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 Chapter 381: A Request

Under the stunned eyes of everyone, the three figures dropped down from the skies. Glancing around the area, a wave of surprise flickered across the eyes of the Soul King for just a brief moment before coming to a stop just several meters above the ground in front of Bai Yunfei's group.

"That's....that' the vice lord-mayor of Beast Suppression City, senior Xia Zhengyan!" Recognition of the man was almost instantaneous from Zhang Yunpeng.

At his warning, everyone else was quick to pay attention. Bowing their heads to the Soul King-as courtesy dictated-, they all spoke, "We pay our respects to senior Xia!"

"Haha...no need, no need." Xia Zhengyan nodded. Still browsing over the people in front of him with his eyes, he spoke again, "How unexpected to meet a group of young heroes here. Is your group responsible for the battle here?"

"If I may, senior Xia, the five of us only just came from the Town of the Braves a while ago. The ones who actually fought here are these two." Zhang Yunpeng pointed at Bai Yunfei and Long.

Under Xia Zhengyan's watch, even Long had to pull back his normally cold expression. "I only arrived here when the wave was just starting to subside. Brother Bai was the one fighting here from the very beginning."

"Oh?" Surprise bloomed on the elder's face as he turned to face Bai Yunfei. "You've been fighting off all the soulbeasts here from the very beginning? Are you also the one responsible for killing the class six hillbeast?"

Him knowing that piece of information meant that Xia Zhengyan was a very informative person; but that was to be expected with him being a Soul King. He was amongst the beings who could use their soulsense in ways to detect individual beings in great clarity no matter how big of a battle was taking place.

"I am." Bai Yunfei replied.

Zhang Yunpeng and the others exhaled sharply. None of them had the full scope of what went on in this place, and so they were surprised to hear that Bai Yunfei had managed to kill a mid-stage class six soulbeast.

"What's your name?" Xia Zhengyan spoke. On the outside, his facial appearance was calm, but on the inside, he was very much surprised at what he had just heard. This youngling in front of him was only a late-stage Soul Ancestor-a feat that was already very praiseworthy for his age-but it was by no means a level strong enough to kill a mid-stage class six soulbeast.

"I am called Bai Yunfei, senior."

"Bai Yunfei...." Thinkin for a back with a pensive expression, clarity then appeared afterwards, "Could you be the disciple of the old headmaster of the Crafting School, Zi Jin?"

Since his identity was known now to the elder, Bai Yunfei saw no reason to deny it, "My master is indeed Zi Jin."

"Haha, so you're the favored student of his. No wonder you're as strong as you are." Xia Zhengyan chuckled. "A few dozen years ago, senior Zi Jin came to the Soulbeast Forest himself. He was only an early-stage Soul Exalt, but I was blessed in being able to witness the power and grace he wielded then. Is he still doing well?"

"Thank you for your concern, senior Xia, my master is still well and healthy." Bai Yunfei could hear the tonal shift taking place within Xia Zhengyan and concluded once again that his master was truly an amazing person to have his name known even here.

"Hero Bai, to have defended this area from harm and soulbeast by yourself is a great contribution to our Beast Suppression Pass and Tianhun Empire as a whole. This old man truly cannot thank you enough...."

This sudden change in Xia Zhengyan brought about a flutter of the heart in Bai Yunfei. Since when was he meant to be treated like such a hero? Quickly waving his hands, Bai Yunfei spoke, "Senior Xia's words are far too serious. Protecting the denizens of our empire from the soulbeast wave should be expected. To even talk about contributions is far too much; this junior feels terrified just talking about it....."

"Haha, what a modest one you are. A very admirable trait to have...." Xia Zhengyan laughed. "You must be tired from your battle, young hero. Do not worry about cleaning up this area, this old man will have several of my men harvest the soulgems for you and arrange for the Tianhun School to issue out the appropriate reward in several days time."

Bai Yunfei smiled. That would alleviate his troubles by a great deal. "Then, I thank you for your troubles, senior Xia." He clasped his hands together.

"Haha, it is to be expected, nothing more," Xia Zhengyan smiled again, "furthermore, the strength you've shown in this battle is extraordinary to say the least. If you have any request of me, then I will do anything within my power of the Tianhun School to honor it."

"That....there's no need for that...." Bai Yunfei wanted to refuse at first; accepting rewards wasn't always a good thing in some cases. But then he suddenly thought of something and hurried to rectify his words, "Actually, this junior has one small request. This junior hopes that senior Xia will see to hear it."

"Oh? What is it, there's no harm in voicing your thoughts."

Bai Yunfei pointed to the village not too far away, "These villagers here have no home within Beast Suppression City and were forced to live within the outskirts of the Soulbeast Forest, a dangerous place to even visit. If it's possible, I hope that senior Xia will see to having shelter allocated to these villagers to live in peace and security within the city."

Not a single person listening to Bai Yunfei was able to hide their surprise at his request, Xia Zhengyan included.

"Is that the case?" He spoke, "Were you two aware of this?"

The second question was asked to the two Soul Exalts behind them, who both gave a slight shake of their heads in denial. That much wasn't strange, however. The living space of the lowest dregs of society wouldn't make its ways to the ears of the strong, and as the vice lord-mayor, Xia Zhengyan normally had other soul cultivators deal with administration and management. In extension to that, commoners would be hired to oversee management of other commoners.

"Hmph! A matter like this was unresolved after so much time?! Investigate to see who's responsible for this oversight when we get back immediately!" Xia Zhengyan spat, scaring the two Soul Exalts just enough to have them start to shiver.

He turned back to Bai Yunfei with a smile, "Haha, what a blunder my Beast Suppression Pass has made. Rest assured, hero, the commoners are the root of our empire; we will send out men to escort them to safety."

"Thank you very much then, senior Xia." He hesitated for a moment, "Then, if this junior could request for one more thing..."

"Eh? Speak what's on your mind, hero."

"There is a sick villager woman who needs some stargrass for her illness. I hope senior Xia will have some..."

"Haha, a small matter. Rest assured, hero Bai, I will resolve this problem as quickly as possible."

"Thank you very much, senior Xia," Bai Yunefi smiled, "this junior has no more requests then."

"Well...." Xia Zhengyan looked on in surprise. "Were you only going to request for aid for the villagers, not yourself? Haha....no wonder you're the disciple of Zi Jin. A kindhearted soul, how befitting of a young hero."

"Senior Xia is too kind." Bai Yunfei replied modestly.

"Very well then. This old man will head out first to oversee some other matters. You should all head back and rest. I will send some people over here to take care of matters." Now that the wave was over, Xia Zhengyan was ready to go back to his normal tasks.

With a nod of his head, he and the other two Soul Exalts turned to leave.