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 Chapter 394: Escaping

When Bai Yunfei was preoccupied with attacking the beast tamer, the thunderfire wolf' had stuck its claws through his barrier. This time, the barrier had only lasted half a second before shattering into pieces!

And this time, there was still enough power behind the wolf's claws to strike at Bai Yunfei's chest!

"Bang!" In a last ditch effort to save himself, he lifted his Returner Bracer to defend against the wolf's claw, drawing sparks and even bits of blood!

It wasn't enough to fully stop the wolf's claws from reaching him, but at the very least, the area protecting his heart was safe.

Then came a searing pain when the claws stabbed into his left shoulder!

He retreated a hundred meters away, and the thunderfire wolf came zig-zagging in hot pursuit! Even without the beast tamer to command the wolf, it was still able to follow his last command to bite Bai Yunfei to death!

"Time's almost up, I've got to go!" Bai Yunfei calculated, "Three seconds...I just need three seconds!"

It was unknown just what plan Bai Yunfei was thinking of, but his arms flashed through two hand seals before rushing back at the thunderfire wolf!

And the speed he was traveling at....was far faster than before!

Since the wolf was zigging back and forth, knowing just where it would attack from was very difficult. But with how fast Bai Yunfei was moving, he'd be able to contend with the wolf on equal grounds!

With both beast and human moving faster than lightning, not even a second transpired when Bai Yunfei cut off the thunderfire wolf! If it were any other soulbeast, this situation wouldn't startled them, but the thunderfire wolf wasn't the regular soulbeast. Now that its prey was right in front of it, it opened its jaws wide open to bite down on Bai Yunfei with fangs filled with both elemental fire and lightning!

Its jaws were situated so that it'd snap down onto Bai Yunfei's head full. If it connected, Bai Yunfei would be dead for sure.

Before it could bite, Bai Yunfei landed a ruthless right punch on the wolf's throat!

Eighty-one Fold Fist Force!!


The elemental fire from Bai Yunfei's fist clashed with the elemental fire and lightning from the thunderfire wolf's body in a chaotic explosion. And following the contact, the thunderfire wolf's body was sent flying into the forest!

In the moment of contact, Bai Yunfei's strength had reached the levels of a....mid-stage Soul Exalt!!

The moment was only that, though. A moment and nothing more, as if it was an illusion.

Thanks to the blow he dealt to the thunderfire wolf, Bai Yunfei had enough momentum in his attack to go even faster in the direction where the bloodlion was!

The fierce battle between the beast tamer and Bai Yunfei had only been just a few minutes. Those few minutes were long enough for the bloodlion to recover somewhat from its wounds, but the Eighty-one Fold Fist Force had still done enough damage to completely break all of its bones and rupture several internal organs!

Any other soulbeast would've succumbed to such wounds a long time ago, but to the bloodlion, a wound like this wasn't even fatal. Given enough time, it'd fully recover from its wounds.

But a few minutes was clearly not enough time.

So when it saw Bai Yunfei come charging at it, the bloodlion's eyes were filled with despair!

There was nothing it could do to escape!

Still, Bai Yunfei closed in on it without hesitation. His Fire-tipped Spear was already back in his right hand and ready to strike. With a swish, it flew forward to stab at the bloodlion with a glinting red light at its tip!

"Roar!!" Struggling to its feet, the bloodlion was operating in desperation now. Elemental fire leaked from its body as it prepared itself to make its final stand.

But it was...too late! Bai Yunfei's feet flashed with red light, aiding his speed forward by another magnitude and turning his figure into a shadow. Disappearing and reappearing in front the bloodlion, he stabbed outwards again to strike the bloodlion in the mouth!


Ninefold Stab!

The explosion effect of the spear was activated without mercy, and amidst the explosion of red light, the bloodlion was....completely blown apart!

Bai Yunfei twisted his arm, masterfully maneuvering the spear to retrieve the bloodlion's soulgem into the air. Catching it, Bai Yunfei turned away from the aftermath. His spear was replaced by the Tempest Sword so he could hop onto it, and in the next second, he flew off into the skies!

In a fluid motion of events, Bai Yunfei was already flying far away from the scene!

