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 Chapter 382: Becoming Famous Again

Up in the skies, the three men were flying back towards Beast Suppression City when one of the two Soul Exalts asked, "Vice lord-mayor, is that young man really....the disciple rumored to be taken in by headmaster Zi Jin two years ago?"

"There shouldn't be any mistake. Would there really be a person brave enough to pretend to be someone else?" The other Soul Exalt spoke, "But...was that mid-stage class six hillbeast really killed by him alone? Isn't that just a little too unbelievable?"

A while back, the three of them were fighting the brunt of the soulbeast wave with the other soul cultivators. The aura of the hillbeast had naturally caught their attention, but before they could rally enough soul cultivators to head over to fight it, its aura was snuffed away shortly afterwards, causing no small amount of shock. Only Xia Zhengyan was able to sense what had gone on with his soulsense, so he came over to the area as soon as the battle was over/

"If he couldn't do the impossible, then he'd be a mockery of a disciple of senior Zi Jin." Xia Zhengyan explained, "I heard two years ago he managed to kill an early-stage Soul Exalt as a mid-stage Soul Ancestor. How surprising it is to see his strength increased by such a large amount, and to do something like this no less....

"In the future, our world will have yet another young prodigy...."


Once Xia Zhengyan and the others had flown away, Bai Yunfei turned around to look at the others, only to start when he realized everyone was looking curiously at him, as if looking at a strange new thing.

"Er....what are you all looking at?" Bai Yunfei touched at his body unconsciously, thinking that there was something on him.

"Brother Bai....are...are you really from the Crafting School?" The first to speak was the youngest one there, Han Yan, who stared incredulously at him with curious eyes.

"Ah, so that's what they're surprised about...."

"Haha, I am indeed a student there."

"And disciple to headmaster Zi Jin?"


"Haha!! Your strength is terrifying, brother Bai, your identity too!" Unexpectedly, Kun started to roar with laughter. He slapped Bai Yunfei on the shoulder with a grumble then, "You really led us blind! You didn't tell us anything about yourself in the beginning, why the secrets? Were you afraid we'd be scared of you?"

"That...er...haha...." Bai Yunfei chuckled sheepishly. In truth, he was in fact thinking about that, but he wasn't going to say that out loud.

"What wonders," Zhang Yunpeng sighed, "so you're the very same Bai Yunfei I heard about from two years ago. Rumors from the Forest Pass Province had you pegged as a very capable person, but I never connected the thoughts even after hearing your name..."

Long gave a strange look at Bai Yunfei. Inwardly, he was thinking that for someone to have so many soul armaments and strength like Bai Yunfei, it was almost expected for him to be someone like that.

"Well, enough is enough. We should go back and rest. I'm tired after today's battle, will probably need two or three days to fully heal." Ye Zi stretched her arms.

Zhang Yunpeng nodded, "Ye Zi is right. Since senior Xia was more than kind enough to have people gather the soulgems for us, we can go ahead and rest up."

"You guys can head back first. I'll stay here for a little while longer." Bai Yunfei pointed to the back of the village, "I want to notify the village of a few things and wait for the officials to come over."

Ye Zi was taken back at this. "Wow! Bai Yunfei, you're really....is there a need to do this much?"

"Haha, one should finish what they started, for the sake of the mind and heart." Bai Yunfei laughed. Turning towards the village, he waved his hand in farewell, "I'll be leaving first, see you all soon."

"Hey, Bai..."

Looking as though she wanted to say something more, Ye Zi found herself being stopped by a hand on her shoulder. "Forget it," It was Long, "let's not bother him for now and head on our own way...."



Three days went by after the soulbeast wave.

The plains from where the soulbeast wave took place was now completely devoid of soulbeasts. And with the rain from yesterday, a good portion of the blood was already washed away. However, the craters and ditches left from the battle were still there, and it would perhaps take several months before they would fade with age.

Nonetheless, everything was back to normal; or at least, there wasn't anything different in regards to the lives of the denizens of Beast Suppression City. After the brief moment of panic that came with the soulbeast wave, the situation quickly mellowed back to normal. This situation wasn't something they could really do anything about in any case.

Still, news of what transpired here spread like wildfire throughout the world of soul cultivators. The battle that had been so intense and fierce made its way throughout the entire empire and even to the ears of the current ruler of the empire and current head of the Tianhun School, Wu Hong. No sooner did he hear of the news did he immediately dispatch several men to investigate the matter.

In this single soulbeast wave, several tens of thousand soulbeasts were killed. On the other hand, Beast Suppression Pass had roughly ten thousand soul cultivators fighting for them, and over a thousand of them were killed, five Soul Exalts included....

Of this one battle, only one name stood out heads beyond the rest. From the rumors, it was said that this person fought by himself to protect the lives of every single villager by killing almost ten thousand soulbeasts by himself; of those ten thousand soulbeasts, a few dozen of them were late-stage class fives, and one of them was even a mid-stage class six! And a hillbeast to boot!!

But what was a hillbeast?

Those who were in the know were absolutely shocked to hear of it. Those who didn't were even more shocked as soon as they learned of it. The fact that this hillbeast was a wild soulbeast of the legends was extremely surprising to hear appear in the wave, and it was without a doubt even more surprising to hear that it could even be stopped by someone!!

And then came the final kicker. The one who had killed the hillbeast was only a late-stage Soul Ancestor!!

It was an impossibility. An improbable feat that simply no one could believe their ears when they heard and dismissed it to be mere hearsay.

But when they heard the name of the one responsible, everyone went silent as what seemed to be so improbable was suddenly starting to seem to be true....

The name of the one responsible was none other than....Bai Yunfei!! The very same disciple of headmaster Zi Jin of the Crafting School from several years ago!!

Two years ago, Bai Yunfei 'disappeared' off the face of the empire. And now, two years later, he was back, and with even bigger news than before!

Time may have gone by, but news about Bai Yunfei this time made its way all over the empire, recementing him as an important figure to all soul cultivators.

However, news of his gallantry spread without Bai Yunfei's knowledge due to the fact that he started his journey into the Soulbeast Forest with Zhang Yunpeng just two days afterwards....