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 Chapter 410: One Azure Leaf Boat, Yun Liantian the Wanderer! (First)

Like a bluish shooting star, the light came shooting towards Bai Yunfei with speeds that Bai Yunfei was barely able to even register!

It was a flying soul armament!

An absolutely strong one with speeds that was many times faster than the Tempest Sword!

In the ten seconds of shock Bai Yunfei was in, the light had already traveled far enough for him to finally see two faint figures within the light....

And before he could even sense how strong they were, the two figures were already a hundred meters away!

Freezing in place when it was a hundred meters away, the light gradually decreased in intensity to fully reveal the two figures inside it.

When there wasn't much light left, Bai Yunfei was able to fully see what kind of soul armament they had been flying on.

It was a....small boat!

Green and shaped like a leaf, its curved structure was very naturally formed at about a meter wide and three meters long without a sail nor paddle. A bubble of elemental wind surrounded the boat, allowing it to levitate in the air.

On the boat, there were two figures dressed in black and white. The white-robed figure in the front was a young man who didn't look a day older than his thirties. His face was sallow, and his hair hung freely behind his head, but there was a mysterious smile on his face, as if Bai Yunfei was an interesting subject to observe.

Behind him was a young man dressed in black. He was shorter than the other, and his hair covered parts of his face so that his impassive facial features couldn't be seen. But, if Bai Yunfei had to make a guess, this young man was the same age as him.

"Haha, how unexpected to meet a lone traveler in this part of the class six zone. And a young one at that...." The older male laughed, his voice making him sound slightly older than Bai Yunfei expected.

"Young, and not too weak. He looks like yet another peerless individual in this genius generation. I wonder if he's the disciple of that old fogey...." The man thought to himself, "But young man, how did you arrive in the class six area of the forest as a late-stage Soul Ancestor?"


Just at that moment, a roar bursted out from behind Bai Yunfei. The giant trees behind him were split apart to reveal the blue-eyes wyrm.

It had been summoned by Bai Yunfei back when he first realized the boat was coming and rushed back to support him.

"Eh? A class six soulbeast?" The male commented in surprise. "Is this your contracted soulbeast? If it's a blue-eyes wyrm, it's no wonder you were able to make it this far."

Clearly, these two men were misunderstanding the situation. "Young man, don't be afraid. We're only here to ask a few questions. As long as you answer truthfully, there won't be any trouble...."

In other words, if Bai Yunfei were to answer dishonestly, he'd die on the spot!

The smile on his face showed that he was more than willing to carry out that threat.

While Bai Yunfei was slightly surprised by the two, he was still calm enough to make several quick observations. His eyes flickered back from the boat to the man after he heard the threat, but rather than to answer rudely, he bowed his head politely to say, "Whatever question senior Yun has, this junior will answer to the best of my ability!"

"Oh? You know of me?" This time, it was the other man's turn to look surprised.

"Yes," Bai Yunfei nodded, "my master once told me about you, senior Yun."

"And who is your master?"

"I am Bai Yunfei, student of the Crafting School and disciple to master Zi Jin." Bai Yunfei reported.

"The Crafting School? Bai Yunfei....hm, I believe I've heard that name several months ago. You were one of the prominent ones during that soulbeast wave." The man replied, "Can you prove your identity?"

This was a question Bai Yunfei was prepared to answer. Holding up the Violet Soul Ring, he spoke, "Would you recognize this ring by chance, senior?"

"The Violet Soul Ring?" The man's eyes flashed in recognition of the ring. "Haha, that settles things. I hadn't any idea big brother Zi Jin would take on another disciple, no wonder you were so calm."

Not only did this man know Zi Jin, he even called Zi Jin his 'elder brother'!!

Sighing in relief to himself, Bai Yunfei knew that he was safe for the time being. The reason why he announced his identity so quickly was because he didn't know what the person would do to him if he didn't.

Rumors had it that the man in front of him didn't bother to follow common logic. At one moment, he could be wishing you a happy day, and the next moment, he'd be breaking your arms and legs while asking how you were....

Owner of the One Azure Leaf Boat, Yun Liantian the Wanderer!! One of the five great wandering soul cultivators!

Bai Yunfei knew better than to trust his physical appearance, the man wasn't thirty years old, but many many times older than that!

He was a man that was older than even his senior, Kou Changkong!

One more reason why Bai Yunfei knew this man was due to the flying soul armament, the one known as the 'One Azure Leaf Boat'. It was the signature of the man and also the soul armament Zi Jin crafted himself!

It could thus be said that Yun Liantian and Zi Jin were both friendly with each other.

Yun Liantian's name was one that many people would bemoan while others would praise. In the world of soul cultivators, Yun Liantian was one who did deeds both heinous and virtuous.

He was an oddity, a person who's emotions changed faster than the turning of the pages. He did what he wanted at the drop of a hat and without the fear of anything. As long as it was to his liking, he'd do anything.....

Sometimes, he'd give items to people he liked, and other times, he'd kill others for their possessions....

As for his strength.....

It was said that twenty years ago, he was a mid-stage Soul King.

As of right now, no one knew his actual strength.

Even with things looking better for Bai Yunfei, Yun Liantian hadn't a reason to talk with Bai Yunfei. Nodding his head, the man spoke, "Then let me ask you, have you come across the traces of anyone from the Beast Taming School?"

"The Beast Taming School?!" Bai Yunfei's heart skipped a beat; he hadn't the foggiest that such a question would be asked of him.

"I won't lie, senior. This one came across one from the Beast Taming School a while ago."

"Oh? Speak then! Who was it, and where did he go?"

"I came across one of the elders, his name was Xing Yuan. It was back in the class five area, but it's been two months since then, I'm afraid I don't know which direction he went. Please forgive me, senior."

"Xing Yuan?" Yun Liantian repeated, "Anything else?"

"That is all I know about the Beast Taming School, senior."

"Forget it then. I'm sure he'll come deeper into the forest, I'll look for him myself." Yun Liantian spoke. The boat beneath his feet started to glow once more as he prepared to leave, but before he could fly off, he suddenly spoke to Bai Yunfei.

"Since you're brother Zi Jin's disciple, let me give you this warning. Go no further into the forest. Something major will happen soon, and with your strength, death would be the least of your worries. Best leave this place at once!"

And with that, the man flew off into the air with his companion, disappearing to the northern skies before Bai Yunfei could respond....