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 Chapter 413: Xiao Qi's Strength (Fourth)

The battle hadn't been interesting to Bai Yunfei. "Xiao Qi, I didn't tell you before because I didn't want you to think too much about it. But if you want to know, I'll tell you it today. Your mother sacrificed herself to protect your life. And today....the enemy that forced her to sacrifice herself is right in front of you. I can help you take revenge, or if you want, I'll capture it first so that you can pers-"


A flash of violet light exploded out from Xiao Qi's body before Bai Yunfei could even finish speaking. Zooming from its spot next to him, Xiao Qi grew in size as elemental wind covered its left wing and elemental lightning covered its right. Like a bolt of lightning, it flew straight for the greenwood wolf!

This time, Bai Yunfei felt yet another emotion coming from Xiao Qi he had never seen before.


"Xiao Qi!!"

He was surprised. No matter how much he might've thought Xiao Qi was repressing its emotions, he never expected it to come coming out all at once!

This Xiao Qi was completely different to the normally innocent Xiao Qi of before. The entirety of the soulforce Xiao Qi was exuding showed one emotion Bai Yunfei was all too familiar with....the emotion to kill!

Its speed was another surprising factor. This was the first Bai Yunfei had ever seen Xiao Qi fly so fast. The combined usage of elemental wind and lightning gave it a burst of speed that completely outstripped the capabilities of any late-stage class four soulbeast.

In fact, it was faster than what most class five soulbeasts were capable of!

By the time Bai Yunfei even finished calling out to Xiao Qi, the bird was already right above the greenwood wolf!

At this current moment, the greenwood wolf was at a very important part of its life. Swallowing the frog's soulgem had been the catalyst for it to start its advancement into the next class. In just two seconds, its aura was already quickly reaching the limits of a late-stage class five soulbeast, and in two seconds, it was on the verge of becoming a class six!

But right before it could smash through the final barrier to do so, Xiao Qi had arrived!


Like a bolt of lightning, Xiao Qi came to a stop over the wolf's head. With fury in its eyes, Xiao Qi's entire body was awash with a red light blinding to the eyes. The light quickly manifested into a raging fire that covered the bird's entire body, turning it from a rainbow-colored bird into a raging phoenix!


From the flames unfurled a giant wing to give the wolf a furious slap!

In an instant, several hundred fireballs came raining down onto the ground whizzing and pelting the wolf in their descent!

Not even five seconds had transpired from when Xiao Qi came flying out, landing above the wolf, and then summoning multiple fireballs to rain down on it!

Whether it was in movement or attacking speed, both of the two were far beyond the capabilities of a late-stage class four soulbeast!

Previously relishing in the sensation of powering up, the wolf had been completely distracted, and had only looked up at the skies when the fireballs were about to hit it!

With nowhere to run or even enough time to dodge, the greenwood wolf could only do one thing; howl.

Due to its soulforce prioritizing the recovery of its wounds, the wolf had only been able to have enough elemental wood cover its body before the attacks landed upon him!

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom...."

Several hundred fireballs descended upon the earth like a hailstorm of fire. Each firestorm left a crater several meters wide while the other fireballs struck the wolf straight on. The elemental wood protecting the wolf rippled with each fireball that it touched, protecting it from the brunt of the force.

Meanwhile, even the frog's corpse underneath the wolf had been rendered into fire and ash under the assault.

"Grrr...." A low growl was uttered from the wolf. It hadn't been too harmed by the fireballs yet, but it wasn't sure how long it could last underneath the assault.

The fireballs were extremely weird. The wolf expected them all to be equal in power, but there were a few of the fireballs that were more powerful than the others!

Right now, the wolf was in a very critical state of being. It couldn't forcibly stop the process of ascending in class, else it be barred from it forever.

It just needed five seconds at most to make the breakthrough and gain a dramatic increase in power. If it did, then it'd definitely be able to tear apart this little bird as a reward!

But even as the wolf was preparing itself to kill Xiao Qi, another fireball slammed into its throat!

In that instant, a strange feeling shot straight through the wolf's head. It felt as though someone had taken a sledgehammer to its head; any thought it had was instantly scattered, and its mind was left in a daze!

"Houuu!!" It roared, trying its best to gather up even more elemental wood to protect itself. But even though it tried to do that, it instead raised its right forelimb to lash out with a blade of elemental energy to strike at a tree!

This was....confusion!

From farther away, Bai Yunfei had been chasing Xiao Qi forward until a certain point. When Xiao Qi first flew to attack the wolf, he had activated the 'coil' form to skywalk over, but then when he got halfway, the rain of fireballs unleashed by Xiao Qi gave pause to Bai Yunfei. Stunned, he watched as the wolf was pelted by the fires before it attacked at something else without reason!

He knew what that meant straight away. This was the state of 'confusion'!

"But how...." Bai Yunfei's mouth were as wide open as was his eyes, but coherent words failed to come out from them. His pupils followed Xiao Qi's movements as if he was watching a ghost rather than a bird.

"Th-this....this is...."

Even now, he was having trouble speaking.

Still several hundred meters ahead of him, Xiao Qi had no longer any elemental energy surrounding its being. The elemental fire that had previously cloaked it was gone with the attack, but this time, Xiao Qi's wings were shining with light still. Eyes still piercingly sharp as it glared down the wolf, it flapped another one of its wings as soon as the firestorm was finished!

Following this second wing flap, the soulforce in Xiao Qi's body began to churn strangely. In front of its body, a black dot was starting to form, growing with each passing second.

Soon, it grew into the shape of a large crack about a third of a meter in width and two meters in length!

When Xiao Qi unfurled its wing, it was as though a command had been sent to the crack, as it began to fly at the wolf straight after!

Simultaneously, Bai Yunfei was finally able to spit out the first coherent words in a while.....

"Spatial Edge!!"