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 Chapter 408: The Strength of the Beast Taming Ring, and A Cool Mount


Bai Yunfei's eyes lit up with glee when he saw the Beast Taming Ring latch onto the wyrm. With his goal accomplished, Bai Yunfei kicked against the ground to retreat to the cave entrance.

He landed safely on the ground, but before he had time to turn around, his entire body staggered violently; threatening to fall down to the ground!!

In the moment his feet touched against the ground, all Bai Yunfei felt in his mind was a deep stabbing pain! A completely mystifying force was being enforced onto his mind, not too unsimilar to if a soulbeast had materialized in his mindspace and was shaking the place with its roar!!

"This is the Beast Taming Ring's effect!" Needless to say, Bai Yunfei was quick to realize this was the additional effect of the ring!

"Success rate is dependent on the difference in mental strength between user and target....is this what it means by 'success rate'? By defeating the soulbeast in mental strength....?" Having some sort of idea of the effect now, Bai Yunfei was quick to spur his soulforce into motion. Circulating it through his body, Bai Yunfei was pleased to feel a positive effect with his mind clearing up a bit.

He looked to the wyrm in front of him. Unlike him, the wyrm was in a slight daze, but its body shuddered violently, as if trying to fight the invisible strings binding it in a desperate struggle for its life. The Beast Taming Ring stuck on its right forelimb continued to shine furiously with light that was stabbing into its body as well! Each time a different ray of light from the ring struck the wyrm, the wyrm shivered violently again.

"I get it now! Controlling a soulbeast isn't as easy as I thought! So I need more mental strength than it? Easy!!"

Only a second was needed for Bai Yunfei to really understand the scope of the situation. Fully enlightened now, he sat down on the ground to concentrate. Gathering up all of his focus, he began to try and start a 'fight' with his mental strength.

It had been a straightforward fight so far, so the blue-eyes wyrm was completely confused on why it was starting to feel so strange in the head. In fact, it was starting to feel like it could hardly feel itself think!!

That mysterious power in its mind was unbelievably fierce, and was actually daring enough to try and imprison it's mind to control its body!

The sensation was absolutely terrifying to the wyrm. Unwilling to even fight with the human in front of it anymore, the wyrm tried its utmost best to fight off the external forces acting upon it, and its body shivering slightly as it did.

But the force was already growing rapidly in power over it. Not even a second after, the wyrm was rapidly losing its ground and was close to being overwhelmed!

Bai Yunfei held several advantages to him in this battle. The Violet Soul Ring on his right hand, the Yun's Soul Ring on his left, the Cultivation Pendant around his neck, and the bracelet on his hand. All of them were glowing with light as Bai Yunfei made the best of their effects.

With these items providing him a boost in spirit, Bai Yunfei had well over two thousand points in it!! That in itself was a very terrifying sum and gave Bai Yunfei the mental strength beyond any other soul cultivator of his level.

The mental strength that the equipment gave him correlated with what 'spirit' was normally defined as. Not only did it mean how fast one could recover their soulforce, it also pointed to the strength of one's soulsense as well, and how well one could control the elements.....

In his 'coil' form, Bai Yunfei had the mental strength of an early-stage Soul Exalt. Combined with the equipment he had, the amount of spirit, or mental strength he had now was equivalent to that of a mid-stage Soul Exalt. In other words, he could easily face off against the early-stage class six blue-eyes wyrm without discomfort.

Since this was the first time Bai Yunfei used the Beast Taming Ring in a battle, he wasn't used to its effects. But right now, enough time had passed for him to gain some first-hand knowledge on how to use it best, so now was the time for him to 'end' the fight.

When Bai Yunfei's mental strength overwhelmed the 'consciousness' of the wyrm in its mind, the consciousness came to a stop along with the wyrm's actual body. Its eyes were vacant and glossed over, as if in a trance.

Now that it was still, the area around the wyrm grew quiet as well. When it was previously struggling against Bai Yunfei's control, the wyrm had been thrashing around the place with its tail.

"Phew.....is it over?"

Bai Yunfei's eyes blinked open; he couldn't feel any struggle coming from the wyrm now, so he looked over to the wyrm. Having a forehead slick with sweat, his right hand came up to wipe it aside.

Fighting for domination over the wyrm's mind had been surprisingly tiring.

"The Beast Taming Ring's effect is strange as hell, but it's not easy to use!" he sighed. "If I have to do that every single time, then the Beast Taming Ring's less useful than it is. I'd be dead if I was attacked by something else in that time....

"But using it just this once shouldn't be too bad. I'm sure I'll get better at it sooner or later."

Bai Yunfei stood back up onto his feet. Sighing as he gave up thinking about the ring, he looked to the wyrm.


After a few silent seconds of observation, he called out to it.

The slight shiver in his mindspace alerted Bai Yunfei to the fact that something was happening.

The previously slugged look in the wyrm's eyes flickered slightly with rebellion, but it bled away as quickly as it came. It's giant body rose up as one of its feet rose into the air. Coming back down to the ground, it slowly made its way to Bai Yunfei before stopping just ten meters away.

"So this is what it means to 'control'...." Bai Yunfei wondered. "Fall back!"

This time, the order was received instantly by the wyrm, who immediately move several steps backwards.

Bai Yunfei smiled in interest at the situation.

"Turn left! Turn right! Lift your foot up! Swing your tail! Form a water ball! Elemental edge! Roar! Jump! Do a handstand!!"


At the last command, the wyrm face planted into the ground.

"Oh....your 'hands' are a little short, aren't they? Forget the handstand then, get up!"

Humiliation and resistance flashed insistently through the wyrm's eyes, but nothing could be done. With each action it was forced to do, the fear the wyrm felt increased even more and more.

Soon, the terror it felt reached a tipping point when it realized that every single action was up to the human in front of it to control.

It could only submit itself to being manipulated.

Bai Yunfei nodded his head in satisfaction. Forming a hand seal, he dispelled the 'coil' form and allowed the second fireseed in him to return to the Cataclysmic Seal.

The 'coil' form dissolving meant that his mental strength would drop as well. But even then, it was still above a level where control over the wyrm was possible. Control after subjugation was easier than subjugation anyways, so the amount of mental strength needed to control the wyrm was lower now.

If 100% of his spirit was needed to subjugate the wyrm, then only 70% would be needed to keep control.

In other words, the Beast Taming Ring's effect was already in effect.

Bai Yunfei looked up to the skies. Somehow, while he was busy with the wyrm, the skies were already brightening, and the fiery sun was already halfway above the mountains to the east.

He looked back down at the wyrm in front of him, noticing that the size of its head was nearly as big as the cave entrance behind him.

Thinking about it, he called out to Xiao Qi, "Since it's day time, let's get going, come on, Xiao Qi!!"

Kicking off against the ground, he landed on top of the wyrm's head to rest upon a spot on its blue scales.


An excited bird cry echoed from the caves before Xiao Qi came speeding out from it to circle around Bai Yunfei's head.

"Let's go!!"

Following Bai Yunfei's finger, the wyrm gave out a low growl before moving into the forest.....