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 Chapter 401: +14 and....an Anomaly! (Fifth)

"But....what exactly is a spatial blade?"

A question for the ages was asked by Bai Yunfei. He had never seen this type of effect before, and it was starting to pique his interest.

"Let's try it out."

Weighing the egg in his hand, he waved his hand horizontally at the cave wall.

Despite being the size of his hand, the egg could be fastened to it by using the power of the elements or released at will.

Activating the effects of any of his items was practically second nature to Bai Yunfei, so with just a thought, he activated the +13 effect of the egg.

No sooner did he mentally command the egg did he feel a portion of his soulforce be siphoned out from his body into the egg when he released it. If he had to guess, nearly 1000 points of soulforce had been used in that one instant!

At the same time, the power of an element he had never felt before began to form in front of him. Taking on the shape of a pitch-black crescent moon, it continued to grow in length as it expanded into the arc of his swing.

The egg had sliced open space itself!

He was stupefied. When the spatial blade touched the part of the cave walls it touched, the stone behind it disappeared without warning or sound. It was almost as if it the stone had been devoured!

Continuing for another hundred meters, the spatial blade then petered out of sight....

For a while, Bai Yunfei didn't know just how to respond to the hole left behind by the spatial blade.

"This....this was the spatial blade?!" He looked down at the egg in his hand tumultuously.

"Can....can I really use this egg in a fight?!" The shivers down his spine grew even more intense at the thought.

But the +13 additional effect was really something else! Any previous notion of 'I can't use this in a fight' was thrown straight out the window after he saw what it could do....

It was not only a powerful final move, but also a joke of a 'soul armament' that anyone would laugh their balls off.

TL Note: Untranslated pun where (Lit: egg pain) is a slang meaning to be "ball breaking".

So, how should he use this item?

He doubted he'd have the courage to pull out the egg to use in any fight....

But while Bai Yunfei was so caught up in his own troubles, he failed to notice that the egg in his left hand was starting to glow softly with several colors and the interior of the egg was starting to churn....

Bai Yunfei clenched his teeth together; what happened with the egg didn't matter anymore. Having his mind made up, Bai Yunfei took out a white piece of stone from his ring-it was the upgrade stone he had only just found in the cave!

"Worrying about the pros and cons is only going to be a pain in the ass, I found something completely by accident, so let that be it. Even if I rewind time and didn't find this egg or stone, it wouldn't be too big of a waste! But if I succeed in bringing this to +14, then who cares if people will laugh at me? If a brick can be used, why not an egg?!"

Motivating himself even more, Bai Yunfei's left and right hand collided with one another, bringing the egg and stone together!


A faint milky-white light emanated from the stone following his growl and enveloped the entire egg up in it shortly afterwards!

A prismatic ray of light shot out from the egg then. It was unable to escape from the milky-white layering over the egg, producing an extremely magnified burst of prismatic light!

The light show had been so blinding and sudden that even Bai Yunfei found himself blinded and nearly threw the egg away.

But the, a string of notifications began to make its way into his head, stopping him from doing anything....

Upgrade Successful

It had worked! The upgrade actually worked!! ......

Just the fact that the upgrade succeeded was enough to stop Bai Yunfei's heart, but the following notifications was the real stunner.


Equipment Grade: Mid Human

Elemental Affinity: Fire Wood, Wind, Lightning

Upgrade Level: +14

Attack: 360

Additional Attack: 1200

Soul Compatibility: 75%

+10 Additional Effect: 10% chance to...by 50% when attacking.

+12 Additional Effect: ....chance to inflict confusion for...seconds....

+13 Additional....spatial blade....


Upgrade Requirement: 75 Soulpoints


The first few lines of notification had been rather slow in coming out, but still within normal parameters. The lines after those were definitely growing more and more distorted and hazy. What came next could only be described by Bai Yunfei as his mind suddenly going fuzzy, like the screen of a TV showing static due to a disruption in signal receiving.

The notifications were flickering non-stop, the words were warping in on itself, and then after a second, the notification screen started to crumble away....

This too, felt like deja vu to Bai Yunfei. Back when he messed up the crafting process and ended up throwing in the Cataclysmic Seal, Bai Yunfei felt his mind go haywire just like it was doing now.

Just three seconds after the notification screen mishaps, Bai Yunfei felt a multi colored beam of light attack his eyes. But with the current problem with the notifications happening, Bai Yunfei could hardly care to notice the light.

Gradually, the notifications disappeared from sight, but before he could even react to that, something even more terrifying started to happen!!

In his left hand, the egg which had been shining furiously with light until now began to absorb any residual soulforce. The surrounding soulforce in the cave was sucked into the egg, and then not even a moment later, Bai Yunfei felt his own soulforce flooding into the egg as if a dam had broke!

Before Bai Yunfei could even properly register these events in his mind, half of his soulforce was already gone to the egg!

The first conscious thought he had was to throw the egg, but to add onto the nightmare, Bai Yunfei found himself unable to even move his hands. They were stuck to the egg like glue!

"F*ck, how did this happen? Stop dammit!!"

Howling furiously to himself, Bai Yunfei tried his best to wrench his hands apart, but it was no use.

He was at a loss for what to do. This was only supposed to be a careless upgrade, so how did it become something like this?

Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened before when he upgraded the egg when he expected it to, but now when he was convinced nothing special really would happen, it did!

How was he supposed to react to that?

And after several attempts to pull his hands away, a great deal of his soulforce was already taken away!

"Calm down! Just calm down!"

He bit his tongue in a forceful attempt to calm himself down. There wasn't any time to waste on frivolous thoughts or try to throw away the egg, so he abandoned that course of action.

With a mental command, the essence fireseed in him began to quiver as a tremendous amount of elemental fire began to join with his soulforce to enter the egg!

If he couldn't throw the egg away, he'd have to break it!

He expected to see the elemental fire to smash into the egg and break it to bits. What he didn't expect to see was the elemental fire to flow into the egg along with the soulforce and be absorbed!

To say he was completely scared beyond his wits would be an understatement!

And so, it was then that Bai Yunfei was horrified to find out the egg was not only absorbing soulforce, but the elemental fire in him!

Not even ten seconds had transpired from start to finish before Bai Yunfei felt his soulforce practically zero. Even his essence fireseed was starting to wane in strength!


Meanwhile, while Bai Yunfei was filled with despair in this conundrum, the sound of something else made itself known to his ears....