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 Chapter 386: Three-eyed Bloodlion!

Just about a kilometer away from the mountain, an area of a hundred meters circumference was completely obliterated. Where trees once stood, craters and rubble was all that remained from the result of battle between the two soulbeasts. Two glows, purple and red, flickered and glowed in the night, illuminating the skies like two candle wicks so that the nearby area was made completely visible.

Of the two soulbeasts, one of them was about two meters thick, and almost fifty meters long. It was a large snake with three large horns on the top of its head, forming the shape of a purple-colored flash crown. Its entire body was washed with purple light, and whenever it opened its mouth to hiss, several streaks of purple lightning would spark outwards. Plenty of elemental lightning was already fully manifested in the form of lightning bolts that arced around the area around it, turning it into an electric field.

This was without a doubt the soulbeast Zhang Yunpeng was looking for, the purple-crowned snake.

Not too far away from the purple-crowned snake was the other soulbeast, a being with crimson-red light flickering off its body like the tongues to fire. From far away, the silhouette of the soulbeast made it resemble the shape of a large bison, but at a closer look, the large mane of a lion was clearly visible.

But the most particular detail about the soulbeast was the fact that it had three eyes!!

The fur on its body was red like fire-no-, it'd be more accurate to say that it was like red like blood.

It was an abnormally strange sight, but at the same time, it was also a very intimidating one. Not only did it give off a tyrannical feeling when looked at, there was also the nauseating stench of blood coming off from it.

This soulbeast was a particularly rare breed, a three-eyed bloodlion!!

The bloodlion was moving swiftly this way and that to weave in between the tail strikes of the purple-crowned snake. Each successful dodge was accompanied by an attempt to strike down the snake, but its claws only managed to spark against its purple scales.

From how the two soulbeasts were fighting, their auras pegged them both as early-stage class six soulbeasts! That was the equivalent to a Soul Exalt!

To demonstrate the parallels between the two, this bloodlion was skywalking just like a soul cultivator to dance and dodge the snake's strikes. With each paw stomp, there'd be a flash of elemental fire, and then the bloodlion would leap nimbly up into the sky again.


"Its...it's a three-eyed bloodlion!!" Terror filled Zhang Yunpeng's eyes, "It's here! It's here!! Why of all things is that here?!"

His reaction took the rest of the group off guard. No one expected him to react so strongly, and so randomly, to this soulbeast. Not only was he terror-stricken, the man had also taken several steps back in his fear-so much that if not for Zhou Feng grabbing onto him, Zhang Yunpeng would've fallen off the mountain they were on.

"Boss Zhang, what's wrong? What do you mean by 'it'? Just what...." Bai Yunfei started, but halfway through his words, a random thought flashed into his mind, "boss Zhang, don't tell me this three-eyed bloodlion...."

The rest of the group was slowly coming to the same conclusion Bai Yunfei had and were staring at Zhang Yunpeng for confirmation.

Somehow managing to bring his fear into control, Zhang Yunpeng exhaled slowly, but his arms could still be seen trembling on their own. Looking back up at the two fighting soulbeasts, Zhang Yunpeng spoke quiveringly, "Yes....this three-eyed bloodlion is the very same one I met five years ago!! I'm not wrong. I'd never forget this bloodlion! This aura, its sickening aura, and its cut-off tail!"

Everyone looked back to the bloodlion, except for Han Yan whose strength wasn't high enough for her to see to clearly.

But as Zhang Yunpeng described, the bloodlion that was still dodging the snake's attack had indeed a short tail!

It was....unexpected. Not only did they come across a purple-crowned snake, it was fighting against the very same soulbeast that once killed off the team Zhang Yunpeng was in, the three-eyed bloodlion!!

Needless to say, it was a coincidental meeting of massive proportions.

Almost too massive to even believe.

But nonetheless, Zhang Yunpeng's current state of emotions could hardly be blamed on him.

"Brother, calm down!! Did you forget what our goal is?! The snake's right in front of us, we need to find a way to get its head and bring it back to save your wife!!" Grabbing hold of his shoulders, Ye Zi shook him furiously so as to try and wake him up.

Her treatment was clearly effective on the man, as Zhang Yunpeng's eyes seemed to clear up a bit. While still not fully recovered, the traumatized look in on his face was abated to some degree.

"Don't you worry, Yunpeng. You're not the same person you were those years ago. You're far stronger than before, and you've with us to help you fight this time! We might not all be strong enough, but we've Long, a late-stage Soul Ancestor! And there's Bai Yunfei, the class six soulbeast slayer! We'll definitely get that purple-crowned snake!" Kun slapped Zhang Yunpeng on the shoulder in motivation.

"But....it's a class six soulbeast! The bloodlion will definitely be stronger than it was three years ago! Back then, it was an early-stage class six, it'll definitely be a mid-stage class six soulbeast now...." Zhang Yunpeng spoke.

After a while of surveying the battlefield, Long spoke, "But isn't it fighting the purple-crowned snake on even grounds right now? Seems like a chance to me if they're both equal strengths, we'll just wait for the right moment and seize advantage! When both sides are hurt, we might even be able to get both the snake and the lion's body! We'll be getting revenge for your lost friends along with helping your wife."


Zhang Yunpeng was silent, and his fists were clenched tight. Watching the two soulbeasts fight, his fists subconsciously clenched tightly into itself before the right fist was raised up in front of his face. Closing his eyes, he breathed in, and breathed out. In, and out.

Then he opened his eyes again. This time, with determination rather than fear.

"Alright, you make a good point! It took us hell to find this purple-crowned snake, we're not going to let it go by without a fight!" His voice boomed. "Long's right, we have our best chance when the two soulbeasts are fighting! We'll approach it carefully, and wait for when both sides are critically injured or when one of them are dead. We must get that purple-crowned snake!"

"Zhou Feng and Kun, you two aren't strong enough, so try not to get involved if you can. Actually, I probably won't be much help either. Long, I'll be counting on you! And if things get really bad, we may need your help, brother Bai...." As he was speaking, he noticed Bai Yunfei was looking off to the side, "Brother Bai, we'll have to rely on yo-brother Bai?"

"Ah? Oh, don't worry, I'll do my best to help you get that snake!" Somewhat in a daze before he was spoken to, it took two calls to him before Bai Yunfei replied.

But still, an odd light flickered in his eyes.

"Alright, hide your auras and get ready to close in!"


Due to the chaotic influx of elemental force, the group was able to advance closer to the battlefield without much trouble. Roughly ten minutes later, they stopped two hundred meters from the two.

From his spot behind a tree trunk, Zhang Yunpeng whispered to the others, "Alright, we'll hide here and wait f-"


Before he could even finish his sentence, the loud roar of a lion immediately cut into his sentence, causing everyone to shiver slightly from the amount of elemental fire washing over them. A shrill hiss was heard within this roar, and just slightly after that, everyone felt the aura of the snake drop drastically!

Blanching, Zhang Yunpeng turned to look at the fight, only to see the snake on the ground.

But its head wasn't in one piece. The lower half the snake's mandible had been completely torn off from its head!!

All that was a small segment of the jaw that hung uselessly near its neck-even the forked tongue of the snake had been ripped out!

Blood gushed out like a small river from the snake's jaws as it stood in front of the three-eyed bloodlion.

On the other side, the bloodlion raised its head up to the skies to let loose a loud roar!