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 Chapter 384: Fighting a Pack of Wolves


A wolf's howl echoed through the silent night, shattering the tranquility that was there before.

Within the depths of the class five area of the Soulbeast Forest, countless lights of elemental power flashed throughout the forest.

"Damnit!! Don't let it call for its pack! If we don't leave right after we kill it, we're going to be in danger!!"

A hurried voice spoke out from one of the dazzling flashes of light; it was Zhang Yunpeng.


Lifting a pistol up, Bai Yunfei aimed it towards the giant lunarwind wolf that was howling and fired off a shot. A bullet of fire traveled with explosive speeds towards the wolf, but as it approached, the wolf's entire body flashed green for a split moment before moving almost effortlessly towards the side to dodge it. However, the bullet didn't fly onwards in its original path and swerved around to chase after the wolf!

Growling at the homing bullet, the wolf stood its ground rather than attempt to dodge again. Greenish light started to brighten its right paw in preparation for an attack, and when the bullet was within range, it swiped at it with astounding speeds!


Like the blossoming of a flower, the fire bullet exploded outwards in a flurry of elemental fire before being scattered away by the elemental wind gathered by the wolf.

The homing bullet fired from the Fire Eagle had been dispersed without trouble!!

"Tsk! It's very close to becoming an early-stage class six soulbeast if the Fire Eagle can't even harm it!" Annoyance flashed across Bai Yunfei's mind as he blocked a claw swipe from another mid-stage class five gale wolf. With a kick, he sent the wolf flying away before slamming the spear in his left hand across another wolf trying to ambush him. The Fire Eagle in his right hand disappeared back into his right hand so he could swap the spear back to it, and with a mighty stab, he speared a third wolf straight through its body from the right.

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

Three separate blades of wind came for his head from behind, prompting Bai Yunfei to twirl his spear around to block it. Just barely managing to block all three blades, Bai Yunfei was then quickly assaulted by three more gale wolves.

"Tsk! There's even more of them now!" Before he could even finish off the first three mid-stage class five wolves, another two were already surrounding him from behind.

He'd kill one wolf in an instant, but another two would quickly take its place....



From behind, a deep growl made itself known to Bai Yunfei's ears just in time for him to turn around to see Zhang Yunpeng leap up into the skies. Twirling his golden staff fast enough to blur its shape, Zhang Yunpeng shot down a dozen golden flashes of light onto the pack of wolves. These golden flashes of light looked slightly similar to how the stars in the skies were like, and with several banging sounds, half of the wolves were struck by the lights.

"Eek!!" From another direction, a golden shadow shot forth from wolf to wolf in the surviving half of the wolf pack. Thrashing outwards with its muscular arms, five separate flashes of elemental metal immediately tore apart at the throat of a wolf. It leapt into the middle of the wolf pack right after, and with each swing of its arm, yet another wolf would fall prey to it.

Zhang Yunpeng's macaque soulbeast was taking part in the battle!

On the other side of the battlefield, Zhou Feng and Kun were wielding a dagger and longsword to protect Ye Zi and Han Yan from the incoming wolves around them.

To the north, several flashes of purple arced out one after another as Long was killing the dozens of wolves around him by himself.

Truly, this battle was a chaotic one....

The team had already experienced plenty of class five soulbeasts during their time in this part of the forest, but this particular one was the most difficult. By complete accident, the team had somehow stumbled upon the resting grounds of a pack of gale and lunarwind wolves, leading to them being ambushed before any preliminary preparations could be made. At first, there was only thirty of them to worry about with just a late-stage class five soulbeast and a mid-stage class five soulbeast, but then halfway through the battle, the wolf leader had summoned the rest of its pack with its howl!

Then came hundreds of class five gale wolves, thrusting them all into a long and arduous battle.

Unfortunately for Bai Yunfei, the most optimal time for him to use his gun fu had been missed when all of the wolves were surrounding him. Even more importantly, the pack leader as currently staring down Bai Yunfei without at all dropping its guard. Consequentially, this left Bai Yunfei with no room to try and land a fatal shot on the wolf, no matter how much he tried.

Another ten minutes or so went by before Bai Yunfei started to feel as though he was trying to fight off a second coming of the soulbeast wave. Furthermore, they were in the Soulbeast Forest, making this situation even more dangerous than before!!


Activating the explosion effect of the spear once another wolf was caught on it, Bai Yunfei killed off the wolves surrounding it before taking the opportunity to try and ambush the pack leader again.

Concentrated on his task, Bai Yunfei maintained a very stoic expression on his face despite the slightly rushed spear stroke. His situation right now might be slightly worse for wear, but it wasn't unsalvageable just yet since he hadn't used his Cataclysmic Seal just yet.

Gaining experience through battle was the entire point of why he was even here in the first place; if he used the Dual Flame Arts or the Cataclysmic Seal to resolve his problems, then that'd ruin the entire point of his trip.

On the other hand, Zhang Yunpeng and his team were by no means as calm. Without his ability to recover soulforce and improve it to several levels higher than it should be, a dragged out battle was not optimal at all. Some of them were already starting to tire.


Loud and clear, a wolf's howl was heard once again. This time, from farther away.

Despite the distance, every person there-Bai Yunfei included-stiffened in fear, "A....class six soulbeast!!

"It's about time, can't delay any more!" Sensing the tremendous amount of soulforce, Bai Yunfei decided to end the battle. Class six soulbeasts weren't soulbeasts that could be killed at a whim, and with practically a thousand class five gale wolves, this battle was a mini soulbeast wave in itself!!

"We can't stick around, get ready to leave, everyone!" Bai Yunfei yelled aloud. Stepping forward, he leapt ten meters into the air with his Fire-tipped Spear disappearing back into his ring. In its place, the Cataclysmic Seal flew overhead with his second fireseed already wafting into his chest. Going through a series of hand seals, Bai Yunfei immediately felt the soulforce within him start to explode in intensity.

"There's no time to waste, I'll finish this off in a minute! Dual Flame Arts....'Coil'!!"

Now at the final moments of his hand seals, Bai Yunfei waited for the 'coil' form start to manifest over himself.

Due to his airborne status, the hundred wolves there immediately made him a target for their sharp claw swipes to strike him down.


But with one explosive sound, Bai Yunfei was seen shooting straight up into the air as if he was leaping! His feet pushed off a flash of red light with each step, sending him even higher and higher up into the skies!

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The blades of elemental wind exploded one after another as Bai Yunfei appeared almost instantaneously right in front of the pack leader!!

The wolf was caught completely off guard. Unable to even understand how Bai Yunfei was even able to move so fast, the wolf didn't even have enough time to react as Bai Yunfei lashed out with a punch befitting that of a Soul Exalt.

As soon as the deed was done, Bai Yunfei's right hand waved around to collect the wolf's body into his ring. Without a skip in his step, the class five wolves surrounding him were then struck down before they could properly defend themselves.


"Three Swords Style.....Five Hundred Lightnings!!"


"Hundred Blades Slash!"


On the other end of the battlefield, Zhang Yunpeng and the others were using their strongest moves as well. Faced with overwhelming numbers, the group was forced to retreat or be killed. Without the pack leader alive anymore, the wolf pack wouldn't be as threatening.

Many of the wolves were already starting to show signs of cowering when faced against Bai Yunfei.


Giving the command, Bai Yunfei shot towards the group to convene with them before running through the opening on the right to escape....