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 Chapter 399: An Uneggxpected Discovery (Third)

Right as the greenwold wolf was about to leap into the cave, a flash of green light flew overhead to enter the cave first!

That flash of light was Bai Yunfei!

Having flown onto the perch with his Tempest Sword, Bai Yunfei stared icily at the wolf, "Scram!!"

"Rrr...." The beginnings of a growl was making its way out from the wolf's throat when an indomitable amount of pressure began to flood it.

Straight away, the hairs on the wolf's body started to prickle up as an instinctive warning sign to tell it that it was no match for this human!

It was reluctant to leave, but even the wolf knew that only the strong survived, and the human was the clearly stronger one here.

With one last withering look at the cave behind Bai Yunfei, the wolf turned tail and trotted back into the forest, no longer to be seen.

Now that the wolf was gone, Bai Yunfei was free to do as he pleased. First, he looked to where the prisma oriole once. The fact that it killed itself surprised Bai Yunfei.

"It'd go to such extreme lengths to protect whatever's inside the cave...." sighed Bai Yunfei, "Wonder what's inside then?"

And so with curiosity deep in his mind, Bai Yunfei strode into the cave.

The cave wasn't very wide at about two meters wide, and not all too deep with there only being ten meters to walk.

Compared to the passageway, the dead end of the cave was slightly wider in circumference. Moss adorned the walls of the cave and parts of the ground, but aside from that, there was nothing else of notice.

Bai Yunfei took several small steps into the cave so he could look around, and when his eyes landed upon something, they widened in surprise.

"This is...."

Rather than a pile of rare treasure like Bai Yunfei expected, what he saw disappointed him.

"Is this really what the prisma oriole sacrificed its life to protect?"

A small 'nest' about two meters in circumference laid on top of the mossy center of the cave. Five separate eggs the size of footballs were neatly placed over the nest-these were the eggs of the prisma oriole.

As things turned out, the prisma oriole that sacrificed its life was a female, and the mother of these five eggs.

And since he had been expecting treasure rather than eggs, Bai Yunfei was rather disappointed at the outcome....

"You sacrificed your life to protect them, and yet you were still unable to protect them...." He sighed with pity.

Of the five eggs here, all five of them were completely without life.

Not a single crack was to be seen on these eggs, but Bai Yunfei could tell that the eggs were dead. Normally, eggs containing soulbeasts had signs of life that could be detected with soulforce, but these eggs were devoid of that.

It was most likely that the outbreak of energy the greenwood wolf unleashed with its elemental attack during the final moments of the battle had been powerful enough to shock and 'kill' the fragile soulbeasts within the eggs.

If these eggs were what the wolf wanted, it was no surprise that it tried so hard. The eggs could be used as a tonic with effects that were potentially better than the soulgem of any one prisma oriole.

"Ugh, I wasted my time for something like this? Prisma orioles might be priceless to some, but they're absolutely useless to me!" He ranted to himself. There was nothing else in the cave but these eggs, so Bai Yunfei felt it a waste of time to stay here any longer and prepare to leave.


But then a glint of light caught his attention. Freezing in his steps, Bai Yunfei turned back to the nest to look closely at it.

In between the eggs, there was a small fist-sized white stone.

"Could this be a....." Bai Yunfei's eyes widened, unsure if what he was seeing was actually real or not.

To confirm his doubts, his hands reached out and pressed a finger to it.

Unique Equipment

Equipment Grade: Mid Earth

Elemental Affinity: None

Special Effect 1: Increase chance of success when upgrading by 500%

Effect cannot be stacked with any other similar effects.

Special Effect 2: Increase chance of success when crafting by 300%.

Effect cannot be stacked with any other similar effects.

Cannot be upgraded.

A stream of information ran through Bai Yunfei's head.

"Haha!! An upgrade stone!" Bai Yunfei whooped in joy; he hadn't expected to 'pick up' an upgrade stone here of all places!

All of the earlier disappointment he was feeling was now completely gone. The upgrade stone made up for more than he wanted, and now, Bai Yunfei was excited enough to look more closely at the cave for anything else.

But none of the corners of the cave showed anything else of interest. Not even a second upgrade stone was found.

Presumably, the prisma oriole probably found this upgrade stone outside and took it home in hopes that the aura it was distributing would be able to strengthen its offspring.

Unwilling to give up, Bai Yunfei dug through the nest for anything else.

In the end, there was nothing.

"Haha, I was too greedy, just having one upgrade stone here is already a pretty good de....


His finger brushed against one of the eggs while he was speaking to himself, and when a stream of information began to flow into his mind, Bai Yunfei found himself going speechless.

Equipment Grade: Mid Human

Elemental Affinity: Fire, Earth, Metal, Lightning

Attack: 350

Upgrade Requirement: 75 Soulpoints

His fingers clasped tightly around the egg in disbelief, "This....this is equipment too?!"

What an utterly strange sight! A soulbeast egg had stats?! And that of a mid-human tier?!

Bai Yunfei released the egg from his hand, and then picked it up again to check.

It still had those stats.

The egg was indeed a mid-human tier piece of equipment.

"Is it because there's no life left in the egg?" Bai Yunfei conjectured. It was a relatively simple inference since the egg was indeed without life, but Bai Yunfei didn't understand how an egg that was basically the same as a rock would somehow become upgradeable.

As far as tiers go, even a soulbeast egg-which was several times harder than a rock, or even steel-would find it hard-pressed in being called a mid-human tier item.

What Bai Yunfei was interested most in was this one line in the stats where it labeled their elemental affinities. Some of the eggs had three affinities at the very least, and at most six!

He sat down next to the nest with one of the eggs with six affinities. Slowly rotating it over in his hands, Bai Yunfei looked closely at it, "Should I....upgrade it?"

A situation like this was a first for Bai Yunfei. Curious beyond curious, he ultimately decided to try and upgrade them to see what would happen. Upgrading wasn't a dangerous thing, so there was no harm in trying. If he left the eggs here, another soulbeast would eat them, so why not use them as experiments....?

Anxious for the results, Bai Yunfei grabbed one of the eggs.