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 Chapter 390: The Decisive Blow!

Still standing in his original position, Bai Yunfei continued to transmit his soulforce from his body into the Cataclysmic Seal floating in front of him. Since the Cataclysmic Seal's consumption of soulforce wasn't fast enough to keep with the demand, Bai Yunfei saw fit to transmit his soulforce in it as well.

Bai Yunfei's very person wasn't viewable from the outside due to the amount of orange light being shone from the barrier. Inversely, this also meant that Bai Yunfei wasn't able to see what was going on on the outside.

But just from sound alone-there were explosions happening every few seconds-Bai Yunfei could tell that the bloodlion was attacking the barrier again and again.

"This is the fourth time! If I let his go on, I won't have any other choice!!" Gloom filled Bai Yunfei's face, his mind racing to come up with a solution, "I've only ten minutes left in my 'coil' form. This bloodlion's mental attacks are annoying, but in the end, it's all a matter of who can outlast the other, and..."


Another wave of dizziness flooded his mind before the +12 ring on his right hand diluted the effects. Brought back to a state of semi-clarity again, Bai Yunfei felt the bloodlion's attacks renew on his barrier, causing it to weaken even more!

Two seconds passed before Bai Yunfei was back to full status, to which he immediately started to fill his barrier with soulforce.

But something was amiss.

"Did it....stop?"

After experiencing the mental attacks several times by now, Bai Yunfei's senses were starting to get a feel for things. Just seemingly, the follow-up of the bloodlion after a mental attack just....didn't match up!

"Am I seeing things?" Bai Yunfei's eyebrows scrunched together. He wasn't a hundred percent sure, but a guess was already brewing in him, "If not, then 'that' will be the time to strike!"

Again and again, the bloodlion roared in anger while raining down bursts of elemental fire against the barrier without pause. It was a little frantic now, as it originally thought it could easily defeat the human if it used its ultimate move.

But then came this stalemate where the bloodlion had already used its mental attack several times now without success!!

The earth barrier this human was using was far too annoying to get rid of and was practically harder to penetrate than the shell of an early-stage class six rockshell tortoise. If not for the barrier, the human behind it would've been turned into paste a long time ago.

If its rate of soulforce usage was to be relied on, the bloodlion had only ten minutes left before its tank would run empty. And if that were to happen, it'd be unable to battle, meaning that escape was the only possible solution after that. But....was that really it??

The very notion of fleeing was met with indignation by the bloodlion.

It was the sovereign of this area, it would not simply relinquish its hold on its territory just like so!

It could tell that as long as it maintained its mental attacks in conjunction with the bursts of elemental fire, the barrier would give away sooner or later, and the human behind it would die, it'd just need to keep on firing!!

The bloodthirst in the soulbeast was at its peak.

"Damnit damnit! That's another two minutes lost! If this goes on, I'll be in danger!!" A sense of urgency was starting to kick in in Bai Yunfei as well. Time had been spent waiting for the optimal moment to strike, and he had only just about gave up trying to attack in between the mental attacks in favor of focusing on defending.

This situation right now was completely taxing on Bai Yunfei's mind. If this goes on, I'll be in danger!" A sense of urgency swelled up in Bai Yunfei's mind. All of his efforts had gone towards enduring these attacks in order to wait for the most optimal time to strike, but to take such a passive course of action didn't sit right with Bai Yunfei and was very taxing on him.

Another mental attack came at Bai Yunfei just as he recovered from the initial one and was preparing to beef up the defenses of his barrier again.

Who knew that the bloodlion would roar again at that moment!

After recovering from another mental attack, Bai Yunfei was just about to reinforce the barrier, the bloodlion roared once more!

It was attacking with a mental attack yet again!


Fear and apprehension flooded Bai Yunfei's eyes. If the mental attack were to hit him now, he'd lose the barrier once in for all.

The Yun's Soul Ring on his left hand flashed with light once to cover Bai Yunfei's body with it, removing the feeling of dizziness away from his mind!

"It's here!!" Was the first reaction of Bai Yunfei. The moment he was waiting for this entire time had finally appeared!

+12 Additional effect of the Yun's Soul Ring, activate!

10% chance to be completely immune to a mental attack.

Cooldown of 1 hour.

Complete immunity to mental attacks....this was the moment Bai Yunfei was waiting for!

He gave up on trying to reinforce his barrier. With this opportunity given to him now, Bai Yunfei looked to the bloodlion. The light hadn't even fully left its third eye and elemental fire was still being gathered in the soulbeast, meaning there was plenty of opportunities for Bai Yunfei to attack with!

"Here it is!" Bai Yunfei was ecstatic. After using its mental attack, the bloodlion was in a state of vulnerability!

Excited as he was, it didn't impact how he moved. With the Yun's Soul Ring's effect activated, he could charge head on without hesitation!

"Whoosh!" His right hand swung forward to shoot out a single explosive flying dagger at the bloodlion's third eye!

This one flying dagger was much stronger than the previous ones he threw, and when it closed in on the bloodlion's head, it exploded straight away!

"Roarr!!!!" A pain-filled roar came from the bloodlion. Now that its vulnerable moment was over, the bloodlion came back to its senses just in time to feel extreme pain!

With the explosive flying dagger exploding, the bloodlion was naturally forced to shut its eyes close.

Despite being aimed at the third eye, the flying dagger wasn't meant to explode and destroy it, but to deliver a burst of elemental fire to each of its three eyes to give its soulsense a huge jolt in the senses!

His left hand came up after the flying dagger was thrown to release the Cataclysmic Seal. Orange light was replaced by red, and its shape expanded in size with each inch it made towards the soulbeast. By the time ten meters of distance was covered, the brick was already the size of a door and was still increasing in size.

And while the soulbeast was busying roaring in pain from the dagger, the Cataclysmic Seal struck it!!

"Bang!!" The bloodlion's body lifted off from the ground when the brick struck, and two sharp teeth of the bloodlion was ejected out from its mouth upon contact.

One flying dagger, one brick, and a short distance later, Bai Yunfei was just about to strike upon the bloodlion with his own fists!

He paused for a moment with his right foot sinking two inches deep into the ground behind him. Arching his back, his left palm extended towards the bloodlion's head as his right hand clenched. He twisted his back and primed his right arm, allowing his soulforce to turn the right hand alight with elemental fire!

There was half a second of pause before the light in Bai Yunfei's eyes hardened. Then, his right fist punched at the bloodlion's belly!

Ten percent power; Eighty-one Fold Fist Force!!


There was a sickening crunch of bone and flesh as the bloodlion's massive body was sent flying like a bullet through the air, blood streaming out from its mouth and nose without stop!

But that wasn't the end!

Eyeing the airborne bloodlion, Bai Yunfei's arms withdrew to his sides. Clapping, he folded his fingers over each other first before going through a series of complicated hand seals. With both essence fireseeds churning violently now, the elemental fire in him was about to erupt!

It took two seconds for the final hand seal to be finished and his arms now back at his sides. Elemental fire coiled around both arms in tremendous amounts, like they were two malevolent dragons ready to be let loose.

This move was....the Dual Dragon Burst!

Now that the bloodlion was two hundred meters away and on the ground, Bai Yunfei's eyes glinted. Now was the time to strike!

His arms twisted in preparation to punch....

The fiery dragons coiled around his arms were already starting to come out when Bai Yunfei suddenly leapt forward. He spun around in a half-circle to punch out not in the direction of the bloodlion, but to release the two dragons in the opposite direction!!