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 Chapter 388: Fighting a Bloodlion Solo

The fireball dragged against the ground in a gravity-defying act of traveling straight forwards. Filled with a decent portion of the bloodlion's strength, the fireball moved without deviation to strike down the unconscious Zhang Yunpeng and Han Yan who was healing him!

And neither of the two would even be able to move away from being hit!

With how fast the fireball was moving, a weak Soul Sprite like Han Yan wouldn't even have a snowball's chance of dodging it.

Even with how much they wanted to save her, Zhou Feng and Kun weren't fast enough to do so. Long's body flashed with purple light as he tried to concentrate, but then another violent mouthful of blood was coughed out from his exertion!


And just like that, the fireball exploded onto the ground, devouring at the space where Han Yan and Zhang Yunpeng were!


Ye Zi cried, tears brimming in her eyes. Zhou Feng and the others were all looking on in despair as well.


It was Long who first realized something was off. Where was Bai Yunfei?

He was only just right next to him a second ago, but where he was now?!

Using his soulsense, Long's eyes widened with surprise when he realized what had happened.

"They're alright! Brother Bai...."

The dust kicked up by the fireball was starting to clear away now, revealing a translucent orange barrier in its place!

The red-washed figure of Bai Yunfei stood behind the barrier with his right hand stretched outwards. The Cataclysmic Seal was clenched in his hand, and the orange barrier had erected itself two meters in front of the brick to protect the three of them behind it.

From the aura Bai Yunfei was radiating now, he was as strong as an...early-stage Soul Exalt!

Dual Flame Arts: 'Coil' form!

"I'll hold it off, you guys get back, now!" He yelled, startling the group into action.

Beneath his legs, purple light was already starting to spark to life, allowing Bai Yunfei to Flash Step past Zhou Feng and Kun to fight the enraged three-eyed bloodlion with his Fire-tipped Spear.

The bloodlion had noticed the change that overcame Bai Yunfei with just a brief pause. When it noticed Bai Yunfei coming rapidly for it, the bloodlion roared angrily and pounced forward to meet him head on with its claws!


Man and soulbeast clashed against each other in the form of claws versus Cataclysmic Seal. The Fire-tipped Spear had been knocked aside by another one of the bloodlion's claws, but Bai Yunfei managed to land a kick onto the flank of the bloodlion, only to hiss in pain. It felt as though he had kicked an iron plate, and the recoil forced him to take three steps back.

Though at the very least, he managed to force the bloodlion back as well.

For the sake of buying enough time for everyone else to run away, Bai Yunfei couldn't take even a single second to relax. Pushing off against the ground, he made another attempt to rush for the bloodlion again.

One after another, the bloodlion and Bai Yunfei clashed against each other. Only the angry roars of the soulbeast and the metallic clanging between their weapons were heard with each clash. Thanks to Bai Yunfei's 'coil' form, he was able to temporarily gain the strength of an early-stage Soul Exalt.

But compared to the mid-stage class six three-eyed bloodlion, there was still a very large gap that had yet to be bridged!

With each time the bloodlion struck against his Cataclysmic Seal, Bai Yunfei tried his best to find a way to use either the Fire-tipped Spear, the Cataclysmic Seal, or even his flying daggers to bring down the bloodlion.

Several dozen exchanges were had with Bai Yunfei having yet to be harmed-physically at least.

Using the Cataclysmic Seal to defend against the bloodlion was extremely effective, but it was also very draining in terms of soulforce. There were even some times where Bai Yunfei hadn't been able to use enough soulforce to properly insulate himself from the blows, leading to several near-misses from a serious injury.

It was fortunate that his soulforce was much higher than the average soul cultivator. His regeneration wasn't small by any means either, so he was able to maintain a calm demeanor throughout his fight.

"Bang!" Yet again, the Cataclysmic Seal blocked against the bloodlion's pouncing swipe. Readjusting itself, the Cataclysmic Seal withdrew its orange glow before pulsating with a powerful red glow instead. Flying at the bloodlion's waist, it flew quickly to try and strike it down, only for the tail of the bloodlion to come up!


Upon contact, the Cataclysmic Seal was sent rebounding away!

Its tail was a surprisingly powerful tool!

However, there was a difference this time when the two struck! A wave of fire manifested outside of the barrier and wrapped around the bloodlion's tail. As soon as it completely surrounded the tail, the halo of fire contracted rapidly to constrict around the entirety of the soulbeast's body!

+10 Additional effect of the Cataclysmic Seal, Flame Twister!

