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 Chapter 397: Guidance (First)

"Wait wait, hold on! Did you say you're Bai Yunfei?!"

Na Lanyin's head whipped back to Bai Yunfei, "Bai Yunfei....the same Bai Yunfei from the Crafting School?!"

Since he didn't ask before, Bai Yunfei thought Na Lanyin didn't know who he was; but it turned out that he was just slow on the uptake. "Yeah, that's me."

Surprisingly, Na Lanyin didn't seem to look shock after getting his confirmation. He only nodded, "I see, no wonder you had so many soul armaments. Even one of the Beast Taming School's elder wasn't able to compete with that...."

"Eh?" Bai Yunfei was the surprised one here, "You know what happened to me and the Beast Taming School?!"

He nodded, "I just so happened to see the fight. But since you looked like you had a handle on it, I didn't interfere, I hope you won't begrudge me for that?"

"How could I? You had nothing to do with it, so what reason would you need to join the fight?" Bai Yunfei shook his head, "Hold on, you said elder of the Beast Taming School?"

"Yeah, his name is Xing Yuan. Of the five elders of the school, he's the last and weakest of them."

"The fifth elder....and the weakest?!" Bai Yunfei was astounded, were the other elders all Soul Kings?!

Isn't....isn't this a little too ridiculous?

If he had to compare, the elders of the Crafting School were far weaker. Aside from Xiao Binzi, who was a Soul King, the second and third elders were only late-stage Soul Exalts. And the fourth elder Jiang Nan was only a mid-stage Soul Exalt.....

This of course, was only on the surface. Bai Yunfei knew that there were still plenty of predecessors locked up within the Northern Point, but he neither knew how strong they were or what they looked like.

"But what's an elder of the Beast Taming School doing here in the Soulbeast Forest? Is he looking for more soulbeasts?" Confusion was starting to settle in Bai Yunfei's mind now. He knew that he knew that the Soulbeast Forest was where the beast tamers usually went for soulbeasts, he didn't think that he'd meet one here of all places, and an elder of all people.

With that knowledge now, Bai Yunfei found it prudent to ask if Na Linyin had seen anyone else from the school.

"Ah, big brother Na Lanyin, yo-eh? Big brother? What's wrong?"

A strange gleam was in Na Lanyin's eyes, as though he was pleasantly surprised about something. Standing up, he spoke with great urgency, "Yunfei, something just came up, so I'll be leaving first!"

And before Bai Yunfei could reply, he ran straight out to the right!

"Big brother Na Lanyin...." He started to speak, but Na Lanyin was already gone.

All that was left was a single sentence.

"Yunfei, what you're looking for is to the northwest. You'll come across 'good luck' there!"


With Na Lanyin's aura quickly retreating away, Bai Yunfei didn't move from his spot until he couldn't even sense the other man's soulforce anymore.

"Coming and leaving so quickly. He's a busy guy, that Na Lanyin. How strange."

The rest of the fish was polished off by him in silent thought.

"The northwest, huh...."

Dusting himself off, Bai Yunfei stood up from his seat. "Well, I'll go that way tomorrow then."

What Na Lanyin said to him wasn't disregarded. His warning before back in Redfire City had been invaluable, since what he said had truly taken place in Curopia City. If not for his warning, Bai Yunfei would've regretted the events that happened there for his entire life.

Combined with the fact that Na Lanyin had a mid-heaven tier soul armament, Bai Yunfei was extremely curious on this mysterious person. He had a sneaking suspicion that Na Lanyin was from the Fate School, but before he could even ask, he was already gone.

Since Na Lanyin suggested he go northwest, Bai Yunfei decided to give up on his plan to go just north like before.


He glanced to his left, "Should be that direction, right?"

Not quite sure of the direction, Bai Yunfei shook his head and climbed up a nearby tree.

"Forget it, I'll figure it out when the sun's up. Time to rest!"


Meanwhile on the other side, Na Lanyin was making his way through the dark forest with his lips trembling somewhat as he muttered to himself. His left hand would often swap between gestures, and his right had a constant faint glow of white, that upon further investigation, revealed itself to be a palm-sized tortoise shell!

"Is it you? Are you the one able that's calling to me...."

Who he was speaking to was unknown.

"Are you really as mysterious as master says you are? I'm absolutely certain I want you as my partner, but did you know I was already coming? The feeling's weak, is this your test for me?

"Hehe, I'm excited. I'll definitely find you...."


On the morning of the second day, when the rays of the sun was bleeding through the leaves onto Bai Yunfei's face, he started to wake. Reaching a lazy hand up to rub his eyes, Bai Yunfei yawned and leapt down from the tree.

"Now, the sun's over there....so that means east is over....there. So this is northwest then." After a moment of observation, Bai Yunfei embarked onto his journey northwest.

Since Na Lanyin had told him to go northwest, Bai Yunfei was extremely careful to maintain this path, in case he got lost. Sometimes, he'd come across a soulbeast, but he'd defeat them and climb over their unconscious bodies in order to avoid a detour.


Half a month later, Bai Yunfei found himself starting to tire. The soulbeasts he was coming across were stronger than before, and in much denser amounts. Sometimes, Bai Yunfei was afraid to even initiate combat or peak the attention of a group of soulbeasts.

One morning, Bai Yunfei was eating his meal in the hidden mini-cave of a large tree. Once that meal was done, he'd continue on his journey.

"If nothing happens today, I'll give up for now. The path's a little different than before, but I'm pretty close to the center of the class six area, aren't I?" Bai Yunfei thought to himself.

"What kind of soulbeast will I find here? Those bloodfire wolves from yesterday weren't bad, but their self-awareness was practically nil...." After coming across the red magiboar and the quickshade bird, Bai Yunfei was adamant on finding a soulbeast as self-aware as they were.

"Maybe something like senior Jiang Nan's six-tailed firefox? But he found that by accident in the class six area, wonder if my luck will be good enough to find anything...."


A sudden explosion snapped Bai Yunfei out from his thoughts. Looking towards the direction of the blast, Bai Yunfei noticed two strong amount of soulforce conflicting with each other and dispersing large amount of elemental power into their surroundings.

"Eh? Is there a fight?!"

Eyes glowing with excitement, Bai Yunfei took out his Walk-on Strawhat to wear and began to conceal his soulforce to head straight for the area.