"Damnit!!" A furious roar sounded out from below. Right after Bai Yunfei had killed the bloodlion, another boom was heard from within the fiery maelstrom from the Dual Dragon Burst. A dreadful amount of soulforce was felt following the explosion, revealing the elemental fire protected beast tamer after all of the fire was blown away.

He looked very haggard compared to before the Dual Dragon Burst had hit him. Both of his sleeves were completely burned away, and his arms were flowing freely with blood. His hair was a mess, and his eyes were bloodshot; but most particularly was his face, which was distorted heavily in anger as if ready to devour someone.

He looked down at the segment of the forest where the thunderfire wolf was only just charging back out from, and then a little ways ahead, only to have his eyes widen in horror!

The bloodlion was dead, and Bai Yunfei was escaping with its soulgem in hand!

"Trying to run away?! You'll die here today!!" A scream filled with great fury erupted from his mouth; clearly denoting just how close he was to falling off the brink of rationality. His anger was followed by a meteoric flash of red light as he chased after Bai Yunfei!

His speed-aided by his anger-wasn't any slower than the Tempest Sword, and in no time at all, he was already a kilometer high into the air!

Bai Yunfei was already two kilometers away from the beast tamer however and was still gaining speed.

The distance was widened by another few kilometers when Bai Yunfei's Tempest Sword suddenly swerved left behind a mountain, and then....

Bai Yunfei's soulforce disappeared!

Just like if he died, Bai Yunfei's soulforce had vanished into thin air!

"What?!" Words couldn't even begin to describe what the beast tamer was feeling. A few minutes ago, he was locked onto Bai Yunfei's aura, and now, it was as if Bai Yunfei never existed to begin with!

Several precious seconds went by as the beast tamer tried his best to locate Bai Yunfei. His eyes scanned the horizon, and his soulsense was working furiously for even the smallest of traces beneath the sea of trees.

But the only thing he could sense was the aura of soulbeasts.

"Im....impossible!!" The amount of times he already muttered this word today was lost to him.

He was unwilling to give up the search though. Looking every within several kilometers, his eyes strained for even the smallest of caves that Bai Yunfei could've hid in.

But Bai Yunfei was still nowhere to be found.

Shock, confusion, anger, humiliation, and refusal....

These five emotions swam around the beast tamer's mind like fish. There was nothing he could do.

Nothing but to howl furiously to the heavens!


The man was an elder of the Beast Taming School! A beast tamer of mighty power and position! And yet, here he stood today, humiliated by a late-stage Soul Ancestor whelpling!

His mid-stage class six twin-headed vulture and seven early-stage class five dreamwind hawks were dead, the precious mid-stage class six three-eyed bloodlion he had his eyes on was killed, and his enemy....had successfully fled!!

All of his anger was practically tearing apart his body to come out from him, and screaming had only alleviated just a sliver of that anger....


Something caught his attention.

Whirling around to glare at a mountain point a few hundred meters away, he roared, "Who's there?! Come on out!"

A small fluctuation of soulforce caught his attention just a moment ago. In his anger, the beast tamer had completely disregarded the source, but now that he was slightly calmer than before, he finally noticed that this source of soulforce had a mysterious method of hiding themselves.

The fact that this person could hide himself so well made him wary. He himself didn't think that there'd be anyone possible of concealing their auras as well as he could and still hide close enough without being detected.

That didn't stop him from commanding his thunderfire wolf after the figure though. Stopping midway between the figure and the beast tamer, the wolf growled dangerously.

A sliver of blood remained on the wolf's fangs from its final gambit with Bai Yunfei, but the wounds it suffered from him wasn't too debilitating.

"Haha....have no fear senior, this one means no ill will." The figure chuckled. Even from two hundred meters away, the chuckle was still audible enough for the beast tamer to hear before the figure stepped out from behind the stone he was hiding from.

Illuminated by the moonlight, it was easy for the beast tamer to see that this newcomer was a gray-robed young man of his thirties. His hair flowed freely behind his handsome, but slightly scrawny face. He had a small beard on his chin that was clearly not routinely kept, and his facial expression was that of a frivolous person.

If Bai Yunfei was still here, he'd be able to recognize this person straight away since this was the person who once gave him 'advice' back in Redfire City....

Na Lanyin!!