10% chance to activate 'Flame Twister' and restrict the mobility of another by 10% for a maximum of ten seconds upon attacking.

Cooldown of 1 minute.

There was a noticeable difference in the bloodlion's movements after the Flame Twister had activated. Despite being a fire-type soulbeast, the Flame Twister wasn't something it could adjust and adapt to!

Eyes lighting up at the chance presented to it, Bai Yunfei moved swiftly to the bloodlion and stabbed at its throat with his Fire-tipped Spear!

Whilst moving slower than before, the bloodlion hadn't lost the entirety of its battle prowess. Dodging the spear by crouching, the bloodlion was able to avoid the spear by having it graze over the top of its head. Then, by arching its back to build up power in its front legs, it pushed off against the ground to retreat backwards and avoid Bai Yunfei from making a follow up.

Harrumphing, Bai Yunfei leapt forward once again. Since the soulbeast wasn't yet off the effects of the Flame Twister, he'd make use of the chances provided to him. He grabbed hold of the Cataclysmic Seal with his left hand and concentrated its elemental fire into the brick for a normal strike with it!

Without hesitation, he slammed the brick down onto the right part of the bloodlion's waist!

Threefold Slap!

A move that hadn't seen the light of day in battle for a very long time, but a useful move nonetheless. The sound of contact was heard when the brick slapped against the soulbeast, but the bloodlion didn't look like it was hurt.

But then in the next second, its body was sent flying away without warning!!

+13 Additional Effect, Hurl!

"Roarrr!!" The soulbeast was caught completely off guard from this out-of-the-blue effect. In an attempt to stop itself from flying away, the soulbeast tried using its elemental fire, but to no avail.

An irresistible force was forcibly moving the bloodlion, and even with its best attempts, it wasn't able to do anything to stop it!

Due to its air-borne status, the bloodlion was at its most vulnerable state yet.

But even with such a great opportunity to attack, Bai Yunfei had instead....turned towards the other direction!

The direction where the corpse of the purple-crowned snake was!

With a few leaps, Bai Yunfei arrived at the snake's head. The Fire-tipped Spear made quick work of the corpse, and in just one swing, the entirety of its head was completely detached from the snake's body.

Grabbing hold of the head, he tossed it with all his might!

"Long, catch!!"

At some point during Bai Yunfei's battle with the bloodlion, Long managed to reach the area where Zhang Yunpeng was to move him farther away from battle with the others.

When Long heard his name, his head snapped back just in time to see a purple object come flying at him. His hand caught the object, but then when he realized exactly what it was, his jaws dropped open, "This is..."

"The snake's crown, take it!" Kun cried out in joy.

"I'll deal with this soulbeast, get away from here as fast as you can. The farther the better, and don't come back!"

Twirling his spear, Bai Yunfei turned back to look in earnest at the re-orientated bloodlion.

"Don't be brave!" Long snapped, "I'll escort the others to safety and come back to he-"

"Forget it!! I won't argue any more, I've it covered! You guys have the crown, so leave the forest!" Interrupted Bai Yunfei right as the bloodlion pounced at him.

"You guys got what you came for, I'll be staying here to continue my training, so this is where we say our goodbyes!"


This wasn't an answer they were expecting to get.

While what he was saying was true, to leave him here to fight while they fled was a little....

"Brother Bai-"

"Shut up and do as I say!!" Bai Yunfei snapped, anger radiating in his eyes.

Long had been listening to the conversation in silence, as if thinking of his decision. With that final line from Bai Yunfei, he turned around to the others. "Got it, we're leaving then!!"

"But-" Ye Zi began.

"We'll just be a burden if we stay any longer." Knowing that such a response would come, Long interrupted her. Already had he grabbed onto Zhang Yunpeng so that they could run away.

The injured Xiao Kong was already being cradled by Kun, meaning that there was nothing else they had to do. Everyone gave one final look to Bai Yunfei in gratitude before running away with Long to flee the forest....

"Whew...." Bai Yunfei sighed. "What are you going to chase now? Your opponent is me!!"

Stomping heavily onto the ground, he flew towards the soulbeast with renewed vigor to stop the bloodlion from chasing after the others.

Forced to move to the side to dodge, the bloodlion turned around to glare furiously at Bai Yunfei. Indignation was in full force in its eyes, and with a mighty roar, it dove at Bai Yunfei to try and tear him to pieces.

The rapidly dwindling auras of Long and the others as they made their escape wasn't lost on Bai Yunfei. Smiling in the fact that they would be safe, he twirled his spear and beckoned at the bloodlion.

"Well then....I'll take you on here and now!"