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 Chapter 380: A Rendezvous

After bringing Xiao Yu and his mother to their house, Bai Yunfei watched the other villagers start to help clean up the mess around the village before returning to the small corpse mountain where Long was still standing on.

Walking to his side, Bai Yunfei spoke, "Long, why don't you head back to Zhang Yunpeng and the others first? I'll stay here and guard the place a little longer."

An eye of Long traveled over to the villager, "Why? Are you worried that a soulbeast will come and injure any of the villagers?"


"As a powerful soul cultivator, is there really a need to pay so much attention to the life or death of a commoner you don't know?"

"Soul cultivators are only just people with stronger powers," Bai Yunfei narrowed his eyes, "Weren't we all commoner once before? Brother Long, do you think that the life of a soul cultivator is worth more than that of a commoner?"

"Haha, not at all, that's not what I meant." Long hurried to respond to Bai Yunfei, "What I wanted to say was....I was feeling the same way you are, brother Bai."

"Found him! Bai Yunfei's over there! Ahh? That's....brother Long is there too!!"

Just then, the silvery voice of Ye Zi was heard from some ways away, causing Long to smile, "Looks like we don't need to look for them; they found us first..."

Turning to look, Bai Yunfei saw three males and two females coming towards them with greater speeds than before.

The one leading at the front was Zhang Yunpeng.

When the five came into eyesight, they were all surprised to see the mountain of soulbeasts there. But their eyes quickly landed upon Bai Yunfei and Long, "Brothers Long and Bai, are you two alright? What brought you two together?"

"Haha, boss Zhang, do we look like anything's wrong?" Bai Yunfei laughed. "I was fortunate enough to have Long lend me a hand to help protect this village."

Long nodded his head at Zhang Yunpeng and the rest of the group, "I just got here when the wave was just starting to retreat. I saw the battle taking place here, so I figured I'd help out."

"You two..." Kun looked off to the village first, and then the corpses of the soulbeasts all around them, "Did you two kill all those soulbeasts....?"

"That pile over here is mine," Long nodded at the pile of soulbeasts next to his foot. "the pile over there is Bai Yunfei's." He gestured to another pile.

"Oh, and the ones over there is his work as well." Then he pointed to the northern part of the village.

"....." The mouths of everyone there dropped open in surprise.

"How did....how did you two ki-oh! Bai Yunfei, your aura....." Eyes widening first at the amount of corpses, Ye Zi suddenly pointed a finger at Bai Yunfei, "You're not a late-stage Soul Sprite! You're....you're a...."

Her remark led to Zhang Yunpeng realizing the same thing as well, causing the entire group to focus their attention on Bai Yunfei.

"What do you mean late-stage Soul Sprite? Ye Zi, what are you talking about?" Long asked, unsure of what was going on here.

Bai Yunfei hadn't bothered to hide his strength after the battle was over since Long was already more than aware of how strong he was. And because of that, he forgot about hiding his strength when Zhang Yunpeng and the others got here, "Well....my apologies, everyone. I was hiding my strength earlier, but I really meant no harm in that."

"Oh....haha, don't worry, brother Bai. I can understand." Of the six, Zhang Yunpeng was the first to respond with a wave of his hand. "But..." He started with a sigh, "I never imagined that brother Bai would be so powerful, seems like I was lucky in asking you to join our team!"

"Bai Yunfei, are you really a late-stage Soul Ancestor?! You're as strong as Long! That's....that's just ridiculous isn't it?!" Wide-eyed in disbelief, Kun gave Bai Yunfei an incredulous look, "How old are you anyways?! You don't look any older than twenty-five-I bet I'm older by a good five or six years-so how are you so powerful?!

"Actually, how were you even hiding your strength? I never even noticed it!"

"I was just using a secret technique of mine, that's all." Bai Yunfei answered nonchalantly, "Boss Zhang, how's the town?"

"No major damages has been accounted for so far," Zhang Yunpeng began, "but part of the town outskirts was totally destroyed. A good amount of the people were hurt as well, so they're undergoing treatment while the others are cleaning up the place."

It was then that Bai Yunfei noticed the wounded state of the team. Almost everyone but Han Yan was covered head to toe with wounds; with Kun being the bloodiest. He had a terrifying wound on his left shoulder-while treated-that looked like it hadn't been fully cleaned up yet. In comparison, Han Yan had the least amount of wounds and stood behind the others as though she was being protected. But it also meant that it was her who had set to cleaning the wounds of everyone.

"Ah, where's Xiao Kong? I don't see him around?" He suddenly realized that Zhang Yunpeng's soulbeast was nowhere to be seen.

"Xiao Kong's back at the town to collect several of the soulbeast corpses we killed. With the wave died down, there's plenty of profit to be had, and maybe a reward from the Tianhun School."

"Oh." Bai Yunfei nodded. The ones who were responsible for the Braves guild said something along the same lines before. Those who killed soulbeats would be rewarded twofold by the Tianhun School!

Then Bai Yunfei couldn't help but look at the massive pile of soulbeasts in front of him in joy.

If the Tianhun School were to deliver up on their promises, then Bai Yunfei was in for a huge amount of profit! But....the amount of soulbeasts he killed here was practically up to the several thousands, if not ten thousand, gathering all those soulgems wouldn't be an easy task at all!

Clearly, Zhang Yunpeng and his group didn't see this as a 'problem' at all. All the soulbeasts on the ground was a profit waiting to be made, so all that needed to be discussed was how to most efficiently gather all the soulgems.

"Eh?" Just then, Bai Yunfei realized something. Looking up towards the direction of the Soulbeast Suppression Pass, his observation was soon shared by Zhang Yunpeng and the others.

Up in the skies, three figures were flying towards them with breakneck speeds. Of the three figures, the two behind were skywalking at speeds slightly slower than the one in front. With each step they took, they could travel dozens of meters at a time.

And at the front of the group was an elderly man in purple whose hands was behind his back and was flying easily through the air as if being pulled by an invisible force!

"The power of flight....that's a Soul King!!"

It wasn't the two Soul Exalts skywalking that caught the attention of the group, but the Soul King up front!!