even with the spectacle well over now, Bai Yunfei found it extremely hard to believe what he saw was real.

"The confusion status, the spatial edge, and if I look closely, that firestorm.....those fireballs were clearly very different than normal...." he replayed the battle back in his mind, "That must've been the +14 additional effect of the egg, so Xiao Qi has the effect now, that's...."

The destruction of the soulbeast egg still left Bai Yunfei with some lingering regrets, especially when he thought about the spatial edge. But if he looked at things now, he had to admit, the stats of the +14 egg wasn't completely lost.

Xiao Qi had 'inherited' them!

He grinned at this. It was unexpected, but the results were what it was!

He hadn't a reason why this might have occurred, but it'd still be useless even if he did! Just trying to think about it was a waste of brain cells, since everything about Xiao Qi was definitely beyond the norms of what was normally expected.

So to try and find logic in what was elsewise an illogical case would easier than to empty the oceans with a spoon.

"And then there was that abnormal increase in power...." he swapped over to another line of thought. "Even if it swallowed the soulgem of a wolf that was about to become a class six, Xiao Qi's increase in strength was far too bizarre. A soulgem is a supplementary item to gaining strength, but Xiao Qi should've been hard-pressed becoming an early-stage class five, let alone a mid-stage....

"There's only one other reason why Xiao Qi would've had such a sharp increase in strength," closing his eyes, Bai Yunfei thought more about the situation, "that feeling back then felt a little weird, but also familiar at the same time. It felt like a.....

"Like if an effect was activated!!"

His eyes flew open at the thought.

"It was slightly off, but the feeling is definitely there....back when the wolf was hit by the confusion effect and when Xiao Qi used the spatial edge....if I'm not wrong, that was the feeling of an effect being activated!"

The more he thought about it, the more he felt right about his suspicions. "Does this mean that the 'equipment effects' influenced Xiao Qi's strength and development? I that's true, then that means.....the +14 additional effect!"

He started to think about when he upgraded the egg to +14. The true results of that was a mystery to Bai Yunfei, but it more than likely had to do with the mystery that was Xiao Qi's strength now.

"An increase in attacking strength, the confusion effect, the Spatial Edge, and the mysterious +14 effect.....does this mean Xiao Qi is a type of 'living' equipment now?

"No, I can't call them 'effects'. Xiao Qi isn't a piece of equipment, but a living soulbeast, it'd be inappropriate to call them the effects. Maybe I'll start calling them the 'moves' or 'skills' of Xiao Qi....."

Having solved that last conundrum, Bai Yunfei felt himself rather elated, as if a feeling of joy was raising his spirits.

"Seems like I've got myself a decent 'partner'...."